Earth Changes

by Marina Michaels

This was a sudden channeling I received in mid-February when responding to an email I had received that was all doom and gloom and prepare for the endish. Whew! I was not at the time sure who the Source was, though I have a strong hunch that it was the Earth Mother herself. She was very emphatic, and she also keyed off my own energy, so the bit of an edge to it is, I think, from me.

The earth is not going to be dramatically destroyed in some cataclysm, at least not on my watch or on my dimensional timeline, thank you very much, because I won't allow it. Those of you who wish for the more dramatic ending and the "big bang," because it would satisfy your secret desires to see the big guys lose, will just have to find another playground to act out your fantasy. The answer is yes, you can have it, as much of it as you want, but leave those of my children who are more peaceable and more inclined to a peaceable and loving solution to enjoy their own quieter but equally satisfying fireworks displays. Thank you for listening. End transmission.

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