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These pages cover far more than the Pierce and Clemmer lines, but they pretty much started out that way, and that's where I have the most information, so I'm sticking to the Web page name.

To start using these pages, check out the Surnames page. The Surnames page lists all the surnames (last names) in these records. Click on a surname, and it takes you to one of the two Names pages. Find the full name you are interested in on the Name page, and click on it. That takes you to the individual family page. From there, you can click around to various names. If the word Pedigree appears below a name, that means a family tree for that individual can be viewed by clicking on that word.

Please note that I have removed information for those family members born after 1920. Those people are only indicated as “Living,” with no names, dates, or other identifying information. This is to protect your privacy.

If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, or if you are family and want a copy of the original Family Tree Maker file (with names and dates intact), send me email!



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