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A God Joke

Three scientists were talking to God. They were saying, "Hey, God, we don't need you anymore; we can make Man ourselves."

God said, "Oh, really?"

And one of the scientists replied, "Yeah! Now that we've broken the genetic code, we can do anything. As a matter of fact, why don't we have a contest as to who can make a man faster? You versus us. What do you say?"

God, amused, said, "Sure."

So the scientist went back to his friends and said, "We're going to have a contest with God to see who can make a man faster: Him or us."

His friends were all excited and agreed that this was a good plan. So the first scientist went out and scooped up a big pile of dirt. Instantly, a bolt of lightning struck the ground near the man, making him drop the pile of dirt.

Looking up at God, startled, he said "What was that for?"

And God said, "Make your own dirt!"

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