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Coconut Oil

This is just a brief fragment from a dream I had last night. In it, I dreamed that scientists had taken a closer and more microscopic look at coconut oil, and had found that it was enough different that it warranted being placed in a class by itself. They also found that, far from being unhealthy as is being taught today, that it had some unique things to offer. In the dream, I thought of how ironic it was that people whose culture included lots of coconuts in their diet had been reducing their use of coconuts because of the scientists, and now here it was shown that once again, scientists had been wrong.

Just as they were when they said that one must avoid wooden cutting boards because they "must" be unsanitary. Once someone actually tested this assertion, there was quite a lot of egg on a lot of faces, because it turned out that wooden cutting boards are more sanitary and safer than plastic. (Of course, you still have to clean that board!)

I am not saying that my dream was true about coconuts and coconut oil. In fact, I have no idea what the dream might mean. The lesson here is that one must always listen to one's own inner guidance. With so many conflicting stories and sets of "scientific" data, one could be pushed and pulled in many directions otherwise.

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