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Gravity Hill

I am still sick as a dog, but am thoroughly tired of lying in bed sleeping or resting. If that makes sense. I am also done with being sick, thank you very much, so someone please make it go away now.

Near Sonoma State University, there is an area that is informally called Gravity Hill. There are no signs to it, and no way of knowing you are there if you don't already know that you are there. Basically, it is a road that follows around on the side of a hill, where the road dips down to a trough, then climbs back up. If you drive to the bottom of the trough in the road and put your car in neutral, the car backs rapidly back up the hill. It is a bit eerie and kind of cool.

I have taken a few people there, and it has become sort of a test of a person's ability to hold an open mind and allow for something of wonder in the world. It has been revealing. Two people of whom I expected better instantly tried to explain it away "rationally," as though there isn't and couldn't be an as-yet-unknown rational explanation for it being a genuine effect.

One friend said it must be an optical illusion, and that the trough must actually be a hill. Even when I had him get out of the car half-way up one slope, and I stood on the opposite slope, to triangulate and show that we were looking DOWN on the roof of the car, he insisted that we must just be being deceived by our eyes. There are none so blind as those who will not see? I was extremely disappointed in this friend, who remains a friend and so will remain nameless, because he was the one who got me started thinking about psychic abilities in a way that made sense to me.

Another (former) friend said more or less the same thing, only she added a little stab of the knife by laughing at me in a patronizing way, a sort of, "There, there, little girl, you run along with your fantasies and illusions, and I will stay here in the grown-up world and smile smugly at you." It didn't feel very good.

The Nature of Friendship

This was the same friend who started to find fault with me and belittle me in many other ways about things that mattered the most to me, and when I tried to talk about it with her, she either denied that she had said it, or denied that she had meant it the way I took it, even though I checked with others who were witnesses to make sure I wasn't mistaking her meaning. Several people even volunteered private comments to me, ever so cautiously, because they knew how much this friend meant to me, about the nature of her attitude toward me, which gradually got so obvious that I couldn't ignore it or explain away her comments as just a glitch in an otherwise nice person's attitude. For some reason, she had what I call an agenda against me, and was in her mind in a "better than" competition with me, so she felt she had to belittle my accomplishments and downplay the significance of my spiritual path or knowledge.

Eventually, I realized that it couldn't be mended, and that the kind of relationship she wanted with me, I didn't want, and the kind of relationship I wanted with her, she didn't want or wasn't capable of, and so I moved her back outside the boundary that says that on this side are my friends and on that side are people I like, admire, perhaps even love, but who, for whatever reason, I do not consider to be friends.

I gained much and my life was enriched in many ways by her presence, but one of the things I have been doing with my life in recent years is not allowing people to be in it who have bad intentions or negative agendas toward me, and so she had to go.

When Good People Go Bad?

I find it difficult, in some ways, to believe that it took me until I was in my 30s to even understand that there were people with bad intentions, and then, after the initial horrified realization and loss of idealistic illusions, it took even longer to get to the point where I realized in my heart that I had the right to say "no" to such behavior, and if the "no" doesn't stick, to say sayonara, which in Japan means so long for a very long time. Within family, if a parent says sayonara to a child, it means the parent is disowning the child.

I won't say that I have disowned the few people I have chosen to retreat from in this manner (with perhaps one exception, who was over the top in harmfulness). I don't judge these people, and I still hope for the best for them. I just have realized that their nature and mine are not compatible, and it does harm to both of us for me to allow them to continue to do harm to me.

It harms me because, well, they are doing harmful things, and because I feel diminished when I allow others to harm me. It harms them because they are not being given guidance that they are doing harm, or enough restraint to stop them from doing it. It is not loving to allow someone to continue to do harm. If I cannot get them to understand how they are harming me, then that means that they are not ready to deal with it. Eventually, they will be, or so I hope, but I do not need to be their verbal punching bag in the meantime.

Levels of Reality

Which brings us to a related topic: The idea that there are some people who mean harm. There is a popular New Age idea that everyone means well, and that if only you understood a person fully, you would see that they never intended to do harm, or that what might seem to be harmful is all just some mistake that, if we ignore it, it and its effects will go away. As a corollary to this belief, anyone who dares to mention otherwise--who, perhaps, says that the emperor is naked, in a manner of speaking, by saying that someone does not have good intentions--quite often becomes a target of denial and criticism.

My brother and I were discussing this just a few days ago. There are some people, for example, in the corporate world who do not have good intentions, solid ethics, and sound moral codes. They are in it for the money, or the power, or whatever, and as a result they make decisions that are not good for the company or their coworkers all the time. And yet, if one tries to point out that perhaps the company would be better off without that person, one is criticised and told that there is nothing there.

I am reminded of one company and one person in particular, for whom the alarm bells in my head went off early, loud, and long. Most people I expressed my concerns to scoffed at those concerns and said they didn't see what I saw. A few privately did, but were afraid to say anything. One revealed, as he was packing his bags to leave the company, that he had seen this person destroy two other companies and he wasn't going to wait around to see this person do it to that company.

Although I spoke up against many of this person's destructive policy recommendations, no one else saw what I saw, not even the people who had the power and authority to speak up and who I thought, in my starry-eyed idealism, must have far greater insight and wisdom and vision than I had.

I came to feel like Cassandra--seeing disaster coming, and not able to do a darn thing about it. I, too, eventually left the company (though for other reasons), after seeing it start on a downhill slide, rapidly losing market share as a direct result of this person's destructive decisions, as I had predicted years before. This person was indicted on criminal charges when he left the company some years later, but that was way too late for the company.

This inability on the part of many people to see that here, now, on the physical level, people can and do deliberately do bad things to others, is a result, I think, of confusing levels of reality, or thinking that there is only one, or thinking that if one ignores or denies a problem, it will just go away. The truth is that yes, at some cosmic level of being, all spirits--I take that back--MOST spirits are basically good. That DOES NOT MEAN THE SAME THING as saying that they mean well, even at the cosmic level. Some spirits, even at the cosmic level, still have bad intentions, even if one could say that they are basically good. It is a difference between one's basic NATURE and one's INTENTIONS, and it is the intentions that are made manifest by our actions, and that are therefore the most important gauge by which to determine whether someone should be in your life.


And at the more normal, everyday level of reality, spirits, even if basically good, can get confused or angry or vengeful or twisted in a number of ways, and can then INTENTIONALLY do harm to others. If one does not have clear intentions to do good, and to be ethical, and honest, one can end up doing harm to others, because one will not have an internal set of principles to act as guidance in those dicey moments and decisions we must all make each day.

I know I have sounded this trumpet or beaten this drum in various ways before, but it always bears repeating. There are people in the world who intend to do harm, and unless you want to be harmed, it is best to avoid them. Don't deny it; don't say that they are basically good; don't make excuses for them or allow them to stay in your life for one minute longer. Know that you do not deserve to be treated badly, and escort them out of your life.

Which gets to the other part of it, and that is what we believe we deserve. If we have not been taught by having loving, responsive parents that we deserve to be loved and cherished, but have instead been taught that we are worthless, as far too many of us have, then it is difficult to get it into our hearts that we deserve better than what we are receiving, if we are being abused or harmed in some way. I, as much as anyone, fully understand that from the inside. But ask for spiritual help and guidance, and even earthly help and guidance, if you are in a bad situation, and do your best to treat yourself better than you think you deserve. Eventually, it is my prayer than none of us will ever allow another person to do us deliberate harm.

Some of you may be unclear on the difference between a harmful relationship and one that has things in it that bother you. The difference is simple: If you are being harmed, it is a harmful relationship. It can't get any simpler than that, and yet what a length of years we can put into trying to figure out what harm is!

Here are some "compare and contrast" examples:

  • If he doesn't spell all his words right, and that annoys you, he isn't doing you harm. That's just a personal idosyncracy on his part and a personal dislike on yours.
  • If she asks you regularly to put the toilet seat down when you are finished, and you regularly forget, and she gets exasperated and loses her patience and yells at you, that isn't harm, that's frustration at your lack of considerateness. Though she is also not being harmed by your actions. Even if she did sit in the toilet in the middle of the night.
  • If he regularly belittles you and makes you feel like less than a whole, healthy person, he is doing you harm. It is even worse if he alternates this behavior with apologies and promises not to do it any more, followed by a gathering storm in which you tip-toe around, holding your breath, followed by another outburst from him. That's harm.
  • If he or she snores, that isn't doing harm, no matter how loud it may be.
  • If he or she rages at you all out of proportion to the fault, that's doing harm.
  • If he or she steals from you, that's doing harm.
  • Often, the harm is associated with abusiveness, though not always. For more on abusive relationships, see http://www.recovery-man.com/abusive/healthy_abusive.htm. And now, having wandered far afield from Gravity Hill, I am going to take my ill carcase back to bed.


    Hello, I live in Northern California. Near Rhonert Park where this Gravity Hill is located. I'd love to experience this myself If anyone knows exactly how to find this place please E-mail me SpRomeo@aol.com ~Mykk

    Hi there,
    I enjoyed your web site and am trying to locate directions to this Gravity Hill in Rohnert Park. I live in Petaluma, which is just 5 miles south of Rohnert Park and would love to go! I know it is off of Petaluma Hill Road, but that is one long road that stretches for at least 20 miles! I know it is a dirt road with no signs or anything, but still, any insight you could provide would be most helpful!

    Thanks so much,

    I'll email directions after this weekend..I'm taking a friend of my daughter's there to check out its spookiness. :-)

    I had been looking for directions to this "gravity hill". I live in Los Angeles, California and i havent been able to find directions to it. Could you help me out??

    Paolo: Send me your email address and I will send you the directions.

    Yeah, I've been looking for directions to Gravity Hill too. I live in Fairfield, California and I want to go check this out. Please email me the directions so I could go. Thanks!

    Yes, same here. I live in Los Angeles and i've been hearing everything about "Gravity Hill" and would like to visit. Can I also have the address? or directions?

    Hey looking for directions to Gravity hill, i have a little sister who is a non-believer if anyone could give them to me i would very much appreciate it

    check out turnbull canyon in whittier/hacienda heights (california). i think that's where the nearby "gravity hill" is located. some people at school were talking about it, and i think this might be it.

    I want to check out Gravity Hill it sounds cool. I live in the LA area and I haven't been able to find directions to it. Thanks

    there's also a gravity hill down here in san diego/mira mesa for all you people from LA. Coming from the 805 heading south bound, exit Mira Mesa Blvd./Sorrento Valley RD. at the bottom of the exit there is a stop light, when you reach the stop light, check your rear view and put your car in neutral. You should start to roll backwards up the hill.

    i live in the bay area and supposedly there is a gravity hill in antioch at the end of empire mine rd. my friends and i drove out there last night all down empire mine rd, but there were no significant hills or turns and at the end was a fork in the road. i also heard there is one about two hours away from the easy bay [vague directions from a friend] but i'm not sure where that would be. if someone could email me with directions to ANY and ALL "gravity hill" locations in northern california/bay area, that'd be great. my email is hang_wire@hotmail.com.


    hey me n my guy friends have been wantin ta go to gravity hill but we dont noe how to get there if ne one could give me directions to the one by pasadena or rose hills plz email me at sanitykillz@yahoo.com. thanx

    hey all, i went to turnbull canyon (hill) recently, and i was wondering if ne of you know the real spookiness behind the scenery. thanks

    Hey, I been lookin for directions to Gravity Hill too, I live near Hacienda Heights. I've also been to Turnbull Canyon, where a girl was dragged through. It's true cuz I saw it on the news report. Anyway, can I get some directions to Gravity Hill? I'd really appreciate it, thanx.

    Oh yea, my email is AA9Ice1985@aol.com, or AIM at Shy Boy GSX

    I live in the L.A. area and i want directions to gravity hill.

    Can somebody give me directions to the gravity hill in rose hills plz?

    uh, i really need directions to the hill plz

    I live in Pasadena, California and have heard about Gravity Hill through some of my students. My boyfriend and I tried to find it the other night, but had no luck. Please send me directions on how to get to Gravity Hill.

    i need directions to the gates of hell and gravity hill in antioch. anyone want to help, please email me

    Hey ive been hearing a lot about gravity hill but nobody really knows directions to it. I live in Santa Ana so if any body knows directions will they please e-mail me... thanx Roxy317138@aol.com

    Please e-mail me with directions to gravity hill..I'm really curious about this place.. so please send me information on this hill.. thanks. =)

    Thanx, but where is antioch??

    Hey everyone. I went to Gravity Hill in Antioch two nights ago, and I was scared out of my mind!! Our car was moved at least 25 feet uphill. Right when we turned the headlights on, the car came to an immediate halt, and we were almost in a ditch. To get there from the Walnut Creek area, take 242 towards Stockton, then go onto Highway 4 (East?). Get off on Lone Tree Way and continue on to Deer Valley Road. To get to the slaughterhouse, turn on Empire Mine Road. However, the actual hill was on the next street on the right (it started with a C). There are two rocks placed directly across from each other, and they denote where to stop your car. Good luck, and watch out for the cults in the area.

    hey there i have heard stories about it but have never been and i am going to go tonight so could you please send me the directions

    There's also another place like that, it's called Black Star in Irvine, California....I heard of Gravity Hill but not sure where it is. I heard it's somewhere in San Diego, so email me if you know the direction... Thanx

    This has got to be my most popular article, hands-down, if only for the interest in Gravity Hill. I will post directions to it tomorrow.

    can you please email me the directions for gravity hill in los angeles. I've ben looking for them for quite some time, but i've had no luck. thank you.

    Hi everyone! I went to gravity hill tonight in antioch..your car does move..so it does work. But yeah there are cults around there for I had a truck come out of nowhere and chase me. So don't go alone and be careful. Sometimes there are people with shotguns around the Slaughterhouse area..so keep your eyes out. It's a really creepy place just so your warned and you will get VERY weird vibes there.

    I can't help but think you are all nuts..
    Stay AWAY from Gravity Hill! You have been

    my friend and i went to Gravity Hill and it does work! But first we went down Empire Mine Rd. and i have never been more freaked out in my life. we turned around half way up the road because a car came out of no where and chased us out onto the main road, then turned the other direction as us. and let me tell you they were going fast! and all of the road signs had bullet shots in them and grafitti on them and everything. so then we went up to Gravity Hill and the car does move! a good couple of feet! its awesome but really freaky at the same time. my friend had a white car so we couldnt see fingerprints so we're going to bring my car when we go next time. the directions are pretty simple, you get on HighWay 4 and take the LoneTree Ex. then you take a right off the exit and go strait on Lone Tree, then you take a right on DeerValley and go al the way down, you'll pass Deer Valley school and Kaiser Hospital. Empire Mine Rd is eaither the 1st or the 2nd street on your right, be watching for it, its dark out there. then eaither the next street up or the next one after that is the street Gravity Hill is on. Do be careful there, there are cults, my friend and i saw a bunch of rednecks doing some weird thing at a barn, like there was a huge fire, so just be careful but have fun! you can email me or IM me to talk more! ~Rose

    could u email me with directions to gravity hill from orange county? thenx

    Anyone, I need directions to Gravity Hill in Pasadena or Los Angeles area. I have heard some good rumors, now I curious to go for myself. Please forward my some helpful insight and cautions etc. Along with some directions. Any information would be most helpful.

    i need directions to Gravity Hill in Pasadena Ca, please thank you.

    can someone pleas email me some info on how to get to gravity hill in turnbull canyon? ive lived in the area my whole life but no one knows how to get there and my parents wont tell me..thanks!

    i live in orange county, and i would like some info on gravity hill and directions to it too.. if someone could take the time to help me out, that'd be greaT.. thaNk youUu =)

    ive been looking for directions to gravity in L.A. but no luck. can anyone email them to me? (goddesswillow@spells.com) oh, by the way, there is no "gravity hill" in Turnbull Canyon. Its a very scary road at night, and there are cults up there. i should know because me and my friend got chased and nearly killed by them. But i cant leave you in suspense. if you want to go take Beverly Blvd. It turns into Turnbull Canyon Road. dont go alone, and be careful!

    Nice summary... thanks for posting it.

    hey im from los angeles and im looking for a gravity hill near by. can anyone help. im also lookin for any other paranormal places around or not to far from la.

    thanks, this site is great

    -dominic bonaduce

    oh also if anyone is interested there is a park in reseda that is haunted as well if anyone is interested. DO NOT GO ALONE, I KID YOU NOT, IT IS VERY DANGEROUS ALONE! i dont know the exact location but i know that there is a stream goin through the park.

    Please email me directions to the Gravity Hill near Pasadena, Ca. Me and a few friends have been wanting to check this place out for a while, but we can't find correct directions.

    Thanks Alot!

    hi.. i'm juss wondering if anyone can give me the directions how to get to gravity hill dwn here in LA...

    I live in Los Angeles and Ive searched far and wide with many many friends hours and hours til 5 in the morning on several occasions to find Gravity Hill. I need some exact directions cuz my friends and I are goin nuts to determine if its real or fake. Please email help. thanks

    would love directions to gravity hill, or any spooky places in or around LA, Orange County :)

    Ok, I was trying to find something on Hells Gates, which is about a quarter mile from gravity hill. This site is what I have found. I live in Concord, only about 20 miles from gravity hill. I am telling you right now, I have done all the little tricks. They do not work! I am an honest believer in this sort of thing, but this is just a myth that locals dreamed up for excitement. It is just a place in the world with an extreme gravitational pull. Don't get me wrong, it's definately cool and an amazing feeling. Its pretty creepy at night. The cool thing to do is get out and put a ball on the ground or get on a skateboard. Now that is awesome! The old barn I read about on someone elses comment is called the "slaughter house" I don't think that is what it really is but that's what it is called. I've never heard any stories about it. Now Hells Gates is just passed the slaughter house on the left. There are several stories about that, and I want the truth. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

    i am wanting to go but i am scared about the people who are supposed to chase you would someone please email me and tell me if they chase you when you are driving down empire mine rd or do you have to stop at one of the locations

    i need directions to gravity hill in LA, please email me info, thanx!


    HERES ARE E MAIL ADDRESS stocktonchic16@aol.com

    i was wondering about that park in reseda exactly where is it cuz i live in reseda.

    ok i just wanna know wuts the creepy things that go on at reseda park...i live 5 minits from it and wut stories are there about hells gate and gravity hill and how do i get there?


    please tell me the direction to get there...

    hi i live in covina, california i heard about gravity hill in whitter california but i nedd the exact directions to get there so can someone please e-mail me and give me the directions to it thanks and have a happy halloween

    DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TURNBULL! IT is gradually getting taken over by drifters aka street racers. So no scary stuff will happen up there just loud exhausts and screeching tires. To some that might be scary but to others its pure fun. They go every sat nite and race all nite nothing scary happens to them. But about the rednecks in cars chaseing people...well lets just say we got them really mad by breaking there windshield while being chased we fought back. Don't think they'll mess with street race lol sorry that sounds a lil cheesy but true.

    DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TURNBULL! IT is gradually getting taken over by drifters aka street racers. So no scary stuff will happen up there just loud exhausts and screeching tires. To some that might be scary but to others its pure fun. They go every sat nite and race all nite nothing scary happens to them. But about the rednecks in cars chaseing people...well lets just say we got them really mad by breaking there windshield while being chased we fought back. Don't think they'll mess with street race lol sorry that sounds a lil cheesy but true.

    Hey I live in Pasadena and I was wondering if anyone had directions to gravity hill in pasadena, i was also wondering if there are any other hot spots in pasadena and if i coulf get the directions to there as well. Please email me back at aprosperous1@netscape.net

    Does anyone have directions to the gates of hell in antioch? Please forward to Purehp7@aol.com
    Happy Halloween

    ok, as far as i know there are a gazillion million gravity hills... one in corona, one is pasadena, one in san bernardino, one in duerte... (gee, am i missing nething else)... i live in orange county, ca.. too bad it's raining on hallooween, i wud hab gone tonite. *shrug* but yeah, can somebody please send me directions? email me at kimmienikkie84@cs.com thanx!
    oh yeah, btw... sorrie to say.. turnbull canyon is filled with rice rocketeers not weekend nites.. sorrie guys... =\

    Hey I live in Pasadena CA. Me and a bunch of my friends really want to go to gravity hill. But there is a slight problem...we have no clue how to get there. Can someone plz e-mail me or IM me. My AIM sn is heatherrocks05. Thanks.

    Can anyone give me the directions to the Gravity Hill in Pasadena? If not any around Southern California? I would really really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

    My email is b16ajspec@hotmail.com

    haha deng, everyone asks for directions up in here, but nobody knows any! i still want directions plz... to any GRaviTy HiLL around soCAL. If some1 ever gets em, can u send the directions this way??

    i was just wondering, for the gravity hill in Antioch, where along the road in Antioch do you stop and put your car in neutral? because my friends and i went last night, but weren't suer when/where to do it

    empire road in Antioch is full of cops right now. we were stopped twice by 2 seperate groups of cops. They were also seaching the fields. unless you like being harassed by cops you might want to stay away

    To anyone who knows how to get to gravity hill in Antioch CA: I need specific directions to get to garavity hill if you know them please send them to me @ spikes2424@hotmail.com, this would be much appreciated!!

    I would like the direction to the Gravity Hill in the Petaluma/Sonoma area. Many years ago (25+) I had a friend who took me up there with my brother. It was an incredible feeling as the car traveled up hill. I have not forgotten it to this day. Now that I have children, I would like to share it with them, but needless to say, I do not remember how to get there. Thanks!

    Iam interested in finding information about a Gravity Hill located in the United Kingdom.
    Iam new to this topic, any extra information would be sound.

    Gosh, I never realized how many Gravity Hills there were in California alone. I wonder if it has something to do with the two plates (Pacific and North American) colliding and subducting and whatever else it is they are doing?

    Anyway, I have posted the directions to the only Gravity Hill I know about (the one in Sonoma County) here: http://pierceclemmer.us/marina/archives/000165.html . Or search for November 8, 2003. And thanks for all your enthusiasm and willingness to help each other. My faith in humanity is renewed. :-)

    um... the link doesnt work???

    So can anyone explain this? I understand that it happens on the east coast also.

    Hey I live in Irvine, I don't know where BlackStar ? is. Can someone send me the directions for the one there or Orange County.


    hey i really want the direction to gravity hill..in like in garden grove, california..please email me and let me know the direction..thank you..i really want to go there for my birthday...

    Considering that most of the stories I've heard about the original Gravity Hills originate on the East Coast, I'm really suprised that the majority of the comments on this page are for the Gravity Hill in Antioch.

    I was always under the impression that it was ON Empire Mine Road...either on the straightway right after you turn off of Deer Valley and on to Empire Mine (I was told it was the second X painted on the road but it seems the Xs are no longer there) or right after Hell's Gate. Hmmm.

    I live in Pasadena, CA and my friends and I would like to know where the Gravity Hills are located in the LA area (especially near San Fernando Valley and the LA County). I would really appreciate it!! My email is Smiley_wiz02@yahoo.com

    Does anyone know where gravity hill is located in pasadena? If you do, please email me at xxxmashimaroxxx@hotmail.com. THANKS

    I live in the Pasadena area,CA, me and my friends would like to go to Gravity Hill, I just need the directions on how to get there, Please, I would really appreciate it, My E-Mail is tinysweet001@yahoo.com Thankz u

    Going up Turnbull Canyon in the Whittier area is a very DANGEROUS and RECKLESS move. As a teenager, I was determined to find truth to the rumors I had been hearing from my friends at my former high school, just minutes away from the area. I nearly gave up until I found one of these rumors to be credible. As I was driving up Turnbull Canyon, I saw a small bonfire in a deep ravine. Faintly, I could hear chanting, and at that moment I realized they were probably the satanic worshippers my friends had been talking about. I didn't dare satisfy my curiosity. Instead, I drove back down the road to see them from a safe distance, but they were gone. That weekend after, I went hiking to the same area in mid evening and heard the same chanting. I made a hurried pace toward my car, and started to drive back to my home when I saw a ghostly figure walk right in front of me. I lost control of my car and winded in a ditch. I left the hospital 2 days later with 16 stitches and a minor concussion. Exactly 20 years later, I still can't explain what forces were at work the night of my accident. All I know is that anyone looking to find this place is just looking for trouble. I would never advise anyone to go here, even if you kids are looking for "kicks." Heed my warning, guys. I used to be like you, young, daring, and bold. As a middle-aged man, I thought I had it figured. And 20 years later, I'm still trying to make sense of this.

    Yeah a girl was dragged by some people up in Turnbull Canyon, that sucks, cuz it's scary and I'm so close to it. It is said to have been an act of racism, but I'm not sure. I've heard many stories about it, but I'm not sure whether to believe them or not. Like I've heard there's an abandoned mansion up there where cults and the KKK do their things. I've also heard that a little girl pops out of nowhere and scares the shit out of you. But I don't know if these are true or not. Also, I've heard that you get chased by some people and that they try to shoot you. If you get caught.....well then that's the last anyone will ever have heard or seen of you.........

    OK people first of all I have been to numerous so called "gravity hills" throughout California. I can only confirm that one of them worked. This one was the gravity hill by paxton. There is a psychiatric ward sitting atop the hill so you can't miss it. If you put baby powder on your bumper and leave it in neutral your car will travel up the hill and there will be little hand prints on the bumper. The hand prints are from little children who died around the bottom of the hill. They are siad to be the ones who :"push" your car up the hill. This is true make no mistake. I was a non-believer until I experienced this.

    Hey all you fucks. Who really knows the directions to Gravity Hill? I heard it was off Mira Mesa blvd. So hook it up with directions.

    Can anyone give me directions to the Gravity Hill in San Bernardino or Duarte? Thanks.
    Email me at tanksr@aol.com

    I am looking for the gravity hill in either whittier or pasadena. I have heard stories about both of them. Please send me info and directions for either of them.


    I live in Los Angeles.. Can someone please email me to as how do i get to Gravity Hill..

    Really love to see something unparanormal.

    I was wondering if anyone can give me to the directions to the gravity hill in PASADENA and if anyone from the Pasadena/Glendora area knew of any places to get scared...Thanks...Please email me @ MDanaeM@yahoo.com

    I was wondering if anyone can give me to the directions to the gravity hill in PASADENA and if anyone from the Pasadena/Glendora area knew of any places to get scared...Thanks...Please email me @ MDanaeM@yahoo.com

    I followed exact directions to the one in passadena last night and i didn't find anything. The roads were freshly paved though, maybe that had something to do with it?

    I guess there's just something about the holidays and wild goose chases for Gavity Hill. Last night we spent over an hour driving up and down Lake Ave. in Pasadena looking for this thing and found nothing. We had conflicting directions, one saying that driving up Lake Ave. would bring us to Gravity Hill,the other saying that we'd arrive at the Haunted Forest. Which is right, and where the hell is Gravity Hill actually? We've heard La Canada, Sierra Madre, and Pasadena, but where is it actually?

    Could someone please email me the directions?

    ok with friends, we went to gravity hill in paxton, we live in LA,(venice/Santa monica area) and on the gravity hill on paxton, after going there several times, we found nothing, who knows maybe we were doing it wrong, when a friend called us, and he told us were it was (in pasadena) from la you take the 110 all the way till it ends, you go strait, then on colorado you make a right, then on a left on lake,keep on going till you hit a gas station(a chevron i think) i cant remember the name of the street, on that street where the chevron is, you make a right, left on pastor,pastor turns into a Y type street, make a left on that Y street, keep on going, the hill is in front of a brown barn type house, right before the brigde, thats gravity hill, i cant remember where the haunted forest is, or the abandoned insane asylum since its been a while, but be careful, people there are nuts and will threaten you if you go alone...

    I was wondering if someone can give me the directions to any of the locations.

    comments on gravity hill- empire mine rd, california...

    -coming from deer valley road, there is a straight. Then there is a slight DECLINE, then an UPHILL section right before a VERY tight, 15 mph 90 degree turn. the actual hill is located right before the turn. (dont pass the big white slaughterhouse, but you can see it from the turn) the way we do it, we point our cars back at toward deer valley rd (antoich). i havent seen the two rocks, but there is a pole at the bottom, between the DECLINE and UPHILL. thats where u put ur car in neutral, and let the thing do its thing...

    -LOTS of cops there now, so its not really worth it anymore

    -if you're afraid of the mysterious cars and ghost cars... they're most likey other people messin with you (believe me ive done it hahahahaa), and if you're really scared, id suggest rollin in a caravan

    -i heard theres another gravity hill (new with no cops yet), closer to brentwood, on briones valley road (i tink). anybody been on that one?

    can someone send me directions to gravity hill from glendale ca please thanks



    if you guys are wondering how to get to that abandon insane asylum, it's too late cuz a company recently bought over the estate. That place is being watched over by security guards. but if you guys are looking for something more interesting you can check out this place call fair oaks house. It's located all the way to the end of fair oaks ave but it strictly states no trespassing. Take that narrow dark path up and you'll see a burnt down cabin. And pass the cabin there's this house with a big cross in front of it. Pots and pans are hung in front of the house. Remember to bring flashlights cuz its hella dark up there. I never been there b4 but just got the info from a friend. So good luck n have fun.

    Okay, I went to Gravity Hill in Pasadena last night, and I'll give you the directions that I remember because we were going off of someone else's memory. We went went up Altadena until there was this elementary school on the left, you turn left towards the school and then it curves around and you go until I think it's Loma Linda, or something like that, maybe Loma Vista, something with Loma and you'll get to this wash big wash and like a 180 turn in the road, but the actual hill is before this and there's this barn-type place with a white truck, we set up just beyond this truck. Now this whole thing didn't work like it's supposed to for us, but maybe we did something wrong so if someone could suggest something to change what we did, it would help, but don't get me wrong, it worked to a point, like you could tell there was uneven pushing on the car and that when we were in neutral and should have been rolling downhill, we weren't going anywhere. The friend who had already been there said it worked really well for her and it scared her to the point of crying so be careful taking little kids there, I was scared, but the whole thing is creepy, even the elementary school, and when is an elementary school scary? but there is another one in Sunland/Tujunga and we can't figure out where, it's up in the mountains by this cemetary/memorial thing, so if you know where it is, please post the directions. thanks and good luck!

    Randy posted on December 30, 2003 04:37 AM that the directions for the gravity hill in pasadena where in a certain location, but be weary, I tried to locate this hill and failed. i think maybe he/she, or someone should clarify these directions because the street PASTOR never appeared in either direction on LAKE. i tried for a while but suddenly realized the directions might be bunk. I don't want to make Randy seem like a dick, but I am just passing on the word to save people time and energy. IF anybody has more percise directions there please makes sure to pass them on. I am REALLY ready to experience gravity hill. thanks.

    i live in corona, California. i heard of this place called devils barn by gravity hill. i cant find it. so if someone knows please e-mail me about it

    im looking for gravity hill in pasadena?? can you please help me by giving me directions?? thanks!!

    hi I Live 20 minutes aways from altadena. I am looking looking or the direction on how to get to the graity hi in altadena. I someone know can you please email me. I would i appritiated a lot. Thanks

    There's not much I know about the world, but Turnbull Canyon is one thing that I know quite a lot about. I've spent years researching that place for a book I thought I'd write. It is not a safe place. Some will say that there have not been a lot of bodies removed from that place in recent years. I can't say much, but someone with power, someone with influence, is involved. There is a cover-up going on, THAT'S why a lot of things haven't been reported.

    I can't say anymore without putting myself in more danger than I already am. But trust me, it is not safe. That land has been involved with hatred, deceit, and murder for centuries.

    William Workman still walks the canyon.

    Be careful.

    Turnbull Canyon really does have a strange feel to it. I can personally attest to that; I live just about a half mile down the road on the Hacienda Heights side of the hill. There is a trail that runs up the canyon from the base of the hills on the whittier side. I used to go jogging there before I got too lazy. Anyway, driving through there at night, enroute to whittier, I've seen a number of strange lights down in the canyon on several different occassions. Can't say for certain what the cause is but, if anyone is up for taking a stroll down there to find out, let me know what you find.

    For anyone trying to find Turnbull Canyon, it's the road that crosses the hill between Hacienda Heights and Whittier. It extends through Hacienda Heights to Valley Blvd. in the City of Industry. On the Whittier side, the name changes to Beverly Blvd. when it reaches the base of the canyon. The road up the canyon does, by the way, cross land that is part of the Rose Hills Cemetary although there is no access to the cemetary proper from the road. It's an area that is very well known to the locals it's strange occurrances. I have a few very odd photographs from old college projects done in the area that can add a bit of validity to some of these stories.

    For those looking to find the gravity hill I'm afraid I can't give definite directions as I've only heard about it second-hand from close (and credible) friends. From the directions I've been given, it's located in the Rose Hills Cemetary itself somewhere near the rose gardens.

    Okay. About this Antioch, Ca thing. I have been to the slaughter house, hells gates, and gravity hill. They aren't anything but creepy places. They are fun to go to if you want a good scare. I know I sure have been. But being an Antioch native I also must add that there is also a house out there that people claim to be owned by the KKK. I highly doubt it but it's said that if you drive down the long driveway towards the house, you will be chased by a big truck or crazed members! Haha. Supposedly this happened once. Who knows. Anyone know anything more about that? Also, if you go to Black Diamond Mines at night you can see the whiiiite witch. Antioch is just one lil' scary place.

    hi everyone! i'm curious as to where gravity hill in pasadena, california is. i'd be soo thankful if someone can e-mail me details of its location and directions at.. mysssskel(at)yahoo.com thank you much, you're awesome!

    hi...i have a project for school, and im researching the city of Pasadena's (i live really close by) so-called "haunted" sites. I've been to the Enchanted Forest(located @the very top of Lake Street in ALtadena)...its pretty scary@ night. I was really interested in Gravity Hill and the Insane Asylum. If anyone knows how to get to either of these places please contact me as soon as possible.THaNk yOu!my email is DaHL21@aol.com

    can anybody please send me directions to my e mail adress, directions to get to gravity hill the one in rose hills. I would also like directions on how to get to turnbull canyon I live in whittier close to pioneer high school.

    i live in North Hollwood, about 15-20 minutes away form GRAVITY HILLS, how do i get there? i've been by the asylum but where do i go from there? someone e-mail me any info...thanks...one

    i live in North Hollwood, about 15-20 minutes away form GRAVITY HILLS, how do i get there? i've been by the asylum but where do i go from there? someone e-mail me any info...thanks...one

    Any one have info one the cults in the whittier hills please send me info Thanks.

    turnbull canyon is a place that will scare you shitless. yes ppl have died up there so dont even bother going or u just might never come back...

    ok today i went by the supposed "gravity hill" in altadena... i live in glendale and my close friend who has been there 3 separate occasions told me this and that i should really try going there... it was about midnight saturday and the directions on getting there from GLENDALE was... that i took the 134 EAST towards pasadena then exited on LAKE where i made a left and went straight up the hill til the stop lights stop and its a residential area. i believe the street i made a right turn on was palm, its a small street almost right after the last signal light u will see (lake is a really long stretch that u can see up) so just after the signals start slowing down and u will make a right turn at palm... u will come to a 3 way fork in the road... take the middle/straight road a bit, then u will see a street ... it was SOMETHING CANYON... (me and my friends drove around for an hour while he tried to remember the directions) but we finally found it... after you make a right turn on SOMETHING CANYON... you just keep on going straight as the road winds and gets narrower and darker. You will cross a rickety bridge, and on the left side of the road you will see a HUGE rock. look for the X on the pavement and thats where u put ur car in neutral, and the X a lil bit up the hill is the usual amount that u get pushed up. i was a real skeptic about this and we put baby powder on my trunk as we did this, and right after my car started moving up the hill in neutral, me and my friends all pussied out and just drove the hell back home. we looked on my trunk and we could see distinct finger prints... i JUST put the powder on right before the hill and nothing touched it after that... the strange thing about the whole thing is that in a nearby house... there is a mannequinne in the window that really creeped us out and there was a random football in the road. just a piece of warning for all you people.. DONT FUCK WITH THE SUPERNATURAL. ITS NOT A GOOD THING TO MESS WITH THE SPIRITS AND STUFF. I ALMOST SHAT MY PANTS.

    Hey I am Planing to go to gravity hill but i need directions on how to get there if anyone out there can help me out e-mail me i live in Santa Monica/Culver city can you help me out please i want to go bad...... My e-amil address is kasper_219r@yahoo.com

    i live in concord/antioch california witch is 10 min away frm gravity hill and trust me its not worth it, i went there with my friends and its not even really a hill, if u were to go there u would find your self very dissapointed because its really dumb. when people say gravity HILL!!! its more of gravity slant. u put ur car in nuetral and roll for a little bit!! WOW!! thats really scary......NOT....i no how to get there i have directions but a better place to go would be hells gates or the slaughter house they are all on the same road, but trust me the gravity hill thing is stupid! so plz contact me if u want to no more about these places or how to get to them.

    Not a commentary on Gravity hill in Antioch, CA, but rather on Hell's Gates which is directly west along Empire Mines Road (Aka Gravity Hill). I have put over 200 hours of research into this site. If you wish, I can forward all relevant information to you via email with links, or in some cases, photo copies of documentation.

    FACT: In 1921, the corpses of 17 children were found inside a barn approx. 3 miles south of the entrance of what is now known as "Hell's Gates". Documentation (aka, does not read like any autopsy report I have seen, but I could be mistaken) states that children were apparently executed via multipute lacerations ("An abundance of cuts over the remains of their bodies") with the coup de grace being the removal of their hearts. The children were aged between 6-14 (estimated). More info can be obtained by emailing me.

    FACT: In 1956, three corpses of teenagers were found approx. 1/2 mile inside what is now called "Hell's Gates". according to the police report, the corpses were apparently mauled to the point on unrecogniztion, presumably by a bear (note: Bears are not indegienous to the region). Still working on aquiring autopsy report.

    FACT: In 1991, two teenagers were beaten to death by an unknown assaliant with the barrel of a shotgun. Two survivors escaped the incident and reported to the police.

    FACT: In 2001, I went to personally investigate this barn-house inside Hell's gates (note: NOT the slaughterhouse). I will not go into details here so as to allow skeptics their right to believe what they will without contradiction, however I can say that I recieved perhaps the most frightening and graphic experience I have witnessed, which seems to confirm the presence of past and present occult activity in the region. I am a generally prideful man, but the fact is that I sprinted all the way from the now burnt out shell of that barnhouse to my car in the dead of night without slowing, stopping nor becoming tired due to that fear.

    I post this in an attempt to appeal to the better sense of the people who do decide to warnder in and hang out there, that the place is dangerous.

    If you wish to know more, again, please feel free to email me.


    Everytime I sit down to work in my office, never at the same time an orange cat shows up to my window sill and stairs at me. I look at him and he continues to watch me. Don't you find that add?

    I have been to gravity hill in Pasadena when I was a little girl with my parents who were in ther early twenties at the time. My dad used to take me there every Friday and we used to get a Foster Freeze Ice cream. I was born in the area so it was a common place to go. Reall a very cool place to go. You can certainly feel the enery there.

    Hey turnbull canyon is full of pigs...wayy too many. I heard that there was a place up in anahiem hills that my friends told me about that the kkk started chasing him...well I don't know...peace any one been to skyline drive? its pretty scary when u get off your car and start walking down the closed road....

    does anyone know how to get to the asylum in pasadena? is it by the cobb estate?

    I live in the Burbank area, and I was wondering if anyone could give me direction's to the "Gravity Hill". I've recently heard about it, and would like to go up there and see for myself. You can IM me with my sn at HyeBimmer818 or email me at hyethug00@yahoo.com If anyone know's the directions please contact me.

    i live in antioch and my friends and i9(it was 4 of us total)went to Hatie's Gate(I cant cuss), the slaughter house and gravity hill. When you go up there you definitely get weird vibes and remember if you have a cell phone you don't get any service up there. As soon as we got on the road and i started crying and shaking and i couldn't stop and my friend was trying to calm me down. We went by the slaughter house and it was like 11 at night and i was so freaked out its all dark and everything, our friend who was driving usually isn't afraid of anything but he was of that. He kept driving so fast he was so scared to stop. And when we went near haties gate i saw like a light way into the pathway but we didn't get out the car. definitely guaranteed to freak you out. And then we went on another road, i forgot the name, but is there a 'death row' in antioch? cuz we went on this one road and my friend got scared and turned around because he said that it was death row and that guys come and grab ur car and beat u or something...but i have no clue! so if someone can please tell me if 'death row' is true or not i'd really appreciate it.

    i'm looking for the directions for rose hill gravity hill if anybody knows the directions e-mail me please

    thank you

    hey people i'm trying to find out the directions to get to gravit hill in rose hills if anybody know how to get up there plz e-mail or IM to diablo52624

    hi im trying to find gravity hill in pasadena. i cant seem to find directions anywhere to it and no one knows how to get there. im also trying to find directions to the rose hills gravity hill but no one knows how to get there either. can you please give me directions to these 2 places. thank you sooo much!

    We went to Gravity Hill in Antioch, CA for 3 nights in a row. On the first night we had a good experience, but alot of sadness...seen white figures coming towards car and feeling of pushing us towards the end of empire mine rd.

    On the second night we saw a truck parked at the Slaughterhouse as I know the stories about the trucks I still like to go to Gravity Hill. We felt an uneasy, frightning, something that acted very angry. As I put my car in neutral, a black figure appeared and jumped on my car. I tried to go forward and it seemed like I was being pulled backwards towards the Slaughterhouse.

    In reality I didnt believe that that was actually happening, so on the 3rd night I brought family & friends with me. Again the sadness and tiny handprints appeared on my car, along with a very cold feeling in the car,we also noticed the shape of a childs face appearing on my windshield. When I finally got home we put flour on my car to identify the handprints when my daughter noticed the name MASON written on the trunk of my car.

    If anyone knows ANYTHING about what may have happened, please email me. I am long time native of Antioch, and I would love to find out alot more information about anything relating to this area.

    The Gravity Hill in the Pasadena area is not in Pasadena at all. It's actually Altadena. Lake Avenue turns into Loma Alta and turns East at the base of the Mountains. Just about 1/4 mile down that road, is gravity hill. It's actually Loma Alta and is paved.

    The abandoned Insane Asylum is supposedly beneath the Colorado Street Bridge (or Suicide Bridge)... very close to the Rose Bowl area.

    me and my friends were driving to gravity hill one night at about midnight. We did the gravity hill thing and it was okay so we decided to go check out the slaughter house thats supposedly haunted, and now i know IT IS! we got out of our car and started walking down towards the barn. right whaen we where going to go inside we hear like all this machinery crap turn on and i almost shit my pants. But we where a little high and decided to go in anyways, this was the most scared ive ever been inmy life.

    anyways we forced this wooden door open but when we where doing it the noises of this machinery stoped. so we went inside and it was pitch fuckin dark. my friend turned a flashlight on and i saw the scariest thing ive ever fuckin seen in my life.there was these tables and fuckin hooks all over the place and a fuckin REDNECK GUY STANDIN IN A CORNER! as soon as i saw him i pissed my pants seriously. i heard him yelling some crap at us but by that time i was already sprinting to the car once everyone jumped in we jetted and out of nowhere this big red redneck truck comes out of nowhere. and for all u hoo may not know im mexican and so where all my friends and thats not a good thing to be when the fuckin kkk is chasing u, at least i thing they were kkk. so i look out the back window right and this crazy white guy pops out of the window and tries to thow a beer bottle a our car. my friend beeing the dumbass that he is gives him the finger.once we where off of empire mine road my friend hit 80 and we where gone. but to whoever is going to go to the slaughterhouse. if ur there to look at it thats coo but DONT GO IN! there are some fucked up rednecks out there! dont go alone and if u do bring a bat or sumthin. LATE.

    I'm trying to find out where the stretch of road is for the Gravity Hill close to Dexter Park up near Glen Haven cemetary in Sunland. Over the years I've heard some great scary stuff that came out of that area. Anyother Valley-ites that know please get back to me or leave a post...

    Anyone know of the gravity hill on Patterson Pass Rd betweem Livermore and Tracy? I've seen mention of it on the net, but haven't seen any specific explanations as to where it really is. I read mile marker 157, but there is no marker 157 on Patterson Pass. Help would be appreciated.

    Does anyone know who ownes the property of gates of hell and the empire mine slaughter house in Antioch, Ca.Or how I can find out. I would like to buy the property they sit on.
    Thanks Diane

    do people still visit this page? i'm interested in finding out about ANY gravity hills, haunted roads, or anything interesting in my area (i live in monrovia, CA near pasadena). i live right next to duarte, and i've never heard of any gravity hill in the area..i'm really interested about that one. please email me at deltronzero@vdirect.com

    i posted a long time ago about turnbull canyon, i guess that's not a gravity hill. me and a few friends have driven up there in our cars and drive it fast for fun (except me..i'm in the back of the pacl, i have the slowest car and worst tires). nothing interesting to see, but there really is a weird vibe as you drive through the empty road (well it used to be, "drifters" have been going through it and getting the attention of the police). only thing i'm afraid of right now is the police catching me or my friends, or being distracted somehow and crash into a rail or something (you can see lots of tire marks where people have gone straight into the rails or walls, or so it seems..)

    most interesting/funny thing i've seen at turnbull is probably this hairy jogger, i thought he was probably a bum, haha. he was wearing short shorts and a shirt, and it was pretty cold at around 11pm or so. hehe, was funny seeing him in the middle of the course and then parking at the end and chatting with my friends for a while and then seeing him slowly pass by us.

    anyways, please let me know about any places of interest, thanks.

    Hey, my friends and i tried to find the one on Patterson Pass Road in Livermore yesterday, but we couldn't find it. If anyone has been there, or knows how to get there or knows anything about it, I'd truly appreciate any help via Email.

    ^^^Let me know if you find anything out.

    i live in east la and have heard of turnbull canyon but i really need to nkow if its haunted and i want to nkow the history of the place.
    i dont want to mess with the place if i dont nkow nothing of its history.

    my friend and i went to gravity hill in corona ca and it is kinda creepy cuz it works... i was wondering if anyone might have any information on a place called main street canyon located in corona california. i went there and there were some unexplained things that happened. rumor has it a family died because the house set fire. i went to public records to get info on the house and there is no record of anything on that house. if anyone has any info or would llike to visit this place please e mail me.

    Can someone email me, or post here, information regarding Hell's Gates in Antioch? It seems that if 17 children were found dead there at one time, even disregarding the other claims about it, the place would be world famous. It would be a tourist attraction with gift shops. Why is this website (and shadowlands) the only thing that comes up in a google search of anything having to do with the place, if so many people have been brutally murdered there? Does it go by a different name?

    OK Antiochs Gravity Hill... Alot of the locals around here know about it especially amongst the teenagers... Many Parents have made reports to the cops at it and anitoch cops some times patrol the place and admit being scared as fuck even with a radio and a gun in there hand with back up too... some people go there and dunt expierence shit some go and get the biggest scare of their life... about hells gates though.. my brother use to know a guy that went to school with him ANTIOCH HIGH SCHOOL to be exact he never told me his name... but one day some one dared the guy to go to hells gates.. it was a friday night... he went with some friends.. his friends dared him to walk as far as he could into hells gates... he had his dog with him... supposedly his dog was scared stiff and wouldnt stop barking .. which supports the fact that animals can sense the paranormal.. any ways he took him and his dog he walked in his friends waited atleast a solid cold hour... after 3 hours of waiting his friends began to worry they ended up callin the cops the cops searched for him in day light but no traces were found... they say they brang search dogs and they traced his foot prints and such but they seemed to stop 30 steps ino hells gates exactly there the search dogs loose his scent.. the shit is crazy no one can explain it... oh and YES their is SOME KKK activity... thats why the COPS are out there not becuase of gravity hill becuase of the racist shit... oh and about the slaughter house that red neck shit i believe u man... KKK and CULTS have been reported numerous times over there.. there are many stories that have been told about gravity hill and black diamond minds... many people have actually died there... some teenagers crawled into a crave and were suffacted from some fumes that come from the cave... whatever it is that happen down there its not a postive vibe u get when you go down there... be safe and have fun when ghost hunting.. lol... peace

    I went to gravity hill today in pasadena it was ok we didnt get pushed to fast or anything but we did get pushed up hill thats for sure but what was really trippy was going to that haunted forest!!! its at the end of lake ave in pasadena/alta dena w/e we took the first path up and we ended up in a plain area where me and 3 friends saw and heard many things like white shadows moving bushes ruffling simultaniously in different areas and noises not normal noises...

    but the directions to gravity hill in pasadena area as follows:
    210 get off at lake go up lake untill u reach alta dena then u make a right and then u turn left on porter then porter ends u make a left and its like a small hill like the 2nd one just roll to the bottom turn ur car to neutral and turn ur lights off for some reason it works better on diff ocasions have fun


    i was just wondering if all this "gravity hills" shit actually does work or whatever so im gonna go down there this sat. night with a bunch of frinds can anyone tell me what is hells gates cause it sound like a large building or something

    Does anyone know the exact location of the so-called "gravity hill" located in Altadena, CA? We been there a few times and have a general clue on it's where abouts but can't pinpoint the exact location. Please write back or whatever if you know the exact information I so need very much. Adios people.

    does anyone know directions to gravity hill/turnbull canyon? me and some friends of mine are looking for a good scare. we live in orange county...does anyone know directions ??

    As to the rumors of an old insane asylum, they turned up negative just according to a few phone calls I made. There is, though, an old barn of unknown origin just over the ridge from the drive just past Hell's Gate. Also, The property just over the ridge from Hell's Gate does NOT fall onto the Roddy Ranch or Roddy Ranch Golf Course property at all, so if daytime or nighttime hikes are wanted by anyone wishing to join me, they should be available.

    Okay. This is what I am looking to do and what I am looking for. I am wishing to conduct an amatuer ghost hunt in the area of Hell's Gate & the older mining towns up in the hills surrounding Black Diamond. I'm looking preferably for a group of 5 or 6 people (including myself) to go up there and investigate the rumors of an old insane asylum on the now present property of the Roddy Ranch Golf Course, now on the other side of the ridge located where Hell's Gate is. Also, I would like to look into those woods, as they are supposedly haunted. Email me back at daddyahoh@aol.com and put GHOST HUNT in the subject line. Thanks and hope to hear from some of you soon.

    I have been to Gravity Hill in San Fernando - backin the 70's.

    There is an old cemetary at the bottom of a road. Cemitary on one side cliff on other. if you go past cemetery and back tup to the top, turn the car so as that it faces the cemetary put it in park and you do feel as if you are going to go off the cliff.

    I do not know the name of the street but it is somewhere in the vacenity of Dexters Park


    It is not a haunted hill or super creepy this. I'll tell you why you car goings "up" when geared in neutral and why you can skateboard upwards. It is the architectural structuring of the hill. it's an illusion which makes you think you're going up. It's a .5% grade from one side to the other... it's a common engineering mistake which is why there are so many locations and so many "gravity hills." So to all of you out there who think its this crazy phenomenon and want to see if it's "real," it is. it is "real" because there's nothing weird about it. You're really going downhill but the .5% grade causes an illusion. HAHA. and it's definitely not "haunted." But I will say this... it is pretty cool.

    Can someone please!! give me directions to gravity hill in altadena.Thankz

    hi, i lived in antioch while in high school, and it was something all the teenagers would do to go out to gravity hill. we would put baby poweder on the hood and trunks of our cars and at the bottom of the hill put the car in nuetral. it never failed to see little handprints in the powder after making it up the hill. this hill is on empire mine road, and if you are gonna check it out make sure to stop at the gates of hell, where my friends and family actually camped out there and had the sacriest time ever. also the slaughterhouse, which was truthfully never a slaugter house, but a grainmill, but frightning just the same. Also check out the cave, which not many people know about but it is about 1/4 mile past the old mill. some people say its bullshit, but i know more people who have been there and know how true it is. oh yeah one more thing, the old cemetary on the hill off of empire mine road is also thought to be haunted by an old miners wife who was murdered. check it all out. even if you are a skeptic it is still a lot of fun!

    See my direction to Gravity Hill, posted Oct.27th
    On Alta Loma, where you are directed to stop, the
    dirt road is on your RIGHT

    See my direction to Gravity Hill, posted Oct.27th
    On Alta Loma, where you are directed to stop, the
    dirt road is on your RIGHT

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