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Neither Rain Nor Snow

I was visited this afternoon by a pair of earnest, clean-cut, young Mormon elders making their rounds of the neighborhood. They stood there on what passes for a porch for my house, drenched and dripping.

I was wearing my galabeyah (a long, caftan-like robe) from Egypt, which is now, after several years of steady use, looking definitely second-hand, and I had to go pick up my daughter from her school in just a few moments. Otherwise, I would have invited them in for a cup of hot herb tea out of sheer pity.

Nonetheless, we had a brief and interesting conversation, and they invited me to attend the local church, which I may very well do. I am just not sure what Mormons would think of someone saying that they not only talk with Jesus and God, but Jesus and God answer back. :-)

Mormons...now that took me back. When I was in high school, one of my closest friends, whom I will call Ron X., was a Mormon. He declared himself the Emperor of Un, and the rest of us, his friends, were his subjects. We all wore clothing of Un (I made for myself a flashy gold cape, for example), and, if I recall correctly, had various titles in the ministry of Un.

Some time I may write about the great purple patriarchal cross we constructed, and hauling it off to the beach...

But another time. This is about Mormons, and I want to keep it brief.

Later, I have had other friends as Mormons. Every one of them, to a person, was a decent human being who was willing to help out in any way possible. They always walked their talk, and truly did try to care for each other. If you want a community in which you are truly a member, Mormons wouldn't be the worst way to go.

This isn't to say that all Mormons are wonderful; they are a mix of people, good and bad, as with any group. But, at least with the ones I've met, the good seems to be at a higher proportion. Followers of other religious beliefs could well take note.


Thank you for providing me with a venue for actualising my prayers and affirmations as in " Every house, castle, mansion, estate, manor and cottage and economic system is completely instantly destroyed and dead except for those belonging to me!!!!!" So wise have I become in creating my own destiny and dodging the "fires" which have been "prophecised" will destroy every plane of reality including the third dimension in which earth demonstrates its reality. I pray you too will attain that wisdom which will free you from every sequence and algorythm which enslaves mortals. Especially I pray you become so wise as to know you are not a "human" but the divine him/herself as am I and my immediate family!!!!! May the prosperity, enrichment and empowerment within the fifth dimension bless your household even as as every negative reality within the third dimension is destroyed!!!!!

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