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Personal Channeling

Today, I was going through the tiny notebook I carry around with me and found the following piece of channeling that I had done for myself on June 13, 2002. I had totally forgotten about it. Much of what it says could apply to others, so I am sharing it here in the hope that it will be helpful. The spirit speaking is Jesus.

We find ourselves today at a crossroads in time and space. In one direction lies freedom, fame, even infamy. In another lies poverty and obscurity. And straight ahead lies the true road of justice, on which, feet set, you will find yourself crawling at first, as you return to forgotten virtues and values, then striding, and finally running.

Behind, of course, lies your past, and though you could visit it extensively, lovingly poring over and fingering the treasures of the heart, and the perils you survived, why? Why go backward when the future holds new treasures and perils?

Life never stands still, and so it is with you--even in inaction, the stream of life carries you slowly forward. How much more quickly you will move once you commit to a road and step forth on it, renewed in spirit, bold in heart!

So we say to you, be bold and brave; try new things; stretch out your hand to reach for that which you desire (in integrity, always). In reaching, you stretch; in stretching, you grow. Those around you will shift and change accordingly; worry not for permanence of person, but always maintain permanence of those virtues that mean the most to you: Love, honesty, integrity, humor; respect, cheerfulness, and your own unique blend of humor and charity in your heart.

Appply all those things to yourself and others, and you will find your path always leading home, your heart refreshed and joyful, your vistas unlimited, and your tastes changing to match your heart stride for stride.

Even when that which you reach for shifts, alters, and changes, as it inevitably will, you will find that you are always given exactly what you need.

So go for it. Go for the gold. Seek out love, contentment, fulfillment, in whatever form seems most meet and just to you at the time, and find yourself at play forever in the fields of the Lord, your God, your loving divine Creators.


Your brother, Jesus


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