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Time to Boycott Tuna Again

Much as I love tuna, I hardly ever buy the stuff, because I have always been concerned that even the so-called "dolphin-safe" tuna wasn't, when you got right down to it, safe enough. How many dolphins can be killed and still have the tuna be declared safe? And for that matter, how much illegal, non-dolphin-safe tuna fishing has been going on? Lots, I am willing to bet. So I don't buy tuna often.

Now, it seems that my gut feelings were right. Tuna fishing is stressful for dolphins, and the officials in our government, forgetting who is really supposed to be in charge (we, the people) are trying to hide the fact. Read about it here, then send a message to Secretary of Commerce Evans and Secretary of State Colin Powell. It's easy. Oh, and stop buying tuna while you are at it.

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