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My Favorite Movie Site

I don't have a lot of Web sites that I return to regularly. Normally, when I use the Internet, I am working or doing research of some sort or another (I know—shouldn't I be using it for fun?). But there are a few Web sites I visit consistently, and Tagline is one of them. I pop in there at least once a week (unless I am wading through an incredible work load, as I was this past week), and I always find something to amuse or challenge me. I actually post comments and send in movie quotes to this site, and you can too. I even consider myself a fan girl of this site, and that will totally startle those who know how very far I am from being a fan-type person and how extremely rare it is for me...in fact, aside from my hero-admiration-from-afar of a certain someone, I consider myself fangirl to nobody. Except the excellent brothers Steven and Al who maintain Tagline.


Marina, Marina - as a fan girl you should know it's 'Tagline' even though we're at 'tagliners.org'... sigh... I thought better of you... ;)

I have slipped up! I will correct my error immediately!

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