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Saturday Evening Essene Communion with the Angel of Eternal Life

Image of Time as an old man and a young child. From http://www.angel-inages.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself as described elsewhere. If you wish, use the Lord's prayer.

This evening's communion thought:

Angel of Eternal Life, descend upon me and give eternal life to my spirit.

Focus: Contemplate the thought field that is being constantly created in the universe, and become aware of your part in creating that field through your contribution of your own thoughts.

Rationale:Think upon the vaster sea of life and energy within which this, our earth, spins eternally. I refer to the physical and spiritual multiverse of which your existence is but one part. Yet not so insignificant a part that the universe o r the world can do without you. Whoever you are, and whatever sins you think yourself guilty of, the universe cannot do without you, and requires your presence for its full functioning. It is the responsibility of every living creature to better itself so that it may most fully attain the greatest perfection it is capable of.

The cast energies and spirits that drive the barely imaginable forces of the countless suns do not stop when they arrive at each star?s surface, but instead continue to reach far out into space, warming the nearby planets and sending them light and energies far out into space, eventually reaching everywhere that light can go.

As you think on these things, you can become more clearly aware of and receptive to the incredible energies singing in all the ?empty? spaces of the universe, being exchanged between all the planets and stars, bathing every artifact and life in their essence.

As you become more aware of and attune to these energies, you can also start to hear the intelligent exchange of ideas and thoughts that take place at the universal level. Just as there is a planetary field of thoughts for each inhabited planet such as out own, just so there is a larger field of thoughts for our universe. Lifting your thoughts and awareness to this larger field of energies and existence can help you to expand your own energetic existence and thus expand your ability to send and receive energies of a wider scope than the planetary. In the process, you become more aware of your role in life and this planet?s role in the grander arena of the universe. In that direction lies immortality.

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