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Saturday Morning Essene Communion with the Earthly Mother

Image of an angel feeding doves. From http://www.angel-images.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself for this communion as described elsewhere.

This morning?s communion thought: The Earthly Mother gives the food of Life to my whole body.

This morning?s focus: The food and good herbs we take into our bodies and how they nurture us and connect us to the earth?s vast network of nurturing energies. Our bodies have an innate natural wisdom that makes it possible for them to absorb and use these energies according to their natures, nurturing and replenishing our bodies' vital forces.

Rationale: Everything you eat comes from the earth in one form or another. The fruits and vegetables and grains all grew on plants that were nurtured directly by the earth in which they had their roots, watered by the rain, enlivened by the sun. All the elements and natural processes of the earth have gone into forming your food. All the earth?s vital life forces have combined to bring you that food, and are still there in that food, no matter what has happened to it since it was harvested, or how highly processed it has been.

The earth is remarkable in her ability to heal herself and recover from the insults and abuses we humans in our ignorance and greed have heaped upon her, and those same unstoppable abilities to renew herself and to hear and repair all damage done to her is likewise in you, both as your natural heritage as one of the blessed creatures living upon this earth, by which right those abilities are inherent within your own body, and as a child of the earth who daily, hourly, every minute lives and moves within and received the energies of the earth.

Think upon all these things, and of your food and all that you take into your body, and feel how those energies are pouring into you as strongly and inevitably as they do for anyone or anything upon this earth. Your body was designed to be able to use the earth?s energies as they come to you through food and the very air itself. Allow it to do so. Allow yourself to feel these immense natural forces. Allow yourself to feel and use these forces within your own body, working in harmony with the food you take in, rebuilding and fortifying all aspects of your body?s functions so that you are in a constant state of renewal and great good health.

A further result of that you can develop the ability to more consciously derive the full force of these vital energies of the earth from the foods you eat, and to more consciously direct those energies to where they are needed within your body.

Deeper contemplation: The energies and intentions of those who have touched your food as it has moved through time and space to you. (More later on the deeper focuses.)

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