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Saturday Noon Essene Communion: Peace with the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father

Blurred image of an angel in brilliant colors. From http://www.angel-images.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself as described elsewhere. If you wish, use the Lord's prayer.

Noon communion thought:

Heavenly Father, send to all your Angel of Peace;
To your kingdom, send your Angel of Eternal Life.

Focus: The kingdom of the Heavenly Father is the entire cosmos. The Heavenly Father is the masculine principle. (There is also a feminine principle, represented in these communions as the Earthly Mother, but not limited to earth by any means.) The Heavenly Father is an evolving consciousness with thoughts, emotions, and a spirit nature who is aware of all and wants to be in personal, direct communication with each person. If we allow ourselves that communication, we can receive all the guidance, help, and information we want or allow ourselves to accept.

Rationale: The Essenes did not believe that we have to have someone to mediate between us and our Creators. Instead, they taught that every man, woman, and child can create a direct, personal relationship with our Creators, one that is warm and loving and like that of a child to a most loving parent.

However, we have to want that relationship, because it will never be forced upon us. We also must be willing to set aside our own prejudices and beliefs and, in many cases, our anger at our Creators so that we can more clearly receive the truth.

That anger is often arrived at in our childhood, when we are told many things about our Creators, including the idea that somehow when bad things happen, they are caused to happen by our Creators as some kind of punishment or mysterious wisdom that is beyond our abilities to understand. We are thus taught that there is no free will and that we have no choice in our lives, and from that we can only understand that our Creators neither love nor trust us enough to allow us to be free. This is just not so.

Our Creators love us enough to make us ultimately free; to encourage us and hope for us that we will become as gods ourselves, evolving in splendor, understanding, and wisdom through our own good thoughts and choices. But we cannot arrive there if we feel that somehow we are only passengers or slaves with no say in the running of this universe. If we instead understand that we are a part of it all, and an important part at that, and that we are surrounded by and move within an eternity of energy and love, then we rehabilitate our ability to exchange communication with even the most highest of beings. In so doing, we discover that we can ask for whatever we want on any level, from the physical to the nonphysical, knowing that we will not choose to ask for anything harmful to another, because we understand how interconnected all things are.

As we come to understand that fact, then peace can come to abide in our hearts.

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