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Sunday Morning Essene Communion with the Angel of Earth

Isis, mother of all. From http://www.angel-images.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself as described elsewhere. If you wish, use the Lady's prayer.

This morning's communion thought:

Angel of Earth, enter my generative organs and regenerate my whole body.

Focus: Think upon the soil of the earth and how it supports all life, and how everything is renewed by the earth. Feel the energies and essence of the Angel of the Earth moving within your body, aiding your body in its ability to transmute its sexual energies into regenerative abilities.

Rationale:The earth supports all life living on and in it. It renews itself and all life through a natural cycle of birth, growth, decay, death, decay, and rebirth, thus renewing itself and keeping itself immortal. The powerful generative and regenerative energies moving through all matter on earth can be thought of as being personified in the Earthly Mother?s Angel of Earth. Angels can be thought of as the spiritual and individualize representation of natural and cosmic forces, forces that can be related with and appealed to for guidance, help, and understanding in the same way that one human being may relate with and appeal to another, or jus as, if you have this understanding, a human being can relate with and appeal to our Creators on a personal, direct level.

In this case, the Angel of the Earth represents and personifies the intensely powerful and yet lovingly gentle, inevitable, irresistible forces that flow through and sustain the earth.

These same energies exist within the human body, which, like a microcosm of the earth, sustains the whole of the human organism through a natural cycle of individual cell birth, growth, death, decay, and rebirth. One of the driving forces of this eternal cycle of renewal in the body is the powerful, fundamental, and natural force of the body?s own generative organs.

Although throughout history (the history of Western civilization, anyway), the generative abilities of the human body have been vilified and rejected, they are nonetheless, and as many cultures have acknowledged, true, natural, and wholesome energies that make it possible for humans to conceive and give birth. The same energies make it possible for the body to renew itself at the individual cell level. Science claims that there is not one single cell n our body that was there seven years ago, and yet somehow we remain the same; each cell has been replaced by one just like it, in a miraculous process of continual regeneration and renewal.

In communing with the Angel of the Earth and coming to understand how that Angel?s powers are also within you, you can grow to become more aware of and receptive to the vast regenerative powers of the earth, more able to understand how your own physical body is absorbing and using these energies, and more able to consciously use and manage these energies to renew and regenerate your physical expression for as long as you choose.

Note: Sunday's Angel is Michael. This meditation deals directly with second chakra issues.

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