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The Essene Communions

I am starting to post the Essene communions that I mentioned in an earlier post. As mentioned in that post, I recently read—or perhaps I should say, devoured—a book by Edmond Szekely calle From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls. I got a lot out of that book, and initially had reorganized his materials so that I could use them every day in the simplest and most straight-forward manner. I've been accused before of having a high tolerance for organization, though it may not always seem that way to those who visit me. :-) In my writing, though, I defy anyone to come close to my highly refined abilities to take a mess of written material and create elegant order out of it.

But I digress. Part of the Essene practices were to have three daily communions: One in the morning, one at noon, and one at night. After organizing Edmond Szekely's materials, writing up my own insights and notes in the process, I have worked with the communions for several weeks now. And though it undoubtedly will sound arrogant to some, others who understand my very long spiritual heritage will not be surprised to hear that I have started to develop my own completely fresh and original materials based on each communion. Which I am going to start posting here, so you can commune along with me if you like.

One vital aspect of each communion is to prepare yourself for the communion. This involves a certain mental and emotional preparation to attune yourself in a general way with the loving and live-giving energies we move within, before focusing on one particularly aspect of those energies with each communion. Rather than repeat the general material, which is more or less the same for each communion, I am posting it separately.

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