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Sunday Evening Communion with the Angel of Creative Work

Image of a group of child angels with an older teacher angel. From http://www.angel-images.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself as described elsewhere. If you wish, use the Lord?s Prayer.

Evening communion thought:

Angel of Creative Work, descend upon humanity and give abundance to all human beings.

Focus: The bees, who work so tirelessly, and the creative work of all human beings in any area of life.

Rationale: Creative work is what makes life worth living, not only for those who perform that work, but also from all those who benefit from that work. Without creativity, it would be a sterile, uninteresting, and ultimately dead world indeed. Creativity is one of the very essences of life itself; without creativity, you cannot have life. Creative work contributes to your evolution as a spiritual and human being.

In contemplating creativity, think about what it is and how it is manifested in your life. How do you express your own creativity? How much rein do you give it? Creativity is also a key to effective problem-solving, as it can help you think of new and unusual solutions where you might otherwise not find a solution at all. Do you find yourself limiting yourself by your thinking, or do you find new and different ways to solve problems?

Creativity can be learned and it can be increased. One very easy way to do so is to either do somethign new every day, or do something that you usually do every day in a different manner. These acts create new synapses in your brain and also help break you out of "rut" thinking and help you develop the habit of tackling problems from many different perspectives.

In contemplating the meaning of creativity, you can, as with all the Essene communions, increase your receptivity to the energies of all the creative works of humanity, and then be able to use this power in all aspects of your life#&151;not just those things that are conventionally thought of as the areas where creativity is applied.

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