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Spiritually Balancing Teas

At long last, I am posting part of a dream I had over a year ago that contained, I believe, true information about two kinds of very special tea. These teas can help balance one's emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual selves. The reason I am posting the dream is that, after having the dream, I did research to see if those kinds of teas existed, and I found that one of them did, indeed, exist with the exact name I received in the dream. So here are the significant portions of the dream (there was much, much more to it, but I am only posting the soul of the dream for brevity's sake).

Sunday, August 25, 2002

... As I was gazing up into the evening sky, my brother David and I both saw one or more flying saucers, quite large, circling distantly above the house. We felt no sense of danger—just anticipation.

We watched silently as evening continued to fall and the saucers continued to circle, then finally spoke to each other about what we were seeing. By the time we spoke, evening had fallen completely and we were looking up into the night sky. The saucers were gone. Instead, in the night sky, we saw two beautiful new rings of stars that were quite bright, very close to each other, and were somehow connected to each other. They were slightly to the east of the meridian and zenith of the sky.

I lay on my back with a small hand monocular to see them better, then saw that writing was appearing in the rings. The message had something to do with preparing oneself for the end times. It predicted that there would be four rings of stars total in the sky (these two were the first two), and when all four appeared, that would signal the end of our times as we know it and the start of a new era. There was also the implication that each ring represented a pillar of some sort, with four being the number of completion and totality for whatever they represented. I somehow knew or guessed that the other two would be separate from these two, but also joined to each other, and I speculate that each pair represents the joining of mind and body and of will and emotions.

Excitedly, I called to David to bring me something to write on. At first he brought me a large, round, transparent salmon-pink plastic platter. Distractedly, I told him no, no, I wanted something to write on, and it had to be big—I was thinking of a large, 11x17 sheet of white cardboard. Next he brought me a business card to write on the back of. I resignedly decided to use it because I felt I was running out of time to get the messages, hoping I could at least get the most important part of the message. As I wrote, the amount of the message that I could see got smaller and smaller, until I only saw the amount that I remembered when I woke.

Here is what I remember: I wrote down the names of two kinds of tea to drink. The first one was called Bukka (pronounced boo kaw), but I circled the Buk because the message said that only that part of the name of the tea would be remembered. The second one was called something like Shaksaheavennna (pronounced (shock suh heaven na, and maybe I put one too many "n"s in the name when I woke up and wrote them down, but this is what I wrote down). I circled the Shak because again, that is all that would be remembered of the name of the tea. The remaining two rings would tell of the remaining two kinds of tea to drink.

The information I received about the teas (while still in the dream) is that both go back to Atlantean times and before, and have to do with balancing and restoring one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves, or the four parts of ourselves that correspond to the four temperaments.

In Atlantean times, everyone knew of these teas. However, no one would want to drink the teas unless they were of a certain level of spiritual advancement. It wasn't that the teas were forbidden to anyone; it was just that the teas would simply not appeal to those souls who were not ready for them.

In the dream, the information about the teas was being given to those who had the interest and the ability to read the messages in the rings of stars, and I was one of them. There was nothing said about not spreading the word about the teas to anyone, for only those who were ready to drink the teas would even be interested in the information. And even if someone pursued the teas who was not ready, they would not be able to benefit from them, for the teas worked on many levels, and much of their operation depended on conscious, aware co-creation with the teas.


After I woke up from the dream, I did some research on the teas, with the following results:

Buk Tea

I was not able to find a tea called Buk tea. I did find that there was once a ruler of India familiarly known as Bukka; there is a town named after him and another that was perhaps named after his wife. More here:


Bukka had a brother named Hakka or Harihara:


Bukka is also a Japanese word, though I don't know what it means.

Shak Tea

I had more luck with Shak tea. I found it for sale here:


It is an Ayurvedic tea, which means that it goes back thousands of years, and I do believe that the ancient, very ancient Indians had contact with Atlanteans.

The ingredients are

If some of the above links don't work, for an alternative source of information on a number of these spices and herbs, see Dr. Duke's
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

Here's another place that sells something similar, but not identical:




Hello there, I was reading just about everything I could on your site. I have to say you have an exhaustive amount of inspiring and thought provoking material! This has been favorited and will be revisited :)

Anyways this is about the teas. I have never really heard of either one but the second one I seem to make a similar tear for myself at home quite often using what I have on hand cardamom, ginger, black pepper, chili pepper, and cinnamon. It sure makes me feel good to just sniff it till itís safe to drink.

The letters buk I recognized but I didnít know from where. I did some research and this is what I found.
There are many species of the Box Tree and its names include buk. Buk Hous in older Japanese dialects means the white hairs on budding tea leafs. So I would read that as regular tea that is much more potent when used while it has the white hairs.

In an associative Japanese/English dictionary I found the buk has connotations of Buddhahood and nirvana.
Bukke means Buddhist priest or wise person.

Also found that buk and buke are folk names for the Beech plant (fagus sylvatica). It has some magical meanings and ritual significance attributed to it.

The proper name for the next herb I found is Buchu and a folk name buku (barosma betulina). I read that it ďAids in psychic powers and prophetic dreams.Ē Also read that you are to ďDrink a Buchu infusion to foretell the future. To receive prophetic dreams, burn a mixture of frankincense and buchu before going to bed. Burn a small amount only, and in the bedroom.

I read also your article on your views about Anne Geddes. You said that you can get the feeling of a person just by there art. I am newly posting in an online gallery. I have been experiencing a lot of turmoil that seems determined to never resolve. I would ask a favor I am curious of what you will say if you might visit my gallery.

Anyways I hope some of this information I found might be helpful. Sorry for the length.


Hi! I don't mind the length at all. Thanks for doing that research. It is time for me to order more of that tea. I showed it to my ex-husband (with whom I am on friendly terms) about a year ago, and he put it somewhere where I have never been able to find it. ^^ Also, maybe it is time to try concocting the second tea.

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