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The Importance of Reading to Your Children

I intend to post more topics on this subject. Meanwhile, here is a piece of information about how important it is to not allow your children to watch television, but to instead read to them.



hi Marina!

I just now refound your weblog, after re-reading
your site. Nice!

I have some of my own dreams [OBE] now collected into a journal-site of its own where one can just read only them: expereinces of being taken to places in the afterlife, spirit, worlds!

So many "new age channelers" out there, seems to live in the clouds! no feet on the practical terra firma! I keep coming back to you, and a few other channelers! I feel that we live both on the earth and in the realm of spirit, at the same time. Each has to be "honered".

---now on the make a link for you, again, in my
other weblog of just links


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