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Montana Amber

Some years ago, I purchased a bottle of Montana Amber Safflower Oil at my local Trader Joe's. It was the best safflower oil I had ever used--it was a lovely deep golden color, tasted great, and had wonderful energy.

When I went back to Trader Joe's for more, I found they were no longer carrying it, despite the fact that the Trader Joe's personnel told me that numerous customers had come in asking specifically for that oil. If it were still being made by Montana Amber, I would still be using that oil.

Although I am very sad to see that it appears that Montana Amber no longer makes the safflower oil, it looks as though they are now selling flax oil. Although I haven't tried their flax oil, I am sure that any product made by this company would be of the highest quality. So the next time I run out of flax oil, I am going to order some from them. Meanwhile, if you try it, please let me know how it is.

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