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The Shopping Queen: Great Towels at a Great Price

Today, I am introducing a new category that I am calling "Shopping Queen." The history behind this is that, when I went to Egypt with a tour group in fall 2000, I really got into the spirit of bartering, so, although I didn't buy a lot of things, what I did buy, I got good prices for. As a result, other members of the tour started to call me "The Shopping Queen."

I don't like to pay retail price for anything. I do understand the need for people to make a fair price on something, but often the prices just are not fair. Seeing how little the same items sold for in Egypt, I realized just how much we Americans overpay. So, I like to do a lot of research and find the best price that I possibly can find on items. Depending on the item, that would either be research done locally or on the Internet.

I often share my information with other people, who are always glad to hear where they can get something they need for a lot less money than they thought they would have to pay. Therefore, I thought others might want to share this information as well.

So here is my new feature, The Shopping Queen. Today's topic is towels. Everybody needs them; nobody wants to pay a large sum of money for them. There are lots better ways to spend one's cash than on overpriced towels.


About a year ago, I realized that all of my towels were dingy, many were fraying on the edges, and some were only fit for the cats to use as bedding. Time to replace them.

Unfortunately, I love the large bath sheet size of towel, and most places want to charge $25, $50, $35, or even more per towel for that size. I just can't bring myself to spend so much on what should be a basic item basically priced. It is, after all, just a rectangle made of cotton, an iminently renewable resource. And it isn't like the highly overpriced towels I was looking at were even organic cotton. They just shouldn't cost so much.

So I spent a number of hours researching towel sellers on the Internet, and now you can save yourself a ton of time and a ton of money by benefitting from my research.

The place I settled on, Textileshop.com, charges a very reasonable $9.99 for their bath sheets, which measure in at a very respectable 35" by 70". For those who care, their bath sheets weigh 2.25 pounds each. They offer 19 colors to choose from, and you can get matching washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels as well as the bath sheets. Here is a direct link to their towels page. The towels I've purchased from them are very attractive and have stood up to the test of time and repeated washings quite well.

Another source of towels that I have not tried is the Towel Emporium. I mention this site because, if you want a quantity of towels for something like working out, for example, it looks as though you could get a very nice price here. (They sell many towels by the dozen.) I haven't purchased from them, but the prices seem very good for towels for that purpose.

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