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Vaccinations Redux

Pretty much my entire adult life, I've been suspicious of vaccinations. I am not alone, not by a long shot, and there is a huge amount of data to back us up.

Recently, another piece of evidence arose concerning a coverup regarding the dangers of the mercury present in vaccines.

I would never presume to tell anyone else what to do or not do with their children, but I cannot urge strongly enough that parents do their homework and read everything they can get their hands on concerning vaccines before they decide to vaccinate their children.

One problem is that vaccines contain mercury in amounts that far exceed acceptable levels. This means we are exposing our children to the hazards of mercury poisoning every time we have them vaccinated. For more information, see

There are so many links I could provide on vaccinations, and some books to read too, but this should be enough to start with. I encourage you to search the Internet yourself. Also, remember to ask yourself, when reading about vaccines, "Who has a vested interest in this information?" If you are reading information distributed by vaccine companies, obviously their objectivity is suspect. If the information comes from someone who is only trying to educate people, then objectivity is, perhaps not guaranteed, but certainly a whole lot more likely to be present.

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