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Hitler's Sonic Cone

I recently did a psychic reading for someone, and during the reading, some information came up about Hitler and his rise to power. I asked for and received permission to post this piece of information from the reading, since this part is general information and not specific to the person I was doing the reading for.

A little background might be needed:

  • I am a psychic and a conscious channeler, which is to say that information comes to me from other spirits and from what I call the Internet in the Sky (a vast library of knowledge) while I am in a conscious state. I don't claim to be 100% acdurate 100% of the time, but I do tend to get good, verifiable information much more often than not.

  • There was a spear called The Spear of Destiny that supposedly was the spear used to pierce Jesus's side when he was on the cross. This spear, it was said, would make whoever held it unconquerable.

  • The location of the Spear was known until Hitler's times. It has been said that Hitler took possession of this Spear (generall said to have happened in 1938). When the war ended, the Spear was either nowhere to be found, or was back in a museum, or had been found by General Patton, an American general, who did something with it so that no one now knows where it is. Other theories about it also abound.

Now, having said all that, and although I do have an open mind, I tend to still examine things for rationality and logic, and I don't just accept something just because someone says it is true or because it sounds interesting and I would like it to be true. As several sombebodies have said to me, "You are the most rational and objective person I know."

Still, I also do trust the information that comes to me for a variety of reasons that are far too long to go in to here, but that boil down to experience and self-testing and havng learned how to listen to what my heart is saying.

So, during this reading, we touched briefly upon Nazi Germany, and I got a flash of information about an item that I will call a sonic cone. Hitler had possession of this item, and had, in fact, obtained it from the Spear of Destiny. It wasn't clear to me how it was a part of the Spear—it might have somehow been a part of the spearhead itself, or perhaps it was a visible part of the haft of the staff, made to look like a hand grip.

This sonic cone was tapered like a cone, open on both ends. It wasn't very large—perhaps 5 or six inches long at the most, and perhaps an inch and a half or two iinches wide at the largest end, and maybe an inch at the smaller end.

The cone had ridges that went around its circumference. It was made of some kind of blend of organic, nacreous substance and some kind of ceramic, bonded together almost like some creature had actually secreted the entire thing, but it was somehow man-made, or at least humans had their hand in the making of it. I believe it was extremely ancient technology dating before the near-destruction of our planet circa 13,500 years ago, give or take a millenium.

The dangerous part of this sonic cone was that if someone were to speak through it, or if a person's voice and words were projected through it, it created some kind of resonances in the projected sound such that any listeners would be swayed to believe the speaker and to want to follow and support the speaker. Particularly, this belief would last even after the speaker stopped talking and was no longer there. Essentially, much like subliminal messages which insidiously bypass the conscious mind, any messages sent out through this cone would program the listeners.

Perhaps the only way to counteract this effect would be for the listener to be made aware that he or she had been subjected to this kind of hypnotic-like effect, at which point they could take conscious steps to counteract the programming. And even then it would take some work.

I had always wondered at reports by people who said that they had gone in to a lecture hall to listen to Hitler, filled with hostility toward Hitler, and had come out convinced that Hitler was right and a great guy and must be supported. I had also always wondered about people who had lived in Nazi Germany who didn't seem ashamed of their actions and who, in fact, still seemed to think that Hitler was a fine piece of humanity. This effect had always been chalked up to him being a very charistmatic person, and yet that explanation never seemed right, especially when you look at what he looked like and how he moved. Hitler was not the charisma poster child.

So how does this relate to the sonic cone? The information I received was that Hitler had used this technology in a far-ago lifetime, and so he recognized the sonic cone and knew what it was for when he saw the Spear of Destiny (either immediately or he later had a past-life memory; he did instantly know that there was something special about it, though). He knew that this was his ticket to power, and that is why he took the Spear—not because the Spear itself held any kind of power, but because the cone concealed in plain sight did. At some ancient point in time, this "whoever wields this Spear is invincible" information had been attached to the Spear as a legend, in part to help keep the Spear intact and in part to give a hint about the sonic cone.

Hitler used the cone from the very first. He knew just how to use it and just what to do with it. He let a few high-level people in on the secret as time passed, partly because he needed their help in using it while concealing the fact of its use, and partly because he didn't want the secret to get lost if something happened to him. There were plans to experiment with it, such as having other people sing propaganda-laden songs through the (concealed) cone, but it doesn't seem as though most of those plans came to fruition.

I am not sure where the sonic cone is now. Supposedly, General Patton was the last to see the Spear of Destiny. But if Patton did find a spear, it doesn't feel to me as though whatever he found have any effect, energy, or power left in itself. In other words, what he found may not have been the original artifact that Hitler had siezed. In any case, by then, the sonic cone had long been removed from it Intuitively, it feels that the cone has not been destroyed, but that it is instead either buried in Europe somewhere (this is the most likely probability), waiting to be dug up again some day, or is in the hands of the Americans.

(As an aside, I do not believe that the Spear that Hitler took possession of was the spear supposedly used to pierce Jesus. The important part of Hitler's Spear was and always had been the sonic cone, though items do take energies into themselves when they are the focus of concentrated thoughts and beliefs for any length of time.)

I have received other information about Nazi Germany in other readings, including that the Germans were very convinced of the power of the occult and that they were actively working what they thought of as magic. They were successful to a greater degree than might be apparent; for instance, there are still pockets of dark energy in which beings that we might call demons are still closer to our dimension/reality than is comfortable. Also, I once received a long message from Rudolf Hess, which you can read for additional information on the Nazis.

Note also that I received all of that information long before I knew much of anything about the Nazis, and certainly before I heard anything about their interest in the occult; thus, as I have read and learned more about this aspect of the Nazis, I have felt that what I have read has been a partial validation of the rather wild information I received.

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