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Creating Miracles

A number of people, including myself, believe that our attitudes influence the world around us. Many of us go so far as to say that we create our own reality. Though some might find that hard to believe, even the most cynical or skeptical cannot deny that, at the very least, our attitudes influence how we *experience* the world around us. For example, we always have the choice of how to think about anything: We can choose to think negatively about an experience, or we can choose to think positively. How we choose to think about something determines how we experience it. So why choose to think negatively about something when it is possible to think positively? Also, many studies have shown that people who choose to have positive, cheerful, optimistic outlooks are healthier and happier in many ways and on many levels.

Just so, there are those who believe that having an attitude of thankfulness or gratitude can powerfully affect our lives as well, even creating miracles in our lives.

So what am I getting at? My brother Peter just sent me a Web site that is running an experiment in having people choose to feel and express gratitude. I’ve just signed up for it, so I know nothing more about it beyond what is on the Web site, but I think that it can’t hurt and it may even do some good. I encourage you to check it out.

For those of you who may wish to explore this idea of gratitude in another way, I highly recommend getting the 15-Minute Miracle Workbook. I’ve only done maybe 14 entries, and I’ve already had a number of good results (the author would call them miracles). The workbook is charmingly homemade looking, but powerfully effective nonetheless.

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