March 28, 2006

2006 Tournament of Roses Rose Parade

I had the privilege of attending the 2006 Tournament of Roses Rose Parade in the lovely city of Pasadena this past January 2, 2006. During that time, I took nearly 400 photos, which I have posted here. Unfortunately, because it was raining so hard and I was out in the elements the entire time, many of the photos came out too blurry to share. I kept a few of these blurrier photos because I felt they had some other merit--perhaps something evocative in a swirl of color on such a grey day, or something encouraging and enobling in seeing the calm, relaxed smiles of those riding horses and waving to onlookers, with everyone willing to sit through or ride through the deluge for the sake of the show.

I took the photos at the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service's broadcast site. The Los Angeles Radio Reading Service (LARRS) is a non-profit service for those who are blind or print-impaired in Los Angeles County. Every year, LARRS provides a professional audio description and commentary of the Tournament of Roses Rose Parade. This year, despite extremely adverse weather conditions, they did their usual top-notch job, whose professionalism rivals any other broadcast. You can't tell from their broadcast that they are working on a shoestring budget under a tiny canopy that barely protects the broadcasters and their equipment from the weather.

I have known the LARRS project director, Jolie Mason, since our days in college together (too many years ago to mention). She is determined and resourceful, and is doing everything she can to make LARRS a success. One of her current projects is to create a top-notch, professional sound recording studio, which LARRS can use for their own needs and also rent out to help pay their costs. In other words, instead of having to rely solely on donations, with the completion of this studio, LARRS can start to become self-sustaining. If you can help in any way; in particular, if you can donate any money to help complete the studio, please contact them. If you speak with Jolie, and you have a high chance of doing so, say that Marina sent you. :-)

October 19, 2005

New Terms: Libertarian versus Coercive Collectivists

An attempt at normalizing definitions so that neither "liberal" nor "conservative" are themselves considered bad by their opposing counterparts. Instead, this Web page focuses on behavior and attitudes. He polarizes it, as so many do, but it is still a useful step in the right direction.

October 15, 2005

12 tips for better e-mail etiquette

I came across this quick article that says mostly things you already know (I hope), but says it well. Worth sharing.

October 13, 2005

Cool Web Site of the Day

Joe.My.God is a Web log. I loved the post on people who weren't right for him.

January 23, 2003

Hot Links of the Day

The following Web site is one of the coolest sites I have come across in a long, l o o o o n g time.

Check it out. And after you resurface (days later), stop by Wil Wheaton's Web site and tell him thanks for (a) providing the link to Everything2 (his site is where I found out Everything2), (b) providing the information about Moveable Type that got me started on this whole Web log thing, and (c) himself having a darn cool Web site that is obviously run by a darn cool guy.

(Yes, yes, I did say "darn." Wanna make something of it? Didn't think so.)