October 08, 2005

Evidence of Ancient Technology

I recently found a number of Web pages with information pointing to the existence of technologies used in ancient times that rival those we have today. Although one might conjecture where these originally came from (Atlantis? Aliens?), the bottom line is that these are technologies that were actively being used by human beings. Regardless of source, we humans have had the smarts and the savvy to use technologies that until recently were considered the provenience of only we modern folk.

As C. Wilfred Griggs says in one of the articles cited below, "The story tells us how sophisticated ancient people really were. Sometimes our cultural arrogance gets in the way of our being able to appreciate how people from other cultures and times were able to also think and act in quite amazing ways. The story has so many ramifications for how we look at the past. It also tells us how little we truly know."

Read and marvel!

There is much, much more to be found, but I know how it is when I find a set of fascinating links. One link leads to another, all of which I want to pursue further, and yet I also want to want to check out the initial set of links as well. On the assumption that you may have the same curious bent of mind, but a lack of desire to be overwhelmed, I will keep the initial set short for your viewing pleasure.

December 10, 2002

History of the English Alphabet

For some, the history of the English alphabet may sound a bit dry. However, for those of us who enjoy feeling connected with history, it can shed light on how much has changed and how much has not.

I've found a pretty neat site that is examining the history of each letter of the English alphabet that provides some tantalizing glimpses into our history and has given me some insight into the importance of the Egyptians and the Phoenicians that I did not previously have. Check it out!