February 01, 2003

Atlantis Moves

I have moved the Atlantis materials to the main site for The Lighthouse Online. There is also some new material there. Go. enjoy.

November 20, 2002

Chapter 1: Introduction to Atlantis

It seems that lately most of the people I have done readings for have been involved in Atlantis in one way or another. That is, they all spent some time in that culture in some role or another. (I am calling it Atlantis for lack of a better name; by Atlantis, I mean an ancient civilization with technology that was on par with and in some ways exceeded our own, and was quite different from our current one.)

Now, I don't even need to be psychic to know what some people might be thinking at this point. For those of you who are certain there never was an ancient civilization by any name, and who still believe, despite mounting scientific evidence to the contrary, that humanity pulled itself up by the bootstraps from the Stone Age to the Egyptian Pyramids in 5,000 years, even if you accept the most conservative age estimates for the Pyramids, I recommend that you not read further, because what I am about to say will only annoy you. Stay, though, if it will amuse you. I don't mind amusing others at my own expense.

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