May 15, 2006

How Do You Know Whether You Can Channel?

I am often asked how one can learn to channel or, even more basically, how does one know whether one can channel.

The simplest answer is, just try it, and see if anything comes to you. I believe that channeling is actually just another form of communication, a form that we all must learn eventually. You might as well start practicing now.

But before you start, ask for spiritual contacts and guidance. When you do so, specify that you only want contact with the very highest, most worthy and loving spirits possible (because there are evil spirits out there, and I am sure you don’t want contact with them!). If there is a human being you trust that you can ask for advice and guidance, then that is also wise to do, though, as always, I caution you to be your own authority, and to listen to what is in your heart. No matter who someone is, if what he or she says doesn't feel right or sound right to you, then trust your own instincts and intuition and do what you feel is right instead.

Then, to try your hand at channeling, it is probably easiest to start by asking for guidance on or answers to some specific questions or issues you have. Set aside some time when you are rested and won’t be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed (though, contrary to popular fiction, a darkened room and incense are not required), have some paper and a pencil handy (or some kind of sound recording equipment), and ask your first question. I don’t recommend using a computer to record your questions and answers because, in my own experience, the process of typing interferes to a small extent with the ability to listen to the information coming through.

After you ask your question, listen internally for any kind of answer or response. It might come as words, images, tastes, sounds, or just a “knowing” or sudden presence of information that wasn’t there before. Whatever the answer, spend a bit of time with the answer, exploring it, thinking about it, and perhaps asking further questions of it, to see if more information comes through, then record the answer either by taking notes on paper or recording it by voice. If you are very brave and feel lead to do so, you can speak your question aloud, then speak the answer as or right after you receive it.

It is actually a good sign if the information feels like it is coming from a source that is not you. It is also a very good sign if the information source feels warm, loving, and vast.

Don’t spend too much time on one question, though. Keep asking. Stop when you are tired. Try it again when you are rested.

Initially, you may not get any answers, or they may be short or unclear. Don’t worry about it. In this case, practice is a very good thing. Just keep practicing. You will get better at it.

May 11, 2006

How Do You Know It is Real?

I am often asked by others how they can learn to channel. One of the questions often asked in conjunction is, how do you know that something you receive is the truth?

The simplest answer is that you know it when it is true—when real information comes through, it has a feeling of truth to it. But it isn’t that simple. In order to be able to know it, there are a number of personal qualities that need to be in place.

  1. You have to have a habit of truthfulness in all areas of your life—no lying to yourself or others, for example. This is because you have to be able to discern the truth when it comes through, and to whatever degree you are dishonest (especially to yourself), to that degree you will not be able to tell the difference between true information coming through and the illusions or wishful thinking or ego-based other ideas you are introducing. Something to watch for is anything that is self-agrandizing, especially if it is coupled with putting someone else down. (Such as, "My entity says he is better than anyone else's," or "My entity says that I am the best channeler in the world.")
  2. You also have to have an open mind while yet retaining a high level of objectivity. An open mind, so that information coming through that seems weird or unusual or even impossible isn’t automatically censored by you. A high level of objectivity, so that you can ask yourself whether what seems to be coming through is instead a misunderstanding or even something you are making up or read somewhere else that isn’t, in fact, coming from a valid spiritual source. Coupled with that, the habit of honesty mentioned in step one will allow you to discard whatever doesn’t seem true or right or real.
  3. You have to be fairly humble and willing to acknowledge that you can make mistakes in receiving the information, and that you sometimes even just do not receive any information at all. I sometimes don’t get information, and I tell my clients when I don’t. Otherwise, it would be a disservice to all if I were to pretend that I “got” something when I didn’t. It would be a disservice to my clients because I would be lying, and that is wrong. It would also be a disservice because it promotes the impression that psychics always get information. And it would be a disservice to me because it is my belief that every time someone misuses or abuses their talents, especially if through dishonesty, they are further cutting themselves off from the real source of information, and are instead substituting fantasy. Eventually, there is no connection at all, and instead they are making it all up.
  4. For the clearest information, it is important to have a flexible mind as well, with the ability to see, appreciate, and value many different viewpoints at once. If you think there is only one right way to do things, then this is going to be a difficult step for you.
  5. It also helps a lot to have a basically loving and optimistic outlook on life, as that will help attract the higher spirits.

If you feel you have these traits, then you are mostly there!

Next, it is important to ask for spiritual contacts and guidance, and to specify when you ask that you only want contact with the very highest, most worthy and loving spirits possible (because there are evil spirits out there, and I am sure you don’t want contact with them!). If there is a human being you trust that you can ask for advice and guidance, then that is also wise to do, though, as always, I caution you to be your own authority, and to listen to what is in your heart. No matter who someone is, if what he or she says doesn't feel right or sound right to you, then trust your own instincts and intuition and do what you feel is right instead.

I know this is a really short piece, but it encapsulates a lot of thinking I’ve done on this topic.

November 18, 2005

Hitler's Sonic Cone

I recently did a psychic reading for someone, and during the reading, some information came up about Hitler and his rise to power. I asked for and received permission to post this piece of information from the reading, since this part is general information and not specific to the person I was doing the reading for.

A little background might be needed:

  • I am a psychic and a conscious channeler, which is to say that information comes to me from other spirits and from what I call the Internet in the Sky (a vast library of knowledge) while I am in a conscious state. I don't claim to be 100% acdurate 100% of the time, but I do tend to get good, verifiable information much more often than not.

  • There was a spear called The Spear of Destiny that supposedly was the spear used to pierce Jesus's side when he was on the cross. This spear, it was said, would make whoever held it unconquerable.

  • The location of the Spear was known until Hitler's times. It has been said that Hitler took possession of this Spear (generall said to have happened in 1938). When the war ended, the Spear was either nowhere to be found, or was back in a museum, or had been found by General Patton, an American general, who did something with it so that no one now knows where it is. Other theories about it also abound.

Now, having said all that, and although I do have an open mind, I tend to still examine things for rationality and logic, and I don't just accept something just because someone says it is true or because it sounds interesting and I would like it to be true. As several sombebodies have said to me, "You are the most rational and objective person I know."

Still, I also do trust the information that comes to me for a variety of reasons that are far too long to go in to here, but that boil down to experience and self-testing and havng learned how to listen to what my heart is saying.

So, during this reading, we touched briefly upon Nazi Germany, and I got a flash of information about an item that I will call a sonic cone. Hitler had possession of this item, and had, in fact, obtained it from the Spear of Destiny. It wasn't clear to me how it was a part of the Spear—it might have somehow been a part of the spearhead itself, or perhaps it was a visible part of the haft of the staff, made to look like a hand grip.

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January 25, 2003

Coconut Oil

This is just a brief fragment from a dream I had last night. In it, I dreamed that scientists had taken a closer and more microscopic look at coconut oil, and had found that it was enough different that it warranted being placed in a class by itself. They also found that, far from being unhealthy as is being taught today, that it had some unique things to offer. In the dream, I thought of how ironic it was that people whose culture included lots of coconuts in their diet had been reducing their use of coconuts because of the scientists, and now here it was shown that once again, scientists had been wrong.

Just as they were when they said that one must avoid wooden cutting boards because they "must" be unsanitary. Once someone actually tested this assertion, there was quite a lot of egg on a lot of faces, because it turned out that wooden cutting boards are more sanitary and safer than plastic. (Of course, you still have to clean that board!)

I am not saying that my dream was true about coconuts and coconut oil. In fact, I have no idea what the dream might mean. The lesson here is that one must always listen to one's own inner guidance. With so many conflicting stories and sets of "scientific" data, one could be pushed and pulled in many directions otherwise.

January 19, 2003

The Alchemists

In a previous post, I mentioned the entities I call the Alchemists. Here is a little more information about them. I confess that I found it very uncomfortable to tune into them or "talk" with them, especially at first, as I felt a certain amount of, not exactly hostility, but certainly unfriendliness on their part toward humans, aside from the fact that their natures are so very different and therefore difficult to comprehend. So I only spent as much time with them as I needed to for the reading I was doing.

These entities came to my attention in 2001 when I was doing a series of private readings for someone. In answer to a question that person asked, I was shown these beings, whom I then tuned into and started to communicate with. They are not for everyone, and require a certain psychic ability and a strong, earth-based constitution to deal with them regularly. They are so different from us that it is difficult to "talk" with them, though they have a great deal of curiousity about us humans, and they share common concerns about preserving the earth.

Are They Friendly Spirits?

The best way I can describe their stance toward humans as far as whether they are friendly or not is to say that being friendly doesn't come into it. The old legends of the faery folk, who were, from the human point of view, capricious and neither bad nor good, but beings apart who had their own mores and agendas and ways of looking at the world, is a close approximation of how the Alchemists seem from the human perspective. One might be able to describe their actions, but to explain those actions is another and far more difficult matter.

Yet it is possible to contact them and engage in a meaningful conversation. More on that in a bit.

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January 16, 2003

Personal Channeling

Today, I was going through the tiny notebook I carry around with me and found the following piece of channeling that I had done for myself on June 13, 2002. I had totally forgotten about it. Much of what it says could apply to others, so I am sharing it here in the hope that it will be helpful. The spirit speaking is Jesus.

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