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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
About Psychics, My Spiritual Life, and Channeling

Many people write to ask similar questions. Please take a look at these questions to see if yours is answered here. If you don't find the answer, feel free to write to me!

The questions in this section are:

I read your articles and I really like your style. I'd like to have a reading done by you. Do you do readings?

Yes, I am accepting new clients.

Briefly, the kinds of readings I do include what I call a "whole life" reading, in which, with guidance, I access one or more of your core life issues. Often, these life issues cut across more than one lifetime and are holding you back or are causing confusion or distress in several lifetimes, including this one. It may be that your life on the whole is fine, but you just feel that there could be more. Or, it could be you've reached a crisis point and you don't know where to turn, or what to do next, or you want some clarity on what is going on or why it is happening.

Because of my connection with Metatron, who I believe is the primary source of information in this process, these whole life readings can permanently heal long-standing spiritual issues. However, although this may sound intense, these readings are relaxed, loving, and gentle. You may hardly know that you have moved so much energy (in New Age talk, that means healed spiritually) until you find that things look or feel or are different for you, or you gently realize you are moving forward once again in your spiritual development.

In other words, you get a reading that is unique to you. I don't do any "canned" stuff or say the same thing to every person (though there are some facts of life that don't change). Because of this, the reading may be entirely channeled or may be entirely a psychic reading (where I tune into you and "read" your current soul purpose and state of being), or a combination of the two. I reserve the right to throw in some plain common sense and my own opinions.

My rates and more in-depth information on sessions, including how to schedule a session, are listed here: Private Sessions: Rates and Information.

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I like you but I would rather see a psychic who is local to me. Can you recommend one in my area?

I have only a handful of psychics whom I can recommend, and most of them are in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. So unless you live in that area, then no, I cannot recommend a psychic who is local to you.

However, I can recommend the following resources:

However you find a psychic, as always, I recommend that you use the information presented in my article, Choosing a Psychic.

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I went to see a psychic and he told me I had a curse on me. He said I had to pay a lot of money to have it removed. I paid him, and I do feel better, but now he is saying I have to pay him more money to complete the process. Can you help me?

This is a classic case of fraud. As always, I recommend that you use the information presented in my article, Choosing a Psychic, to help you avoid such a person in the future.

Unfortunately, it isn't so simple as to state that the psychic is a complete rip-off; it is possible he has some genuine talents and is just using them unethically. However, in my experience curses are rarely the cause of a person's problem. Indeed, you may be plagued by spirits attacking you, but you are never a helpless victim, and the solution involves you actively taking charge of your life and your spiritual welfare.

Oddly enough, though, sometimes I do a reading for someone who would rather be told that she has a curse on her than to take charge of her own life and take responsibility for her contribution to the problem. I can't help people like that. If you would rather be told that someone is "doing" something to you so you can count on having someone else "fix" it for you, I am not the psychic for you.

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What if I do have spirits attacking me?

Sometimes people have within them a set of spirits who take turns using their bodies for various purposes. One symptom of this is frequent lapses in memory. During the time in which that lapse took place, one or more other spirits took over the body and did something, often something the person wouldn't normally do.

Unfortunately, no matter who is in charge, your spirit remembers and takes on the karma of the action. This may seem unfair, but it makes sense when you think about it. The person who relinquishes his or her control over the body to other beings is still responsible for allowing it to happen, since it is, after all, that person's body and not the body of the invading spirits, and spirits can only come into someone's body if they agree to it.

If you find you have times when you don't remember what you did, spirits using your body is one possible reason. In such cases, first read this article. If you don't want to read that article, then I highly recommend a book called The Unquiet Dead, by Edith Fiore. The book tells how to rid yourself of such spirits. Unfortunately, sometimes those who most need the book are the least likely to go buy it or read it because the spirits in them don't want them to get the information. Though sometimes the spirits are just as eager to be free of the morass created by the tangled lives and are eager to find out if there is a way to free themselves at last.

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I have been to see a particular psychic several times. She has accurately predicted many events and described many people in my life. However, she was wrong about a particular event. How is it possible for a psychic to predict some events accurately and get others completely wrong? Do you think that she was just telling me what I wanted to hear, or was one of her psychic lines crossed?

Because we have free will, there isn't one set future. What psychics see (with varying degrees of success) is your most probable future based on who you are and the decisions you are making in the moment that the psychic is doing the reading. If others are involved, then their current state and decisions also come into the equation.

A psychic who is really good at reading probabilities will be more accurate than a psychic who is not. (Though those less-accurate psychics may have other talents, such as being able to do a soul reading and tell you your life's purpose or tell you things from your past that are affecting you now, and why.)

However, there is more than one possible probable future, so decisions you make after the reading will affect the outcome. No matter how talented a psychic may be at reading a person's probabilities, that person may make changes to their life plan, such as changing their mind about their chosen partner, or they may decide that the probable future looks too scary. Or, they may be unaware on the conscious level of their life plan and soul's purpose, and they may end up wandering down a different path simply because their chosen path seems too difficult to them.

Let's say a psychic predicted you would meet the man of your dreams, and that you would get married forever. And you did meet him, but the relationship fizzled in a short amount of time and you never saw him again. What happened?

One possibility is that the man you met was not aware of his life plan and, although he did manage to meet you in the crossroads of time, he either had so completely changed his life from what his soul plan was that your soul and his decided to abort the plan of marrying, or he chickened out at the last minute on some level; again, probably not consciously, at least not in the way we generally mean by the term.

Of course, it is possible that he might change his mind and return, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. Even if he does, you are best served by living your life for yourself, not putting it on hold on the basis of a psychic's prediction. In other words, if someone else comes along to whom you are attracted, allow yourself to see him; don't wait for someone else to come back.

Yes, there are some psychics who will tell you what they think you want to hear, or who will, out of some misguided sense of kindness, not tell you the "bad" news that they see, and so you need to watch for that in a psychic. (I put "bad" in quotation marks because something that seems bad on the surface may not be bad in the long run.)

If you have found a psychic who is both fairly accurate and also someone you enjoy seeing, yet who doesn't always predict accurately, you might ask her gently if she is willing to tell you "bad" news if she receives it. Tell her that you want to hear everything, good or bad. If you like her and feel comfortable with her, stick with her.

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I feel nervous being around a psychic on a social level. I don't want her to know all my secrets. Do you (or other psychics) go around reading people all the time?

People carry their life information with them, and some of that is "public." As an analogy, think of it as though we all have our own private journals in which we have recorded every detail of our lives. That information is private. Unless you are a very aware person on the spirit level and have therefore learned to "lock" your journal, a true psychic can peek into those journals at any time.

However, speaking for me only, I practice a kind of psychic courtesy in that I don't go around peeking into people's private stuff without permission. I consider this both a matter of ethics (in respecting people's privacy) and a practical matter: I really don't want to know, most of the time, unless someone wants to share with me, and even then sometimes I would rather not have heard. :-) I wait until someone asks me to do a reading before I look into their private stuff. Even then, sometimes I find that I don't get much on that person, or I do get a lot, but am told by that person's spirit friends or by my spirit friends not to share the information.

Having said that, I will say that a certain amount of information is available to a good psychic even without peeking. That information is on the "cover" of your "journal," like the cover of a book, and can be read without permission. Think of it as information that you have made available to everyone in order to introduce yourself.

Sometimes, however, people are so desperate for help on some problem that they thrust that information out at others, much like taking a page from a journal and carrying it around and showing it to people. In those cases, I "get" the information from the person whether I am looking or not. For example, I might encounter someone at a social gathering and suddenly perceive that they are desperately unhappy at their work and that they think that they have no future.

In those cases, if I am so moved (directed by my heart), I might say something. In most cases, however, I still don't say anything unless the person indicates that they would be open to hearing what I have to say.

Most legitimate, ethical psychics will tell you the same thing—that they don't go around reading people all the time, but instead are selective and wait to be invited. However, this is not true of all psychics. Some psychics with lower morals and ethics can and will "read" people around them and use the information for their own personal gain. If you run into a psychic who says he/she can't or won't hold back, steer clear of that person.

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