Suggested Reading

Regarding this topic, I have found The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession to be invaluable. There almost certainly are many other excellent books available; however, I have read this one and I can recommend it without hesitation. In addition, you may wish to take a look at some other resources for understanding psychic phenomena.

In The Unquiet Dead, Edith Fiore, the author and a psychologist, talks about spirit possession and provides guidelines for depossessing yourself or others. Even if you ultimately decide to get help depossessing yourself or someone else (and, in fact, I strongly recommend it), this short and easy-to-read book can help you understand the phenomenon.

I wish you well, and great good luck in finding inner peace.

In all the readings I have done, with all the people I have contacted beyond the grave, I have seen no sign of hell. Instead, no matter who they were or what they had done, everybody has been met with infinite justice and infinite mercy.

Lately, I have received a number of emails asking for help and guidance in relation to psychic or spiritual attacks. When I start to receive multiple emails on the same subject, it is time to write up what I know so that I can, I hope, help as many people as possible.

Recognizing Spiritual Attacks

Psychic or spiritual attacks aren't always easy to spot. For some people, the attacks are so subtle, or have been going on for so long, that the person isn't aware of the attack. For example, the day my mother died, I felt the cessation of a huge flow of malevolence that had been coming at me from her my entire life. I only realized it had been there when it stopped. It had been such a part of the fabric of my life since before I was born that I was no more aware of it than we normally are of the air we breathe. However, once it stopped, then I was abruptly aware of it and of the intensity of it.

Mind you, I am not and perhaps never will be certain that my mother sent those dark energies of hatred toward me consciously. I would like to think that it was on the unconscious level for her. And I will hasten to add that after her death, once she had completed her life review and became aware that she was, in fact, dead, she contacted me from the other side, apologized, and did what she could to make amends.

More obvious attacks will be felt and recognized as such. Such attacks can feel like someone scrabbling to get into your energy field (as a violation of the integrity of your personal space)—most often from behind, usually around the shoulders, neck, and back of head. They can also manifest as

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and you suspect you are experiencing some kind of psychic attack, this article will shed some light on the subject and provide you with tools you can use to help defend yourself.

The Origin of the Attacks

Psychic and spiritual attacks can have a number of sources, and, depending on the source, have a number of approaches for defending yourself against them. Some attacks come from people you know. Others may come from people you don't know, at least not in this lifetime, who have bad intentions and are targeting you for any number of reasons. One source of usually invasive attacks is the spirits of people who have died but who either haven't figured out that they are dead or who know they are dead but are unwilling, for any number of reasons, to move on. Still others can be dark spirits.

Hard as it is to believe, there are, in fact, some people and spirits who don't have the best of intentions toward other lifeforms. Some of them just haven't ever really developed clear moral and ethical guidelines for themselves, so they are easily influenced by the wrong things—such as a desire for power, or by any number of fears. In fact, fear is a motivating factor in all cases, though the fear may be deeply buried. Always remember that, and remember that you don't need to respond to fear with fear. The higher and more evolved response is love—love for yourself, of course, as well as for others.

When some people die, they don't know where to go or they are afraid to move on. They might not know where to go because in life they had no clear beliefs about an afterlife, or their beliefs about the afterlife are so different from how it actually is that they fail to recognize it. Some people are afraid to move on because they fear they have been so bad or evil that they are going to go to hell (which does not exist as such). So out of fear, they stay here, and they try to take over someone else's body. They can be especially attracted to sympathetic people or people who are psychically sensitive. This is one reason why I avoid hospitals and graveyards as much as possible—those are two places with a very high proportion of lost spirits seeking bodies.

Instead of what they fear, however, there is a wonderful place that all souls must eventually go to, no matter how long they delay, a place where they can experience something like physical life, complete with having bodies that are composed of pure spiritual energies. They can have any body they wish, free from any disease or pain, at any age, looking any way they wish. And they will be surrounded by only loving spirits who wish them well. Although I won't go into the details of spiritual depossession here, since that topic is already covered well in the recommended reading. I will say very briefly that you can address possessing spirits and explain the truth to them. The truth can be a hard thing to believe for many spirits, so they might take some convincing, but it is the truth and they will know it if it is spoken to them. Ask them to look around for the Light and for loved ones who have come to help them, and encourage them to go with their loved ones. The vast majority of spirits are only too happy and relieved to go.

Dealing With the Attacks

Depending on the source, there are different approaches for dealing with the attack. There are things you can do for yourself, and there are things you can do to address the attacking entity.

First, understand that nothing can harm you or invade you without your permission. The trick is realizing that you have given permission (if you have). For instance, you might feel you somehow deserve to be attacked, or you might believe that others have the right to attack, or you might feel you don’t deserve to be treated with decency, honesty, and respect. If you believe that you don't deserve much, and that other people, entities, and spirits deserve more than you do, then if an entity tries to invade your space, telling you on the spirit level that he or she "needs" it or "needs" to use your body, then the part of you that believes you deserve less will say "yes."

To deal with this, remind yourself that you are in charge of yourself and your reality, and set clear boundaries between yourself and others. That’s also a good step to take to help clear yourself of those energies. It can be hard to track down the beliefs that allow attack, but the best way to go about resolving this kind of thing is to start with what you are in control of, and that is yourself. You might try keeping a journal, if you don’t already, and explore what it means to you and how you feel and what you are thinking when you feel you are under attack. You might also explore your past to see if there is someone in your past who treated you the same way or who led you to believe that you deserved to be treated that way.

If writing isn’t your cup of tea, then try other things, such as mental exploration, exploring your feelings/emotions, art, meditative physical activity (such as tai chi), or other such activities to help you move through to a clearer space. Meanwhile, you can also try substituting a new set of thoughts and beliefs even if you can’t track down the old ones. And you might try the 15-minute miracle workbook, which can be purchased here.

While you are at it, take a look at the recommended reading .

Another thing to try is taking a shower and scrubbing yourself all over with a combination of sea salt and liquid soap plus dried peppermint and eucalyptus leaves. That can have a very good spiritual clearing effect. Use lots of salt. You can often buy pre-made salt scrubs. You don’t need to do this every time you shower, but perhaps once a week. Salt has an immense capability to clear energy fields. Also, when you shower, imagine that the water is pure loving energy that cleanses your energy field of all negative energies.

Along the same lines of visualization, tend to your energy field every day, several times a day if necessary. Each time, bring your attention to it and imagine that you are clearing it out using your favorite images. Perhaps you can imagine you are standing under a clean, cleansing rain, or that you are being warmed and cleaned by the powerful rays of the sun, so that your energy field is cleared of all debris and dark energies. You might imagine that you are hosing off the inside of your energy field with pure, sparkling energy water that is imbued with the power of Love. Perform your chosen visualization at least once a day.