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Max, a kitten rescued from a feral colony, chills out.

Starting in July, 2008, and running through October 2008, I held a series of channelings and psychic explorations. The evenings were by invitation only because I held them in my own home.

For audio files for the 2009 series, The Wellspring, see this page.

The topics in the 2008 series were as follows. Audio files for each evening can be downloaded from the individual pages for each topic.

Please note that all content of these files is copyrighted by me, and all rights are reserved. You may download and listen to the files for your own personal use, but these files and associated materials are not to be used for or in anyh commericial product in any way.

  • DNA 12. July 11, 2008. Some people say that our DNA is physically changing in our existing bodies so that we will have 12 strands of DNA. I figured it was about time I asked for some information about this topic, to see if it was true or not, and, if true in any sense, what else could be said about it.
  • Cats and Dogs Oh My! July 18, 2008. What are the purposes of animals, especially cats and dogs? This channeling starts with some distractions from my kitten, Max (pictured above). You can even hear him purring during some of the opening channeled remarks. I've left that in because it seemed appropriate for the topic.
  • Aftershocks! What Is the Afterlife Like? July 25, 2008. What is the afterlife like? This is a summary of what I have “seen” and experienced during readings while tuning into the dearly departed, plus additional new information received that evening.
  • Ch-ch-ch-changes: The World Shift. August 1, 2008. Latest news on the world shift. This was a full new channeling on the topic, and although some material wasn't new, a lot of it was. My spirit friends always come through.
  • No event on Friday, August 8.
  • Great Whirling Vortexes of Light. August 15, 2008. Chakras—what they are, what they do, how we can clear them, what else can be said about them? The intention with this topic was to perhaps bring in some new or updated information, and wow, it was impressive!
  • No event on Friday, August 23.
  • Crystal Blue Persuasion. August 29, 2008. Athena had a lot more to say on chakras than she had time for on August 15, so we are continuing the discussion, this time with a more specific focus on the connection between specific chakras and specific crystals that can be used for self-healing on the energetic level.
  • No events on Friday, September 5 and 12.
  • Like a Circle in a Spiral. September 19, 2008. Stone circles, crop circles—what were the former used for, what is the purpose of the latter? Aliens, Druids, what do they have in common, if anything? Are aliens even involved with crop circles? Includes an answer to a question that was sent in by a remote audience member: “Was there a difference in philosophy between those who built the stone circles and those who built the pyramids?” This was an awesome evening.
  • The Realms of Humans and Angels. September 26, 2008. This topic was about spirits: Good ones, bad ones, the different types, why they are here, and so on. Unfortunately, there was an audio mishap, so this evening was not recorded. I have summarized the most important bits that came through.
  • A Rose By Any Other Name. October 3, 2008. Now, some of the men in my life think this topic sounds a little girly. One even jokingly suggested that I should channel on the topic of What Women Want, instead. But (A) these sessions aren't a dating service and (B) I got it this topic as a suggestion from my spirit friends, and therefore (C) I thought it might be interesting to everyone, since they tend to provide a lot of useful and surprising information about any topic. And in fact, what actually came through was much like a plant kingdom version of the cats and dogs channeling. Check it out! I think you might find it interesting.
  • Obtaining Peace. October 10, 2008. In her lecture on August 15, Athena touched on the topic of Love and said we should have a session dedicated to that topic. The entity who ended up speaking on this topic was Metatron, and he focused more specifically on the topic of peace. However, as he shows, the two topics are closely related, and the end result was an incredibly powerful channeling on a topic that would be of use to anyone anywhere in the world. This channeling has some deeply healing and useful information. This was a wonderful way to end the 2008 series, and I am very grateful to Metatron for always coming through with something of deep importance to everyone on this planet.

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