This is one topic from a series of channelings I held in 2008. I held a series again in 2009; for more information, see this page.

The topic of the channeling done on Friday, September 26, 2008 was spirits. Unfortunately, this channeling did not get recorded. This is a summary of what was said that night, with a little bit of additional information obtained in some private readings I held after that night.

Note that I have read in the past that there are angelic hierarchies, but I was skeptical, so this information was interesting to me as both a confirmation that there is such a hierarchy, but an explanation of that hierarchy in terms that were comfortable for me.

Type of Spirits

As far as spirits go, there are essentially two kinds: Those currently inhabiting a body, and those who are not. This was the very first statement made about the topic during this channeling session, and I think that there is a level of significance there that is not immediately apparent.

Spirits in Bodies

Of those inhabiting bodies, there are many different kinds of spirits. There are spirits we would call human, which can inhabit not only human bodies, but also other kinds, such as those of animals. And there are those which are of other kinds. For example, a cat spirit can choose to inhabit a human body, though that is extremely rare. There was more on this topic, and much more on the different kinds of spirits which can inhabit human bodies, but I think that some of those spirits desire some privacy, and that that may be one of the reasons why this evening did not get recorded. Suffice it to say that there are groups of spirits who choose to inhabit human bodies, but who are not human spirits, and they have their own ways and their own characteristics.

In the area of spirits who are not inhabiting a body at the moment, there are those who have inhabited a body but currently are not doing so, and those who have never inhabited a body. Many of the spirits who possess or haunt humans, or just linger in some spot, are of the former; many of the angelic realm is of the latter. (Though there are angels who incarnate; I've met some of them. They don't always inhabit human bodies.)


In regard to human spirits who are not currently in a body, some have not made the journey to the afterlife location. These are lost souls who can usually very easily be helped. You can find a lot of good information on speaking with them in Edith Fiore's book, The Unquiet Dead. Essentially, they just need to be told that there is no hell and there is a place where they can go without fear of reprisal for anything they feel they might have done that deserves punishment. It is a very loving place and one where all souls are treated with respect, no matter what they did.

The Fairy Realm

There are also other kinds of spirits who are not in bodies, or who are not in human bodies at any rate. As spoken of in my channeling, Like a Circle in a Spiral, there is an entire realm of spirits, such as sprites, fairies, and other supposedly fairy-tale or mythical beasts and creatures and beings that does, indeed, exist and that is located very “near” our dimension. The inhabitants of this realm can see us, but most humans cannot see them. They are very concerned with what we humans are doing with the earth, because they are affected by it as well, since they inhabit pretty much the same earth, just on a different vibrational level.

The Angelic Realm

As for other kinds of spirits, there are also angels. These are arranged in what roughly looks like a hierarchy, from most personal and individually focused to being concerned with everything. There are two characteristics common to all angels: an interest in community or the interrelatedness of all things, and the skill at communicating and carrying messages.

The use of the term “hierarchy” in this discussion is not to be taken to mean a valuation of worth or power. The most personal angels are still, nonetheless, angels who have vast powers at their call. One angel can stop an entire army or nation.

Personal Angels

The most personal level is that of being someone's individual guardian angel. Everyone has at least one, though people also have spirit guides, which aren't angels. These angels are sometimes friends of ours from the angelic realms, either because we ourselves are angels who have chosen to incarnate, or because who we are and what we are interested in as souls resonates with what our guardian angels are interested in.

Guardian angels are there to help, watch over us, and provide guidance. They bring messages to us, if we are willing to hear them and are open to having those messages come to us in unusual ways. A guardian angel may inspire someone to speak to us on a specific topic, or to recommend a book or a movie or even a song; they may nudge us to take a look in one direction so we see a bird or a billboard that can, if we choose to read it correctly, bring a message to us.

In addition to the guardian angels, there are also spirits, both human and non-human, who can be our guardians, guides, and friends-in-spirit.

Locational Angels

There are angels who tend to locations and everything in those locations, from the earth, to the rocks, plants, and all life, including humans, animals, and spirits in different dimensions, such as the fairy realm. A location can be anything from a very small place to a much larger one, and can have one or many angels tending it. For example, the spring at Lourdes is tended by locational angels. Houses, gardens, towns, valleys, and so on all have locational angels.

The locational angels are arranged in a loose hierarchy, with angels tending specific, smaller locations on one level, and a level above of angels who tend larger areas, with a level of lieutenant angels above who tend the location angels.

Warrior Angels

Not exactly above the locational angels, but more in a class of their own, the warrior angels are those who protect and defend against evil. These angels have above them four archangels, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel, and each of those archangels have either three or four lieutenants who are also archangels, so there are either 16 or 20 archangels in all.

The reason there are four archangels is that each of them tends to a different temperament as described by the ancient Greeks. The associations are as follows:

  • Gabriel: Sanguine (air)
  • Michael: Choleric (fire)
  • Raphael: Phlegmatic (water)
  • Uriel: Melancholic (earth)

Jesus is not a warrior angel, though he is familiar with them and is friends with them. He belongs to another set of spirits in a different realm, as discussed below.

The warrior angels report to Metatron.

The Angel in Charge of Everything

Above all the angels is Metatron, who speaks for our Creators. He is in charge of all of physical reality as well as the entire realm of angels and other spirits. In one very real sense, Metatron is a channeler in the same way I am one: he translates for our Creators messages from the immaterial into the material plane. This includes manifesting or creating physical affects as so decreed by our Creators.

Angels and Free Will

It has often been said that angels do not have free will, but instead only do what our Creators tell them to do. This is a misunderstanding. They do have free will, but their intentions and awareness are so closely in line with that of our Creators that they do what might be called God's Will, not because they don't have any other choice, but because they see that choice as the only one they want to make. This is a fine but important distinction. Without free will, how could there have been rebellion in heaven?

Planes that are Parallel to the Angelic Realm

As said earlier, there are other dimensions that contain spirits. There is one entire set of planes and levels of existence that contains spirits who are, for the most part, done with physical incarnations but who are working with humans and angels to help further create a glorious and loving reality. This set of spirits is where we get most entities who are channeled, such as Seth and Lazaris in our modern world (there are many more), as well as those spirits who in ancient times spoke to those we now call prophets.

This is also the plane on which Jesus now resides.

This plane is essentially parallel to that of the angels, and there is interaction between them. In addition, there is a similar plane for the spirits who exist in the fairy realm, and there is interaction between those on that plane and those on this plane and on the angelic plane.

The spirits on this plane have individual goals and interests, and so the people on earth with whom they speak are those who share similar interests and goals.


All realms, including the realms of humans and angels, have been created by and are continuously sustained and recreated by Love. Knowing that you have guardian angels and guiding spirits can help alleviate a lot of fears you might have.

Also, remember that we all have free will. This means that no being, not even our Creators, can interfere with the choices you make, no matter how painfully hard those choices make our lives. If you want help, you must ask for it.

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