On Channeling

I have written about my style of channeling elsewhere; on this page are links to actual channeled materials. However, a few words about channeling might help.

Different psychics have different ways of channeling.

There is no one right way to channel, though of course generally each psychic tends to think that his or her method is the best—and perhaps they are right, at least if you add “for them” to the end of that sentence.

This is because there is no one right way. I believe that my way is best—for me. Other psychics are more confortable with or better at different ways of channeling. The important thing is not the style, but the intentions of the channeler and of the entities being channeled.

New Materials

In 2008, I started holding regular channeling evenings. You can find out more (including a list of topics and links to individual topic pages) here (2008) and here (2009).

Audio Files and Transcriptions of Some of My Channelings

A sunrise in Arizona, north of Phoenix

Technology keeps moving forward. I have many, many hours of channelings on tape, CD, and minidisc. I posted the files from one particular session, presented in Montara, California on October 10, 1999, and there was enough interest expressed that I am now posting more.

Be sure to also take a look at (and listen to!) the files from my 2008 channeling series. Or purchase some or all of the audio files from my 2009 channeling series.

There are two ways to listen to the files on these pages:

  1. You can download the files on this page: Right-click on each link and save the file to your computer.
  2. You can also click on the play icon to the left of a track to listen to it. This opens a small, tidy little MP3 player that floats above the page, which you can use to listen to all the tracks (use the forward and back buttons, or click on the Playlist button).

Message From Metatron, September 2014

This single track was given during a private reading. Normally I give the reading files to the person I do the reading for, then delete the files from my computer, but because this message is universal, I asked permission to share this. It is profoundly moving.

We Are All Precious 12:18. Metatron with Jesus and Mary combined to provide this message of how irreplaceably precious we all are.

Metatron and Jesus, October 1999

The entities speaking in the following channeling are first, Metatron, then Jesus. The files are in MP3 format. You might get a warning from your browser asking if it is okay to run the content. If you feel okay about it, say yes.

In addition to the topics of relationships and love, this channeling helps prepare people for the coming world shift (or for ascension, for another way of viewing it.)

  1. Introduction. 13:05 minutes. (The first few minutes of the introduction weren't recorded.) I introduce myself and discuss my channeling style.
  2. Metatron on relationships. 38:56 minutes. I channel Metatron. Lots of interesting and useful information here for anyone in any kind of relationship.
  3. Guided visualization. 25:21 minutes. I channel Metatron as he gives a unique guided visualization for the audience. I think Jesus and God were also involved with this. This particular visualization connects people spiritually with their other selves. Some might say it is a regathering of fragments, though I think it is more a re-connection at a more conscious level with one's other selves. Note that, in all my years of channeling and giving private readings, all guided visualizations I've channeled, whether for a group or an individual, have always been unique. The entities I channel have never repeated a visualization.
  4. Explanation. 4:08 minutes. I provide some background explanation.
  5. Jesus on love 3:29 minutes. I channel Jesus. A few minutes were lost in changing over to a new recording media; the message is continued on the next track.
  6. Jesus on love, continued. 12:53 minutes. A relatively short message, but quite powerful.
  7. Questions and answers. 23:28 minutes. Questions from the audience, answered by me, Metatron, Jesus, and possibly God. (I haven't listened to these tracks in a while, so I don't remember exactly everyone who spoke at this point.)

Jesus, September 30, 2001

The following channeling was done for a private group. Their teacher, Robert Watson, had heard my channeling in Montara and invited me to come channel for his group. Jesus is the primary speaker. The Q&A session is particularly interesting, because audience members asked such questions as whether Jesus was married, did he die on the cross, and what about his siblings.

I was a little congested for this channeling, which you can hear, and the recording quality is a bit noisy because there was a low thrumming in the background that apparently only I could hear during the channeling, but which is quite audible on the recording.

Also note that sometimes I laugh, and that is me, Marina, laughing at what Jesus is saying, and other times it is Jesus' own amusement.

The files are in MP3 format. You might get a warning from your browser asking if it is okay to run the content. If you feel okay about it, say yes.

  1. Introduction and copyright statement. 1:44 minutes. I present some grounding information and a bit about copyright.
  2. Introduction by Robert Watson. 11:09 minutes. Robert introduces me and briefly describes different kinds of channeling processes.
  3. Jesus starts speaking. 5:55 minutes. Jesus and I synchronize, and Jesus starts speaking to the audience.
  4. Jesus starts to speak of his life on earth. 31:23 minutes. He also speaks of your “truth meter” and being your own authority.
  5. Jesus continues, and also speaks of love. 8:14 minutes.
  6. Jesus concludes. 00:52 minutes. We then took a break.
  7. Jesus continues speaking of his life on earth. 25:03 minutes. He speaks of who died on the cross and why he didn't, an inner circle of students, the Green Man's origins and nature, earth changes, awareness, and much more.
  8. Jesus continues. 7:11 minutes. Jesus continues on the topic, and also addresses 9/11, as well as our true nature.
  9. Questions and answers start. 41:03 minutes. Topics addressed include how can we deal with fear, was Jesus actually the Son of God or “just” a man who walked on earth, a fearless approach to living, living a spiritual life all the time, and many other interesting questions.
  10. Questions and answers continue. 14:08 minutes. Topics addressed include Jesus' physical appearance (apparently he was a buff dude); who his wife was; his siblings (who they were and their birth order: Jesus says he had three older brothers and one older sister, then two younger sisters, and three more younger brothers, for a total of ten children); Jesus' age when he died (140 years old; he says he could have chosen to be immortal but explains why he didn't) and what he did until he died; more on immortals in general; whether Jesus is coming back; and finally the entity who calls himself Matreya and who he really is.
  11. Questions and answers continue. 54:37 minutes. The first few minutes of this section start with some discussions about the time, my sign-up list, and other logistical topics, then move into some information about the next dimension (the dimensional shift) from me (as a distillation of information I've received in a number of channelings).
  12. Conclusion. 17:16 minutes. The first minute or so is the conclusion of the Q&A (answered by me, with assistance from information I had received before); the rest is a blessing and concluding remarks from Jesus, includng some information about our multidimensional existence.

Transcribed Channeling of Metatron Speaking About Money

Metatron on Money.The topic in this channeling of Metatron is money.

Transcribed Channelings on the Topic of World War II

Genocide and the Mother in World War II: An essay. Although this is an essay and not an actual channeling in iteself, it introduces two important channelings on the subject.

The Nature of Men and Women. This is a long channeling, but well worth reading.

A Nazi General Speaks. Be patient with this channeling. The channeled entity started out with a specific viewpoint, which he later explained.

Transcribed Channelings on Contemporary Concerns

A Brief Channeling on AIDS. A brief bit of channeling on this topic, with commentary.

Pedophilia. A channeling on a sad subject, with links to a few places that might be of some use.

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