About These Books and Movies

Each of the books and movies in the spiritual categories approaches the ideas of spirit and spirituality from different perspectives, thus allowing you to more fully explore the concepts while engaging more of yourself—both the left and right brains, subjective and objective reasoning, hands-on practical experience, and recreational reading that nonetheless informs and brings forth new ideas.

The recommended books about cats are both fiction and non-fiction, but all have something to offer both the cat lover and the student of life.

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One Approach to Using These Books for a Course of Spiritual Study

If it fits within your preferences, I recommend that you try working on several different books at once. For example, try starting with two different workbooks, and alternate between writing in them—say, work on the spiritual workbook one day, and the mental/emotional one the next, or write in one for a week, then the other. Meanwhile, also be reading or viewing one of the fictional works I recommend, as well as one of the channeled works.

However, for the sake of those who like to approach things in an orderly, linear fashion, here is how I would recommend approaching these books.

  1. Start with the workbooks by Christopher Biffle and Meredith Lady Young. These can help you assess where you are in terms of your beliefs (spiritual and otherwise) and emotional state, and can help you become aware of those areas that might need healing or further attention.
  2. Next, or at the same time, start reading Seth Speaks, one of the first channeled books by Jane Roberts. This book is an excellent introduction to channeling and channeled materials. It also provides a number of new ways to think about how the world works in a gentle way that almost anyone with a reasonably open mind can appreciate. In addition, read my article on what channeling is and isn't.
  3. Also at the same time, start working on creating your own miracles with the Miracle Manifestation Manual.
  4. For some stronger, more challenging material, get, read, and work through A Course in Miracles. This book (listed under Channelled Materials) can take years to complete. For many people, it can take three or more years, so don't wait until you complete the Course to read other books on this list.
  5. At the same time, try Ceanne de Rohan's channeled The Right Use of Will. Although I think the channeling is uneven and strongly colored by Ms. de Rohan's own beliefs and filters, this book and the ones that follow contain some very deep and strong truths about the nature of denial and of the Goddess that created everything. Read the books in order.
  6. If you worry about spirit possession, or want to learn to channel, or both, check out the books in the Spirits category.
  7. For an break from all the non-fiction, try any one of the items listed under Movies and Stories, in any order. Susan Howatch's works in particular are absolutely spectacular. She intelligently addresses a number of concerns about spirituality within the context of England's churches in a way I never thought I would see. No matter what your beliefs or religion, I think anyone can gain a great deal from reading her books.
  8. Also take a look at the movies I recommend. These movies illustrate some truths about reality in beautiful ways.
  9. Of course, at any point, you may want to purchase one or more of the reference works.