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Stacked stones from the 2004 Health and Harmony Festival

A page with some of my very first Web log entries: A few “Furry Weather Reports” and some background on why I call it the Fifth Dimension. And also a brief article on what the Twelve Days of Christmas are.


Red fall leaves coming through a grey redwood fence It isn't all about odd happenings or cats.

There's a whole huge large world to explore, and sometimes the topics I am interested in don't fit neatly into one of those two categories. So this page is named “etc.” because it can be about anything and everything else. Television, for example.

The Mendocino coast from the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, 2004

Our environment is essential to human survival. I honestly do not know how any sane person can say we can treat our world like it is disposable and replaceable. That does not mean that I fall into the left-leaning political camp, because I don't. Which doesn't mean I am a right-winger either, because I'm not. It just means I'm sane and that sanity can and does transcend political parties. Or at least it should. Or maybe it would be better to say that political parties by their nature seem to promote insanity, but that intelligent, aware, thinking individuals can avoid that aspect of politics. Anyway, here are two links of interest.

Helping Yourself and the Environment

MTBE: A Health Hazard You Can Do Something About

Relationships! Always a big concern for everyone, and perhaps the hardest thing for any of us to manage well. Check out this article.

Romantic Relationships

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Rights and Freedoms. One of the things I care passionately about is the limitlessness of our freedoms. There are some, however, who wish to limit them. No need to go into details; the Web is filled with sites on the subject. However, here is one site where you can easily send messages to your (American) Congressional representatives regarding your right to manage your own health.

Natural Solutions Foundation