I will be channeling in November; time and place to be announced.

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Psychic readings. All the information you need to schedule a reading with me.

Channeling Series 2009 (The Wellspring/Reclaiming Your Birthright) with links to individual pages summarizing the evening, including buttons for purchasing the album for that evening.

Channeling Series 2008 with links to individual pages and audio files for each topic. (Free to listen to.)

Free-to-listen-to audio files and transcriptions of some of my previous channelings.

My channelings are encoded. Here's evidence. Because they are encoded, when you listen to my channelings, you are receiving information and spiritually healing energies on many levels.

Intuitive Animal Readings

Over the years, I've been asked to do a number of psychic readings for people's animal companions—horses, dogs, and cats, mostly. In doing so, I have been amazed, delighted, and sometimes awed by what our animal friends have to say when given a chance. Here's your chance to find out more about your own beloved animal companion or companions!

Some Ways to Have Fun While Expanding Your Horizons and Exploring Your Personal Reality


For those of you who enjoy reading, I've put together a small but choice list of Books for your spiritual journey.

Personal Exploration

I've invented an intriguingly revealing game of self-discovery that I call “Light and Shadow.” You will need Mandala Publishing's Gods and Goddesses deck of cards to play this game.

Some of the Most Popular Pages

Choosing a psychic. Don't get taken! Learn what a reputable psychic can be expected to do—and how to recognize the phonies.

What is channeling? What channeling is—and isn't.

Dealing with psychic and spiritual attacks. In response to a number of requests for this kind of information, an article on the topic of psychic and spiritual attacks and how to understand and deal with them.

A Nazi General Speaks. Be patient with this channeling. The channeled entity started out with a specific viewpoint, which he later explained.

While I am still in the process of updating my Web site, many pages are still in the older format, but have current links. Here is one of the older pages of links to articles on this site.


A statue of Father Junipero Serra with our friend Mike Leading a spiritual life doesn't have to be boring.

Nor does it have to be serious all the time. In fact, I believe that a genuinely positive and cheerful outlook and a sense of humor are hallmarks of a more enlightened being.

It still takes work, though, in terms of becoming more aware of oneself and one's surroundings, learning to be increasingly more responsible (including accepting that there are no victims), and learning to hold the highest possible vibration of Love in one's heart.

That’s pretty much what these pages are all about: The explorations and thought processes that one might go through on the path Home, which some might call enlightenment and others might call Heaven. In truth, perhaps they are one and the same.

Cover art for Developing Your Psychic Abilities--a sunset over the ocean in gorgeous clear blues, purples, an dpinks

NOW HERE! Have you ever thought you might be psychic too? Everyone has the ability! I have been asked multiple times to teach others how to do what I do, so I am now offering an ONLINE course in developing your psychic abilities.

From Others Regarding My Channeling

Here is one comment I've received on my channeling. You can find more comments on the Lighthouse Store page and on the Wellspring 2009 page.

I like to listen to your material on my MP3 player as I'm doing other things like driving, and I get more from them every time I listen.... You cover a lot of interesting topics in your channelling, but I get the most from Obtaining Peace (2008), Loving Yourself, and Relationships. The guided visualisations are of great value.

... Your other material satisfies my yearning (mainly in my head) to know more about topics that Abraham doesn't cover and helps me build a clearer picture of how everything fits together. Loving Yourself and other material complements their teachings, and I find the whole to be very comforting. I feel loved.

Thank you for the part you play, and for sharing your gifts with all those who are ready to learn. —Andrew B., Australia

(And thank you, Andrew!) I haven't previously read or listened to the Abraham-Hicks materials, but have now taken a look at their Web site and have included a link in the quote above.)

In addition, Metatron has often said that energy, information, and love have all been encoded into my channelings. When you listen to them, whether you are awake or asleep, whether you are present for the channeling or listening to an audio recording of it, Metatron says that “you will have healing energies and information soaking into your body, into your soul, into all of your a long-desired rain after a period of dryness. All of your elements will absorb this [energy].”

An extreme close-up of an azalea at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens, 2004

About Atlantis

I was told by my spirit friends that one of my purposes is to tell people what I know about Atlantis. I've received a wealth of such material through channeling, doing readings for others, and through my own ability to tune into the vast spiritual Internet, which is packed with all kinds of information. Here is a set of essays on this topic that contains some of the information I've received.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Origins of Atlantis

Chapter 3: Atlantean Civilization Develops

Chapter 4: Atlantean Society

Chapter 5: How and Why Atlantis Was Destroyed

Sidenote on Atlantean Architecture: The Osireon

Article on the ancient origin of the Roma people.

More articles:

A yellow rose from my garden illustrating the essential oils links

Intuitively Received Information on Essential Oils I have been interested in essential oils for quite some time. After working with them for a while, I intuitively received information on some of them. If you are interested in purchasing some high-quality, pure essential oils at a price that won't cost you a fortune, visit Camden-Grey.

The Alchemists. This is a summary of some information I received during a private reading on a groupp opf entities who live in the earth.

For those who might have some concerns about their religion and psychics, mediumship, and channeling: There is a difference between what a church teaches and what the Bible says. It is a matter of historical record that much of what various churches teach was politically motivated and created by humans, not God. There are many excellent works on the subject; here is one excellent article showing what the Bible actually says.