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When I listen to your channelings, I am blown away. They seem to open up my heart center. [Your channelings are] a modern version of the ancient Incan whistling vessels explored by Daniel K. Statenkov.”—James J.


"The best reading I had was yours. You have access to so much more information then regular psychics have. Just using Tarot cards seems a bit limited in comparison. I was really impressed with your power, ethics, understanding and kindness." —Genevieve


“You were dead on with what you told me.”

“Remember that reading you gave me five years ago? After that reading, two physical issues I had went away and never came back.” —C.J.


“I'm still amazed at how my body has reacted positively to that [spiritual] healing from you back in May. It was slow to show up but it seems to be a steady improvement! I'm truly impressed!”

I always feel so safe and comfortable with you.

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About This Site

In the Beginning: The Early 1990s

Back in the early 1990s, Tiger Tribe magazine published my article on the dangers of clumping clay kitty litters. Neither the editors of that magazine nor I expected the huge response. Letter after letter came pouring in to Tiger Tribe from people sharing their similar exeriences with their cat's health and clumping clay kitty litters.

Because I retained the copyright to the article, I decided to share the article with a wider audience. So I taught myself how to code in HTML and created the first version of The Lighthouse Online, registering the domain name thelighthouseonilne.com because I knew i would be adding a wider variety of material.

Once the article was more widely accessible, I received even more letters. The gratifying ones said something along the lines of, "You saved my cat!" The sadder ones spoke of how the information in my article came too late for their cat, but that they were sharing the information with everyone they knew.

My article has since been reprinted around the world and distributed at cat shows and by caring cat breeders.

1994 to Present

Since the initial launch, the site grew. I researched alternatives to clumping clay kitty litters and posted an article about them. I also found an article published in a veterinary journal that speaks of bentonite toxicosis, and got permission to reproduce that article on my Web site. I continue to recieve letters, but have little time to add them to the Letters page. The letters I've received and posted speak for themselves and are representative of the kinds of letters I continue to receive.

Because of my interest in spirituality, and my experiences as a psychic, medium, and channeler, I have added much more material on those topics as well.

With the idea that I might somday split the content into two separate Web sites, I registered the domain name, Catmom.com.

Where We're Going

Eventually, I may split the two sites, but for now, I am comfortable with the hybrid site. I have clearly divided the two types of material (spiritual and cat-health-related), and no one seems to have trouble finding what they need. Rest assured that if you have a link to one of the pages on this combined site, should I someday split the two, that link should still work.

Web Site Owner and Creator

personel bio picMarina Michaels: Psychic, medium, channeler. I created and maintain this Web site.

About Marina

I have three university degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with an emphasis in Anthropology from Santa Clara University (a prestigious private Jesuit university), a Master of Library Science from San Jose State University, and a Master of Arts, Anthropology, with an emphasis in archaeology and linguistics, from the University of Arizona, Tucson. I was also accepted into the PhD program at the University of Arizona's Anthropology department, though life took me in a different direction shortly after.

Since then, I have taken dozens of classes in a variety of subjects, and have been particularly interested in adult learning theory. I have written instructional materials for a large range of audiences. I have been a teaching assistant at the graduate school level, teaching one class a week, and was told many times that I was the best teaching assistant students had ever had.

In addition, I am a Reiki master. My Level I attunement was done by Beth Gray. Jeanine Sande did my Level II attunement, and Peggy Griffith did my Level III (master) attunement. You can find out more about me on this page, and more about the types of psychic readings I have done on this page.


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