Table of Contents for the Atlantean Articles


For a while, most of the people I was doing psychic readings for had been involved in Atlantis in some role or another. (I am calling it Atlantis for lack of a better name; by Atlantis, I mean an ancient civilization with technology that was on par with and in some ways exceeded our own, and was quite different from our current one.) What I mean by that name is a global, pervasive, ancient civilization that was disrupted so badly between 10,000 and 13,000 years ago that it was not able to sustain itself, and eventually, after some struggle, subsided into legends, myth, silence, and darkness, leaving behind only traces of their works in stone and other materials. Many products of Atlantean technology would be unrecognizable to us today because their technology was based on a different premise—about which, more later.

Now, I don't even need to be psychic to know what some people might be thinking at this point. For those of you who are certain there never was such an ancient civilization by any name, and who still believe, despite mounting scientific evidence to the contrary, that humanity pulled itself up by its bootstraps from the Stone Age to the Egyptian Pyramids in 5,000 years, even if you accept the most conservative age estimates for the Pyramids, I recommend that you not read further, because what I am about to say will only annoy you. Stay, though, if it will amuse you. I don't mind amusing others at my own expense.

Having given the caveat, I want to say what this series of articles is about. I am going to summarize some of the information I have received psychically about Atlantis—its origin, its technology, its culture, its location, and its demise. After or while covering the information I have received, I will also provide links to other Web sites and to books that are of interest. I am not claiming to be either complete nor 100% accurate, but I do feel that much of what I say is true.

Some of the information I will be sharing has been gathered from my own memories of being in Atlantis (and I will say that I was initially startled by these memories—I didn't even used to believe in reincarnation). Some is from getting the information directly (psychically). Some is from doing psychic readings for others. As I was doing those readings, I would get much new and interesting information about Atlantis through "looking" at the readee's past life or lives there. (Any information I share from a reading is (A) not identifiable with the readee in any way and (B) shared ONLY with the readee's permission.)

Though I am not making up Atlantis itself. It has been written about many times. One of the earliest hints we have is Plato's Timaeus and Critias, in which he wrote about Atlantis, saying it had been destroyed 9,000 years before his time (placing it at about 11,400 years ago now), and we hear from Herodotus and Diodorus Siculus that the Egyptians claimed to have a history of pharoahs going back 18,000 years, including first the reigns of many “gods” (which I would say were probably Atlanteans), followed by the reign of many heroes descended from those gods, and finally, for a period of about 11,340 years, the reign of men with no divinity in them, starting with King Menes.

I am not sure at this point why I received so much information on Atlantis for a while, or why it was that I became more interested in it, where before it was not a topic of interest to me. However, I have been feeling "nudged" to share this information through my Web site, so I will trust that somehow, in some way, this information serves those reading it, or serves a greater purpose in the Universe that I just don't know at the moment.

About the Name

I have had some hint that this ancient civilization may actually have been called Atlantea, through the spontaneous usage by someone for whom I had just done a psychic reading, and I have also seen the usage of Atlante in an ancient book (Ancient History, or Annals of Kentucky; With a Survey of the Ancient Monuments of North America, and a Tabular View of the Principal Languages and Primitive Nations of the whole Earth, by C. S. Rafinesque, Frankfort, Kentucky, 1824), a document which my client had never seen, and of course Plato in his Timaeus and Critias, his two works which discuss Atlantis, used the name we are most familiar with. (Critias is incomplete.)