Portable chakra balancing kit

The Portable Chakra Balancing Kit

An affordable, printable set of cards you can use to balance and align your chakras.

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When I listen to your channelings, I am blown away. They seem to open up my heart center. [Your channelings are] a modern version of the ancient Incan whistling vessels explored by Daniel K. Statenkov.”—James J.


"The best reading I had was yours. You have access to so much more information then regular psychics have. Just using Tarot cards seems a bit limited in comparison. I was really impressed with your power, ethics, understanding and kindness." —Genevieve


“You were dead on with what you told me.”

“Remember that reading you gave me five years ago? After that reading, two physical issues I had went away and never came back.” —C.J.


“I'm still amazed at how my body has reacted positively to that [spiritual] healing from you back in May. It was slow to show up but it seems to be a steady improvement! I'm truly impressed!”

I always feel so safe and comfortable with you.

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The Portable Chakra Balancing Kit

The Cards

You can use the information on these cards to brighten up your chakras, bringing them (and you!) into greater spiritual and energetic alignment. Beautifully created in full color, tying together ancient, traditional chakra information with more modern beliefs and approaches, these cards are a joy to use.

Portable and compact, this set has eight cards, each the size of a standard business card. There is one card for each major chakra, plus an eighth card with information and instructions. You get the cards in PDF format; you can print them out on your laserjet or inkjet printer using Avery business card stock. Card stock and printing instructions included.

The Booklet

The accompanying ten-page booklet contains the distilled knowledge and wisdom of thousands of years of Sanskrti writings on the chakras, with new new ways to view that information. I slogged through a lot of tough, scholarly reading and compressed hundreds of pages of esotoeric knowledge into the essential knowledge in this booklet. I did the heavy lifting so you do't have to.

US$19.99 the set.

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