I first did the channeling upon which this information is based in the year 2001. I may one day do another session asking for more information on these beings, perhaps during my Channeling Series 2008. If you are interested, send me an email and I will consider adding it to the list of topics for that series.

In a previous post on my old Web log, I mentioned the entities I call the Alchemists. Here is a little more information about them. I confess that I found it very uncomfortable to tune into them or “talk” with them, especially at first, as I felt a certain amount of, not exactly hostility, but certainly unfriendliness on their part toward humans, aside from the fact that their natures are so very different and therefore difficult to comprehend. So I only spent as much time with them as I needed to for the reading I was doing.

These entities came to my attention in 2001 when I was doing a series of private readings for someone. In answer to a question that person asked, I was shown these beings, whom I then tuned into and started to communicate with. They are not for everyone, and require a certain psychic ability and a strong, earth-based constitution to deal with them regularly. They are so different from us that it is difficult to “talk” with them, though they have a great deal of curiousity about us humans, and they share common concerns about preserving the earth.

Are They Friendly Spirits?

The best way I can describe their stance toward humans as far as whether they are friendly or not is to say that being friendly doesn't come into it. The old legends of the faery folk, who were, from the human point of view, capricious and neither bad nor good, but beings apart who had their own mores and agendas and ways of looking at the world, is a close approximation of how the Alchemists seem from the human perspective. One might be able to describe their actions, but to explain those actions is another and far more difficult matter.

Yet it is possible to contact them and engage in a meaningful conversation. More on that in a bit.

Their Nature

The Alchemists move through the solid earth with the same ease we humans move walking upon the surface of the earth through air, or as a fish moves through water. It is their natural element. And just as with a fish rising too near the surface of the water, or just as we would feel uneasy and start to experience discomfort if we rose too high and got too near the boundary between our atmosphere and space, the Alchemists feel uneasy rising too near the surface of the earth. The surface is “thin” to them, and difficult for them to move or function in. Unlike a fish out of water or a human unprotected in space, however, it is possible for them to function on the surface of the earth or in the air for a while, as the air itself is just another chemical to them.

As they move through the solid earth, they move through different layers of materials—stone, dirt, minerals, water, oil; molten, solid, and liquid. There are even air and gas chambers beneath the earth’s surface, such as caves, that they can move through, and for some reason that I do not understand, they are more at ease in those caves or air pockets than they are on the surface.

They also have at least one access point to the earth’s surface, something like a well, only much wider and tremendously deeper and not filled with water (i.e., more like an air shaft), that they guard closely. They may have more than one such access point, but I only tuned into one. I think it is somewhere in the Pacific Northwest on the American continent, though I am not sure of that. The Alchemists broadcast some kind of very strong energy up through that well (perhaps a form of communication, perhaps something other). To my psychic awareness, the energy looks like a dark light.

What They Do

The reason I call them the Alchemists is that they have the ability to transmute the living materials of the earth from one substance to another. They can energetically reach into atomic structures and add to or take away from the energy levels of those atoms so that the atoms are converted into other substances. It isn’t that they are creating or destroying energy; they just shift it around from one set of atoms to another. They can also rearrange the chemical composition of matter, recombining the elements to create different minerals.

In this fashion, it is possible for them to create gemstones, for instance, or oil, or new minerals such as sugilite, which was discovered in 1944 by Sugi Ken-Ichi (Sugi is his family name; I am using the Japanese style for presenting his name). In creating these new minerals, they are obeying a higher authority than humans or even the earth’s spirit itself; the instructions to create these new minerals (as well as some other instructions they receive) seem to be coming from off planet, though not from aliens, but instead from what we might call the higher angelic realms of beings who act as intermediaries between the physical realm and our Creators. Why, I only have some faint glimpses of, as that was not the focus of the readings I was doing.

In addition to creating and rearranging minerals, the Alchemists also help balance the energies of the earth through the consistency of the earth’s crust. They can create or moderate earthquakes, for example, and manage volcanoes and all other geological phenomena. In a way, they are like janitors in the basement of the earth, going about adjusting valves and banging on pipes and letting off steam to prevent exposions and in general tinkering with things to keep them balanced, working, and in order.

The Alchemists Become Aware of Us

The Alchemists have only recently become more fully aware of our existence as spirits on the surface of the earth. In a sense, they were aware of us throughout the millenia, but more in a dreaming sort of way, as things not even on the periphery of their awareness. Occasionally a human would connect with them in spirit (or they with a human), or an Alchemist would come to the surface and be experienced by one or more humans, but on the whole, humans were incidental to the awareness of the Alchemists. This kind of incidental contact is the explanation for a few, but not all, of the mysterious disappearances where someone would walk around a corner and never be seen again, for example. The physical contacts between humans and Alchemists would usually be quite frightening to the humans.

The Alchemist's dreaming awareness of humans has changed, and they are now sharply aware of our existence. As near as I can tell, this change came about through some kind of deliberate intrusion into the Alchemist's realm on the human end, perhaps by peeking into their “well,” perhaps by drilling too deeply in sensitive areas, or even perhaps by underground nuclear testing, which is very disruptive of the Alchemists’ energy natures and of the work they do.

It is possible that the creature known as the Mothman was an Alchemist. If so, he was one who had come to the surface for a specific reason; he did not just wander up to the surface and lose his way, but instead was there to gather information for the other Alchemists to make a decision about humans. However, there were those who were as interested in him as he was in us, and the publicity surrounding his appearances caused every being involved to agree to take the event out of the public’s sight.

What They Want

The Alchemists now feel that the humans might pose some kind of threat or danger to the earth herself, and yet both through my contact with them (to a small extent) and through their contact with the higher angelic realms, they know that humans are not to be touched. This does not mean the Alchemists cannot defend themselves, for they can and will. But they are not going to come to the surface and attack humans as they had first considered.

However, they do want humans to know that the earth needs conscious help from more than the Alchemists. It takes all beings on the earth to participate in healing and caring for it. One of the things the Alchemists would like to do is to partner consciously with some of the surface dwellers (including us humans) to work energetically to mend, heal, and recreate the earth’s more solid and energetic structures. This includes working on the verges of the oceans as well as on and in the earth’s surface soil, which in many places is dead due to overuse of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and other anti-life chemicals. This deadness is not irreversible, but will take some time and effort to undo.

When I did the readings in which this information came through, I was given some specific instructions on how to contact the Alchemists. Unfortunately, I did not keep that information. It involved creating some kind of construct out of certain semiprecious and precious gemstones, something like a book in shape, but open, not solid, with thick sterling silver wires connecting the stones. If anyone is interested in more details, I can see if I can get more information.

However, as I cautioned before, they are not for everyone, and one of the things I think is most important for contacting them is that the person doing the contacting must have an exceptionally clean heart and must not be in denial, especially about their psychic abilities. Any sort of unclarity, or any sort of dishonesty to oneself (which is what denial is), will not be received well on the part of the Alchemists, and they will either not have anything to do with such a person, or they will overpower or overwhelm such a person, not maliciously, but because that is their nature.