Miscellaneous Materials

The Twelve Days of Christmas and other tidbits about Jesus's birth. Older article, revised and newly linked, with new informational links added.

The Truth in Ten Minutes or Less, in which I exhibit perhaps more than a little hubris by attempting to explain a few mysteries (aliens, conspiracies, and Jesus on the cross) as I understand the truth about them to be. Of course, “I could be wrong.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Please read before sending me questions; you may find the answer(s) here.

About Psychics

Choosing a psychic. Don't get taken by scams and frauds. Learn the warning signs to look for, and the right questions to ask a pyschic. This is one of my top most popular articles.

About Channeling


For some time now, I have been receiving a wealth of information about Atlantis, both through channeling (that is, getting the information from other spirits) and through my own ability to tune into the vast Internet on the airwaves, which is packed with all kinds of information. Originally, I was posting this information to my Web log, but decided to place it here. Thorkil in Denmark, thank you for your encouragement. You'll be happy to hear that more is coming soon.

This page contains links to information on choosing a psychic, understanding who and what psychics are, and so on (non-channeled materials).