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For more information on these entities and on some of the others that Marina channels, see The Usual Suspects: The Entities I Channel.

Marina is a gifted psychic and conscious channel aligned with the Mother Goddess. She regularly channels Jesus, the Father aspect of God (whom she calls Joe, at his suggestion), Metatron, Athena, the Green Man, and a number of other, similar beings. She has walked a path of metaphysical and spiritual beliefs her entire life, and has been channeling consciously since 1991.

Jesus, also called Yeshua, has walked this earth in a number of incarnations, his most famous being approximately 2,000 years ago. His messages are loving and compassionate, imbued with humor and understanding, with a focus on what we can do now to help ourselves continue to grow in love and confidence. He also talks about how to prepare ourselves to make a spiritual leap into a new dimension of love. (Some call this the Ascension.)

Joe is the name Marina uses (at his suggestion) for the Father aspect of the God/Goddess. He is also known as the God, the Supreme Being, and so on. Like Jesus, Joe is warm and loving, though he has a larger presence. Also as with Jesus, Joe has a sense of humor and a desire to hear what we have to say to him. His messages focus on helping us to feel our own worth; so that we can allow more love and joy into our lives.

Metatron has been called The Voice of God. His presence has quite a spiritual kick to it, though he tempers his energy as needed. His messages go deeply to our core beliefs and the imprinting that prevent us from taking our next step, and are not always for the faint of heart! After being in Metatron's presence as channeled by Marina, most people report that their lives changed in some permanent, profound, and life-enhancing way.

All three of these entities, along with others that Marina channels, often dictate a unique creative visualization that is intended to help seat the concepts of a particular channeling session more firmly in the souls of the attendees. These visualizations have never been repeated and are unlike anything you might encounter elsewhere.