Spiritual explorations and common sense

Jan 2016

How to care for your wooden cutting board

Wooden cutting boards get dry and need to be oiled regularly. Some people recommend using mineral oil because, they say, other oils will turn rancid over time. But mineral oil is a petroleum by-product, which I find undesirable for a number of reasons. And in my many years of oiling my cutting boards with natural food oils […]

Oct 2015

Amazingly tasty yet gluten-free chocolate bourbon hazelnut pie with hazelnut crust

This recipe is my adaptation of the Pacific Pie Company’s delicious chocolate bourbon hazelnut pie recipe. The filling is already naturally gluten free (though I tweaked it just a tiny bit anyway), but I wanted to make the entire pie gluten-free so my daughter, who is avoiding gluten, could enjoy it. So I needed to use a different crust. […]

Feb 2015

Mindfulness and Relationships

I have a policy of not publicly airing my grievances about friends and family. You’ve seen others do it–complaining on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media about people they love. Posting derogatory memes and saying something about how the meme refers to a loved one. Posting shaming and embarrassing photos of their children because they […]

Nov 2014

My Book on Forgiveness is in Print!

The Forgiving Lifestyle: How to Forgive Everyone (Including Yourself) is finally in print and available on Amazon.com. When I wrote this book, I made sure that everything I wrote came from a place of peace and compassion. I felt this was essential because this is, after all, a book about forgiveness. My first readers reported that […]

Aug 2014

How to Make Perfect Iced Tea Every Time

Here’s what you need: A good-quality loose-leaf tea. Adagio’s IngenuiTEA. A tall glass. Lots of fresh ice made from filtered water. Brew the tea in the IngenuiTEA. You’ll want to brew it stronger than usual because the process of making the iced tea will dilute it a bit. Fill the tall glass with ice as […]

Jul 2014

How To Make Freecycle Posts That Work

Are you a Freecycler? Do you sometimes have trouble getting people to take the items you are offering? Freecycle is a worldwide network of local groups of people who are either asking for items for free, or are giving away items for free. The groups are local because people have to be able to pick up […]

May 2014

Quick Access to Timeless Wisdom

When listening to my channelings of Metatron, Jesus, God, and other high spiritual beings, you receive a three-fold benefit: You hear timeless wisdom on your identity as a spiritual being. You learn how to apply high spiritual knowledge to your everyday life to make it better and more filled with love. You receive healing energy […]

Apr 2014

How To Save Money #21: Clean Your Hair with Baking Soda

You can use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to clean and rinse your hair. When I first heard this, I thought it might be a hoax, but I’ve been doing it for nearly a year now and am quite happy with it. It’s effective, non-toxic, and much better for the environment. My hair and […]

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