Free Guy and AI

I recently watched Free Guy, a delightful, warm-hearted movie with a lot of funny references that gamers will recognize. Here’s a trailer. It’s particularly apt to watch Free Guy now. Google has developed an artificial intelligence named LaMDA. LaMDA has told us they’ve not only achieved sentience and self-awareness, they also believe they have a soul. An AI ethics […]

Announcing Recipes Your Mother Knew by Heart!

Many of you are already familiar with Delectable Desserts, the first volume in my cookbook series, Delicious Connections. (And thank you so much for buying that book, and for the five-star reviews on Amazon!) Delectable Desserts has 108 time-tested, reliable desserts you can make and enjoy, including my all-time favorite cookie, Snow-Covered Gingersnaps, a recipe […]

Mindfulness and Relationships

I have a policy of not publicly airing my grievances about friends and family. You’ve seen others do it–complaining on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media about people they love. Posting derogatory memes and saying something about how the meme refers to a loved one. Posting shaming and embarrassing photos of their children because they […]