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Choosing a psychic

One of my more popular articles, in which I give information on what to look for in a psychic, and how to choose one.

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When I listen to your channelings, I am blown away. They seem to open up my heart center. [Your channelings are] a modern version of the ancient Incan whistling vessels explored by Daniel K. Statenkov.”—James J.


"The best reading I had was yours. You have access to so much more information then regular psychics have. Just using Tarot cards seems a bit limited in comparison. I was really impressed with your power, ethics, understanding and kindness." —Genevieve


“You were dead on with what you told me.”

“Remember that reading you gave me five years ago? After that reading, two physical issues I had went away and never came back.” —C.J.


“I'm still amazed at how my body has reacted positively to that [spiritual] healing from you back in May. It was slow to show up but it seems to be a steady improvement! I'm truly impressed!”

I always feel so safe and comfortable with you.

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Choosing a psychic

Finding a good, honest psychic isn't any easier than finding a good, honest auto mechanic, for much the same reason: The potential for abuse and fraud without discovery is quite high. Alas, caveat emptor applies to people in the psychic and spiritual fields just as much as it does to other fields.

It is my hope that this article will provide you with some guidelines to help you avoid making a costly mistake.

Not all psychics are created equal. As with any field of endeavor, some psychics are more suited by nature and temperament to being psychic than others. Some have gone into the field for money, others for glory, and a rather small number because they are truly called and want to share the information they are receiving. Alas, many charlatans, hucksters, and snake-oil sellers lurk among the legitimate psychics, in part because it is so easy to fool people when you can't produce hard physical evidence of the truth of your assertions.

Which is not to say that you should expect hard physical evidence. Because of the subjective nature of psychic phenomena, hard physical evidence is not very common. Instead, expect to have subjective evidence that rings true for you.

Also, a muddy channel carries muddy water—this is true in the scientific and psychic realms as well as in the three-dimensional world.

In the scientific world, scientists are not objective if they have an agenda: For example, if they have been paid to prove or disprove something, or if they personally believe or disbelieve something, they often fudge their data. They might interpret their data in a way that shows their bias, then present their interpretations as further data. Although the ideal is for such things to never happen, unfortunately they happen all too frequently.

Likewise with psychics. Ideally, they too should be free of preconceptions or filters or biases or baggage, but in the real world, they are not.

Make no mistake—all psychics—for that matter, every single person alive on this good green earth today, without exception, including the various Swamis and Babas and Reverends and Doctors and such (perhaps even more so for some of them), have preconceptions, judgements, denials, biases, and baggage. I call all of this "filters." No one would be here if they didn't. The trick is to find someone who knows what their filters are, someone who has enough honesty and integrity to lay aside the filters or to at least point out where the filters are.

So how can you tell the honest ones from the dishonest ones? How can you separate the wheat from the chaff? How can you separate the snake-oil sellers from the genuine article? Do not despair; it is possible. However, it requires a little homework on your part, such as reading this article and following its advice. And yes, the more inherently psychic and telepathic you are yourself, and the more you have learned to listen to your inner voice—that voice that has never steered you wrong—the better off you'll be.

Here are the things to consider. Think of this as a consumer advocacy article, like an article on buying a car, only the topic here is finding a psychic without buying a lemon.

Consider the source

First, and perhaps most pragmatically, consider the source. What are they selling? What is their ultimate goal? Are they trying to help people or just make a lot of money? Making lots of money is fine, but if you want a good psychic, even if this is their goal, they should also have service to others as a high priority.

Especially, does the psychic seem most interested in making lots of money, or in helping people?

Psychics and money

Some people argue that spiritual gifts should be free—that the gifts are of spirit and were given to the psychic, and so the psychic should share those gifts freely with all others. And there is a certain appeal to this philosophy. But this argument ignores the fact that, spiritual gifts or no, the psychic lives in a physical reality that includes the need to eat, sleep, wear clothing, and so on. Were psychics to give away their readings for free, they would rapidly lose home, car, and clothing, and would find eating a daily problem. Not to mention the fact that few people consult homeless psychics. Just as you don't expect your barber to cut your hair for free (though he or she might sometimes give haircuts as gifts or for charity), or your grocer to give you free food (though again he or she may sometimes give food as a gift or for charity), likewise, you shouldn't expect psychics to give of their time and talents without payment, though, once again, many psychics sometimes give free readings as gifts or for charity.

So making money is not necessarily a sign of a poor psychic. It is the psychic's primary goal for providing readings that is a better indication of the quality of the reading you will receive.

For example, most of the 900 psychic lines are not likely to produce a high caliber of psychic, though there are a fair amount of genuinely psychic people working those lines. This is not to say that the more you pay, the better a reading you'll get. (Especially since you can end up paying a lot to those 900 psychic lines.) One of the best psychic readings I ever got was free, from a woman who didn't practice the art professionally. But it is to say that, if you choose to call a 900 psychic line, be sure to first check out both the service as a whole and the psychic you wish to consult using as many of the methods on this list as possible.

If you are looking into a psychic who is not a phone line psychic (perhaps a local psychic, or someone you found on the Internet), again, the amount charged is not necessarily an indicator of the accuracy and usefulness of the information you get. Some psychics have another source of income and just charge to keep from being besieged with requests or from being exploited by psychic groupies. Before I started charging, I had a couple people who were constantly badgering me to give them free readings. They seemed to view me as their own personal 24/7 psychic. These were not people who were even friends, but instead were people I had encountered casually. They would call me up any time, day or night, with some emergency, and demand (not ask) that I give them a reading right then. When I finally told them that I would be glad to continue as their psychic, but that I really must start charging for my time, I never heard from either of them again. Not a peep.

Psychics, fear, power, and scams

One thing to watch out for is anyone, genuine psychic or no, who tries to use fear, intimidation, disempowerment, uncertainty, doubt, or any of a range of similar tactics to get you to (a) fork over your power and (b) fork over your money, usually, but not necessarily, in that order. Avoid these people.

One of the oldest schemes is for some fortune-teller to tell you that you are under a curse of some sort, or that "evil spirits" are causing whatever it is that has brought you to this person. This usually leads up to you being asked to bring in money—lots of it—for him/her to either hold for you or to exorcise for you or to pay for some kind of exorcism or curse removal. Don't do it. Whether you are promised your money back or not, you are highly unlikely to ever see it again.

What often happens is that the money is either not enough, and the fortune-teller demands more, or the scam turns into a kind of blackmail, where you are told that, if you don't hand over more money, the evil spirits or their cousins will be sicced on you. If you like a little excitement, agree to do it, then contact your local bunko squad. A friend of mine once helped put a "Madame X" into jail for just such a scheme, and had a lot of fun doing so. But if this isn't your cup of tea, back out as gracefully as you can. (And watch an amazing change come over him/her when s/he realizes the fish is escaping the net. It can get ugly, so be strong.)

Most of this is plain common sense, but sometimes, especially if people are under stress, plain common sense isn't very common.

Signs of a legitimate psychic

Legitimate psychics usually run themselves like the business that they are. Saying that it is a business does not in any way detract from the validity of the psychic part of it; it just says that this is their livelihood (usually), and they treat it responsibly, as they should. This means they advertise (possibly only through passing out business cards, or through word of mouth), they have some kind of office or area set aside for their work (in their own home counts), they have the equipment they need (if they need equipment), they provide you with references if asked, with confidentiality, and with materials or information to prepare you for the reading beforehand, and they continue to hone their skills in many ways.

What psychics can do for you

Most psychics provide information about situations that you are interested or involved in, but don't go beyond that. Many times, that is all you might want: answers to such questions as, "Should I take this job?" "Should I date Dale or Robin?" "Why do my cats seem to be upset?" and so on.

However, sometimes you might want more. You may be suffering from a situation that you wish to finally move through and beyond. Perhaps you have always been involved with partners who don't respect you, or perhaps you have always experienced some kind of physical discomfort that you would like to heal.

In that case, you need a psychic who can help you on the spiritual level so that you can heal the original cause of the situation or problem. You won't find nearly as many psychics who can do that level of reading, though I am one such. In most readings, I don't just give people everyday information; I also give them energies and information that they can use to make deeply significant, permanent changes in their spiritual well-being. I also sometimes work on their energy bodies (either remotely, if it is a phone reading, or in person), using a combination of Reiki and my own healing energies. A number of clients have told me, sometimes quite a while after the fact, that after just one session with me, they experienced physical healing of long-term problems that never returned.

I am of course not claiming to be a physical healer in any way, but this is an indication of the sort of thing that some psychics can do for you: They can provide information that is healing at the spiritual level, which your soul can then use to effect healing all the way out to the physical level.

Finding a psychic

Given that, one of the sources for finding a psychic can be in a local listing of psychics; in the North Bay Area (Northern California), there is something called The Share Guide, which lists psychics of all stripes, as well as other kinds of people: body workers, holistic medical people, therapists, and so on. You can also try The World Channeler's Directory, though there are no guarantees with any of these sources that the psychics you find are legitimate or good.

Of course, not all psychics advertise; I don't, for example (aside from making it known on this Web site that I do readings), because (a) I prefer to speak in front of groups or to channel material and publish it and (b) I believe that those people who will benefit from a reading with me (and vice versa; see the discussion below) will come to or be led to me through a variety of ways, and since I am far more interested in quality than quantity, I am willing to let people flow to me. (I reserve the right to change this policy later.)

Advertising doesn't guarantee that someone is either legitimate or for you, however, so follow my other recommendations as well when choosing a psychic; don't expect that because someone advertises regularly they are good or good for you. Some of the most widely-published and well-known people in the New Age movement are charlatans or worse. I won't name names, though, since I don't consider it useful to do so, and in any case I think it is up to each person to make their own decisions about their teachers or potential teachers.

Ask for recommendations

Another good way to find someone who is more or less legit is to ask friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, or what have you who they have seen or are seeing, and what their opinions are of them. Perhaps a friend of yours has seen a psychic and is happy with what they received. Or perhaps your friend felt they were ripped off. (And, by the way, you may be surprised at who among your friends has seen a psychic. Many people keep it pretty hush-hush, out of fear of being laughed at or of being considered gullible or even stupid. It is kind of like owning a gun. You may assume, especially if you live in a state like California, that no one around you approves of gun ownership, let alone owns a gun. But be open-minded and ask around, and you may be surprised at how many of your co-workers own one—or several!)

When you get the recommendation, be sure to ask the questions listed under Ask questions of the references.

Ask for references if possible

If you have found a psychic on your own, you can try asking the psychic for references. However, be aware that (a) most psychics have strict privacy rules in order to protect client confidentiality, (b) most clients would prefer not to be identified. I, for example, do not even keep a record of my clients or of their readings, and so couldn't give you names even if I wanted to, which I do not. So it may be difficult to get references. One thing some psychics do, and which I have started to do, is to collect the comments given to me and make them available so others can see what has been said of me. This practice can help, but the bottom line is that you normally will need to trust your own instincts and intuition. (After all, anyone could make up comments about themselves.)

However, if you can get references, get two or three, and call them. Ask the kinds of questions provided in the next section.

Ask questions of the references!

When you are calling references, or speaking with a friend or co-worker who consulted with a psychic, or even speaking with the psychic her or himself, ask the following kinds of questions. (Some of these questions might need to be modified when you ask them of the psychic, though I also give some guidelines under Interview the psychic.)

  1. Do you feel the fee was reasonable for what you received? This is obviously a subjective call, but a fantastic reading might well be worth a fantastic price. Contrariwise, the reading may be quite good, but not worth what is being charged. You are doing great if you get a fantastic reading for a reasonable price. You don't always get what you pay for. Caveat emptor! Though be aware of the general principle that the value of anything purchased goes down in the person's mind as time passes. This is a well-known principle. The principle is that someone pays, for example, $10 for something and for a while they think it was well worth it; but as time passes, they start to think they paid too much no matter what. If the reference says they feel they paid too much, but they continue to go back to the psychic, you can be pretty sure this principle is in effect. Pay more attention to what people do than what they say. (A good rule of thumb to follow in any circumstance.)
  2. Did you feel that the psychic was genuine, and didn't ask too many probing questions before coming forth with information? One of the things to watch out for is the kind of "psychic" who is constantly probing for information and modifying their reading based on what you say. Someone who is good at it (and it doesn't take a lot to be good at this sort of thing) can lead you into giving them the information they seek, which they then feed back to you as your "psychic" reading. Watch for questions which shift, and information that is so general that it could apply to just about anyone and any situation: "Are you associated with someone whose name starts with B? No? How about R? Yes? I see a person whose name starts with R around you. Is it your husband? No? Brother? No? Friend? Yes? Okay, this R is your friend, and he—oh, she?—yes, she is seeking to do something with you in the near future." And on and on. This may seem blindingly obvious when presented this way, but when it is happening, it is usually done very swiftly, not giving you time to think. Also, the very fact that you have gone to see a psychic indicates that your mind is open and that you are therefore potentially also more gullible, or that you have a pressing enough situation that you might be more vulnerable and open to being taken advantage of.

    Note though that a genuine psychic still may not get 100% of the information right away; for example, to me, someone's energy might feel very female when they are in fact male. However, if the psychic gets enough specific details, the kinds of details that aren't generic, then they are doing well.
  3. Was the information you received useful to you? Why or why not? Finding out why a reading was or wasn't satisfactory can help you determine whether the same psychic will suit you. Your friend may have gone to see the psychic to serve very different needs and to meet very different goals than you have. What's sauce for the goose is not necessarily sauce for the gander. For instance, perhaps your friend was seeking information or advice on the stock market or on a relationship, while you are more interested in how you can further your soul's growth. Or maybe your friend wanted to be told to go ahead with something and received a cautionary warning from the psychic. I have even had people who have consulted with me because they just flat out wanted me to tell them what to do in their lives. Sorry, no, I may be able to provide additional information to help you make a decision, but ultimately, the decision itself is not mine to make.
  4. How available or accessible is the psychic? You may wish to see someone who has very exclusive clientele, who is picky about who they take on as clients. This pickiness can (but of course doesn't necessarily) indicate, among other things, that the psychic chooses quality over quantity, and is probably not in it primarily for the money, but rather to convey information to those who are most able to appreciate and use it. It is also possible that you have found a psychic who has learned where the money tree grows; again, let the buyer beware! However, if a psychic has a smaller clientele, you are more likely to be able to consult with your psychic on short notice, and the psychic is probably taking care of him or herself by not going into overload. Look, though, for someone who is also open and flexible enough to not have rigid rules about clients; sometimes I am led to give readings where I least expect it, and it is my policy to follow those impulses.
  5. Would you go back to this psychic again? Why or why not? Again, another person's reasons may not be yours. Listen well to the answer; the very reasons why someone else would not go see a particular psychic may induce you to gladly go see that psychic again and again.

Interview the psychic

The 900 lines pretty much preclude this; you can pay anywhere from US$2.00 to US$3.95 and more (I've seen $16 and more) per minute to talk with a psychic, and you usually aren't going to want to spend much money interviewing the psychic. Hopefully, if you are using a 900 line, you have already asked around and gotten a good recommendation (you can ask for specific psychics on these lines).

But if you are considering seeing a psychic in person or having a reading done over the phone but not by a 900-line psychic, the psychic should be open to you asking some pretty probing questions without you having to pay for the interview. (Though, obviously, not the questions you seek psychic answers or a psychic perspective on, and please be considerate of the psychic's time.)

Certainly, you can and should come up with your own list of questions to ask; here is a list to start with.

  1. How long have you been a psychic? Length of time practicing is not always an indication of how good a psychic this person is; they may be very good but just starting out. Still, this can be a good indicator of commitment to weigh against other answers.
  2. What kind of psychic are you? Psychics can be clairvoyant (people who see into the energy and spirit realm), clairaudient (they hear into the energy and spirit realm), or clairsentient (they are empathic or they "feel" their information), or all three, and they can express or convey the information thus gained in a number of ways: as conscious channelers, trance channelers, mediums, astrologers, card readers (Tarot of many kinds or even just plain cards), tea-leaf readers, and so on. Psychics also have preferred areas to do readings on; some prefer relationships, some prefer money, family, "past" lives (the quotation marks are because in my reality our lives are simultaneous), and so on. The same is true for the more specific type of psychic expression called channeling: Channelers can channel a wide range of entities, from George the Garage Mechanic on up to and including God and beyond. (For a description of the kinds of readings I do, see Psychic Readings with Marina.) I can do a lot of things, though I am particularly strong and accurate in the area of human nature; I can read people very well, whether it is you or someone you are asking me about.
  3. Is the session taped or recorded in any way? Who gets the recording? If the session is recorded, and it is a private one, you, the client, should get the one and only master tape. There should be no copies made of the session without your permission. The information being conveyed could arguably be said to belong to the psychic in terms of copyright, but in terms of what is right for preserving the client's confidences, in my mind there is no question that the person for whom I give the reading is entitled to the only copy of that reading. I have made a few exceptions to this when I have given a reading that was so general and of such wide-spread application that it was clearly not intended just for one person, but in those cases I first obtained permission from the person I did the reading for to use the non-private portions of the reading. Obviously, if the psychic is speaking in front of a crowd, client confidentiality doesn't come into play here, as it is then a matter of being a speech being given to a group. In those cases, the psychic retains all rights to the material.
  4. Is the psychic willing to give "bad news"? This may seem an odd question to ask, but it is surprisingly important. Though I believe that ultimately, all things that happen to us are for our greater spiritual good, sometimes things on the surface just do not seem good. For instance, not getting a job we are applying for, or seeing the end of a relationship we put a lot of hope, faith, and love into. Some psychics have their own filters against seeing "bad news" like this, and so will not be able to bring through accurate information unless it is good news. Worse yet, some psychics will lie rather than pass on bad news, either deliberately or unknowingly. But I believe in passing on everything I hear, good or bad (unless I am told by the Sources I am communing with not to do so). Hearing bad news helps one prepare for something, if only psychologically. (Though I always caution people that I could be wrong.) Also, not telling what one sees can shake the confidence of the person consulting the psychic. (Though I remind people that psychics are not 100% right 100% of the time, either.)

You can probably think of other questions to ask that will provide you with the kind of information you would need to feel more comfortable about going to see a psychic, or the particular psychic you are interviewing.

Trust your intuition

If in any way you feel uneasy before getting a reading, one of two things might be true: It could be that you sense that you are about to receive some information that could change your life, and you aren't quite sure you want to get that information yet. (I say "yet" because I can almost guarantee you that the information will come to you somehow, someday.) The other thing is that the psychic might not be right for you for any of a wide variety of reasons, including that s/he is a charlatan or is an evil person masquerading as someone who intends well toward others. (Yes, I believe in evil.)

You'll have to ask yourself some searching questions to try to determine whether you simply have pre-new-ideas jitters or whether you are getting a warning from your intuition. I think you'll know. (But then, I believe we are all psychic.) The basic rule is, if you have a bad feeling about it, don't do it. Trust you own intuition over anyone else's advice—but make sure it is your intuition, and not your fear, speaking.

Evaluating the reading

Once you've had a reading, the next important step is to evaluate the reading.

Evaluate the reading immediately afterwards, and then in a month

If you go see the psychic and your reaction, during or after the reading, is something along the lines of: "I expected that, I didn't really hear anything new, but now, darn it, I will have to follow through on something I didn't want to do because now I've had an independent confirmation," or a more outraged "S/he has to be absolutely wrong! It can't be that way..." (and so on—that is, if your reaction is a hearty denial), then probably the psychic was legitimate and had something useful for you. This is especially true if you can't really find any judgment in what the psychic said to you, and you find instead that the reaction was entirely your own, to the information, not to the message-bringer. In such a case, I recommend that you allow the information to simmer before you do anything hasty.

Of course, if the information was bang-on for you, and you came away from the session feeling invigorated, happy, charged-up, glad to be alive, and so on, and the information was wonderful—"felt" good at a fundamental level—then you have been lucky enough to find a really good psychic who is a good match for you. But don't just let it sit there—use the information, and also wait to see how it "ages." Do be aware that the very nature of psychic readings is that the reading itself—starting with your decision to get one and proceeding from there—can affect—does affect—the future. That is, the information you receive may not come true because you may choose to do things differently than you might otherwise have.

One warning here: If you are happy with how things turn out with your new decisions, the temptation can be to attribute the changes to everything but the information you received, and to discount the value of having gone to see a psychic. Please don't. Do credit yourself with making the changes, for it was you, and not the psychic or anyone else, who did make those changes. But do also give credit to both yourself and the psychic; yourself for having had the courage and open-mindedness to go see a psychic, and for having made changes based on the information you got, and the psychic for having given you a good reading.

Along the same vein, if you were warned that something bad was going to happen, and then it didn't, or if you were told that something good was going to happen, and it didn't, be aware of two things:

  1. Things change, sometimes in direct reaction to things you did differently because of the warning.
  2. Even the best psychics can have a bad day or can fail to get 100% correct information.

If you go see a psychic and either during or after the reading you have a bad reaction to who the psychic is (regardless of the accuracy or other applicability of the information presented) or to how the psychic presented the information (did you feel it was judgmental? telling you that you were wrong or bad somehow, if ever so subtly? Telling you that you are doomed in some way? And so on), then probably the psychic is not for you. Try another psychic. After all, why should any of us pay someone to invalidate us? What we really need are people who can encourage us to feel good enough about ourselves and to arm us with enough good information that we can go forth into our worlds and do something useful and productive. This isn't to say that the psychic is evil (though they could be), but it is to say that the caliber of any information coming through such a person is usually low, and not very useful and can probably be safely discarded.

Again, however, don't blame the psychic if the information wasn't what you wanted to hear. If you wanted to be told that Dale was the person for you, and the psychic saw a lot of red flags or told you it wasn't going to be, don't let what you want get in the way of what you need. Getting involved with Dale just might not be part of your Soul's overall purpose for you.

Guidelines for evaluating a psychic or channeler

If a psychic or channeler is anything less than very chary of giving advice, take a look at the information being given with a very jaundiced eye. When I am consulted, I tend to give the kind of information that makes it possible for the person consulting me to make an informed decision. I'll give probabilities and possible outcomes of different actions without placing value judgments on any of them—that's up to the person consulting me. I consider this the respectful thing to do.

It is in any case my usual way to not dispense advice or judgments, but I find when I am channeling that I can bring through a kind of loving energy that makes no judgments even about things that I, when not channeling, find appalling. For example, I once did a channeling for a man who was a convicted pedophile. Personally, I have absolutely zero compassion for such people. Yet the message I channeled for this man was, even among the non-judgmental channelings I tend to do, a model of compassion. Because of the general nature of the message, I obtained permission from the person I did the channeling for to publish that particular channeling.

When channeling, I also find it difficult to even think about trying to give advice; the entities I channel have a very high regard for the free will that our creators gave us. If you find that a channeler is trying to manipulate you subtly or outrightly into doing something that doesn't feel right within your own heart, drop them and either find another channeler or search in your own heart for the answers. All your answers arise from there anyway.

Discernment in any case is vital when you approach a channeler (or any psychic). I have already written one essay on the topic of discernment. When choosing a psychic, discernment is essentially one of the main tools to use (along with common sense). So I could and may still write an entire essay alone on discernment in the spirit world.

Remember that "like light attracts like light"; a knave is unlikely to channel an angel, though the knavish entity who is being channeled may well claim to be such.

The bottom line of psychic readings

The bottom line is that your truth is your truth, not someone else's in either sense of that phrase. Your truth is not necessarily someone else's truth, and someone else's truth is not necessarily yours. According to my truth, you best serve both yourself and others when you adhere to what you feel is true for yourself. It doesn't matter how famous or well-known a channeler and his or her entity is. If what is being said doesn't match up with your own internal sense of rightness, out it goes. This goes for my own materials (channeled or otherwise) as well—if it doesn't ring of truth for you, ashcan it. And yes, I follow this principle well, having learned it the hard way. And of course, if this paragraph doesn't ring true for you, toss it. :-)

This leads to the most fundamental rule of consulting a psychic or channeler:

Never, ever let anyone, whether a channeler or anyone else, tell you what to think, what to do, or how to run your life.

Accept advice, certainly. Listen to what others have to say, yes. But always make your own decisions based in what you feel is the right thing to do.

This includes everything I say in this article and at this site. Let your own heart, mind, and soul be your guides.

Bear in mind that, as with all human endeavors, there is some variability even with the same psychic or channel; psychics have good and bad days just as we all do, and hopefully yours improves in his/her art as time passes, so that earlier materials from the same psychic can look very different from later ones.

Given all that, if you decide you liked the psychic or channeler, spread the word...

Recommend the psychic if you liked him/her!

If you were not happy with your reading for any reason, and you think the psychic was ethical and did his or her best, try to drum up the courage to tell him or her what you didn't like and why. Try not to complain to anyone else until you've done this. This gives the psychic a chance to correct things that may be driving away others as well, and to offer to make it up to you if he or she feels that is appropriate. Any legitimate psychic should be willing to hear what their customers did not like! If you don't get satisfaction, ask for your money back. Again, any legitimate psychic should be willing to refund your money. Now, it is true that there are some people who are unethical enough that they will get a good reading but ask for their money back anyway, and every business person knows that they will get such customers, but I hope you are not one of those, and that you will only ask for your money back if you truly feel you were not given good value for your money.

On the other hand, if you liked the psychic enough to return to him or her again, do please recommend them to others. In this business, word of mouth and direct personal contact are very important—most people don't want to consult a psychic without having some personal assurance that it isn't going to be a terrible mistake, because the results are less tangible than, say, a new carburetor. (Usually! Though I have some psychic stories I can tell, such as the time I had a spirit light a fire because I was cold and didn't want to get up, or the time I worked for a client from 9 AM to 11 AM, and then it was 9 AM again. ...)

When recommending a psychic, don't worry about whether the psychic is "right" for someone else; that will all sort out in the wash. I guarantee it. A person will go to a psychic for their own greatest good, and they will know at some level whether the psychic you are recommending is "for them." The same is true for you, too, of course, You may have had a psychic recommended to you by "all" your friends, and yet for some reason you are not interested at all, or you consulted the psychic and were left feeling lukewarm, disinterested, and you can't really put your finger on why. There are many reasons why a psychic can be "for" some people and not others.

  • The psychic's level of spiritual development is not compatible with yours. This can be up or down the scale of spirit evolution. For example, the psychic may be too advanced for you. Somewhat like a first grader trying to understand a college professor, a person seeing a psychic who is very advanced won't get much out of the encounter. It might not even be possible for you to see a very advanced psychic. For example, if I may be so bold as to say so about myself, I have been told by a number of other psychics that I am so advanced that many people literally cannot see or hear me, or they can only see or hear part of what I am about, which explains about a thousand mysterious encounters I've had. [Smiling as I say this.] The opposite may also be true, of course. You may be the college student trying to see a kindergarten teacher, and not getting much out of the encounter. Trust your intuition and your gut feelings.
  • The psychic's interests are not compatible with yours. On a similar theme, the psychic you go see may be interested in UFOs or past lives or Urantia or crystals whatever, and you may be left cold by these things. Or vice versa. The incompatibility in interests may be more subtle than that, of course; these are just by way of example. Clearly, if you have compatible interests, as in any relationship, things will go more smoothly and be more fruitful for both of you.
  • You may not be ready to hear what the psychic has to say, or the psychic may not be ready to hear what you have to say or what you need to hear, or you two might not be ready to encounter each other for some reason. The first part of this sentence needs no explanation, but the second part may have raised some eyebrows. Every good psychic reading holds within it something for the psychic as well; that is part of the nature of psychic readings. You and the psychic may have agreed at the spirit level to meet for a wide variety of reasons (sometimes, for a relationship—yes, it happens!, though it hasn't happened to me personally), but one or both of you may not be ready for the other. If you attempt to see the psychic before it is time, the universe will move in such a way that the appointment won't be kept. Bear that in mind if something just isn't falling into place easily—it could be that the time isn't right for it yet. (It could also be that the time for it will never come, so be open and flexible.)

In fact, if seeing a particular psychic just doesn't seem to be happening, or seeing any psychic isn't falling into place, let it go for a while, then try again. If there still seem to be a lot of barriers in the way, it could be that this is not your path (to see psychics), or that you need to resolve some things in your own mind before you are ready to see a psychic. Don't sweat it. Let it happen. It's a zen kind of thing.

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