This is not a lesson in how to channel so much as it is information about what you need to know before you start learning to channel.


So you want to be a channeler too? No problem. Spend the early part of your life learning how to be ultra-aware and sensitive to what others are thinking and feeling, often before they are aware of it themselves. Develop the ability to be awake to and aware of every little thing you do. Read extensively—everything that appeals to you or that you feel you have been led to. Listen to everyone, even (or perhaps especially) those you consider fools. It has been said that the wise person learns even from fools, and that fools learn from no one, not even from the wise. Honor your mother and father. Respect the earth. Recycle.

Perhaps the above list is a bit facetious. Still, from my perspective, preparing to learn how to channel is very much a matter of learning to listen on all levels and to observe what is really going on versus what others claim is going on. It also requires self-awareness and self-honesty. As mentioned previously, the very nature of the medium (if you'll pardon the pun) is that it is subjective and therefore very open to interpretation. If you are not rigorously honest with yourself, you may fall into one of the more common traps of channeling, which is to not discern between what is a true communication from outside and what is something arising from within yourself.

A Letter I Wrote Answering Some Questions About Channeling

The following is taken from a letter I sent answering some specific questions about channeling by someone who was experimenting on his own.

About being frightened by spirits and strange events

I have been frightened by psychic experiences, sometimes just because they were so strange, and other times because there was a reason to be afraid. Our bodies do react in fear sometimes because they aren’t ready for things from beyond the normal physical world. Other times, we might experience spirits with bad intent.

However, I do believe that we have strong, powerful protection from God, but because God has granted us full free will, we must ask for that protection. It is never forced upon us. I also believe that, for the same reason of free will, nothing can harm us without our permission. Sometimes it is hard to know that we have given permission, though, because we might have hidden our decision or the “permission” might be in a form we don’t recognize, such as thinking or believing in a certain way. (Such as believing we deserve to be treated badly, for example.)

I encourage you to continue with your experiments. But definitely pay attention to your own intuition and do not try Ouija boards or séances—not because those things are bad in themselves, but because so much belief of a negative kind has built up around them that the energies around them are often limited and dark.

About trying different things

If one form of connecting doesn’t seem to be working, try another. Everyone receives a spirit communication in a different way. My mother often would have things physically thump around or drop, and that didn’t scare her. That rarely happens with me, probably because it does scare me. Some people hear voices, others see spirits, others see lights or colors, others get impressions inside their hearts and heads, and some get a combination of everything (that’s me, though mostly I get the impressions inside).

The first time I started channeling, I was writing questions and asking for answers from my own inner self. I used my right hand to write the question and my left hand to write the response. Instead of getting answer from my inner self, I received answers from that entity who calls himself Jesus. it was a very gentle and loving experience. However, for a long time, I wasn’t sure whether to believe or trust it, especially since I don’t belong to any religion myself. I thought perhaps I was making it up or deluding myself or perhaps the entity wasn’t he who he said he was. Eventually, after being told by other psychics that it was, and noticing that the energy was always very powerfully good, I decided to accept that it was Jesus, think of him as a master teacher, and move on from there. Since then, as you probably know from my Web site, I have also communicated with God, or at least as much of God as I can comprehend, and that is a wonderful experience too.

About listening to your heart

The main thing I have learned is to pay attention to what is in your heart center—if the energy of an entity contacting you feels good and right, then it probably is. If it doesn’t feel right, then pay attention to that and withdraw from the contact.

When you withdraw, always withdraw with honor and respect. Thank the entity for offering itself, but say firmly “No thank you” to it and tell it that it has to leave. If you seem to have trouble, call on God for help.

About staying safe spiritually

Also, if you are concerned about the spiritual safety of your house and those in it, you can ask that your house be surrounded on all sides and above and below with powerful spiritual energy protecting you, your house, and everyone in it. To do so, imagine that there is a wonderful, powerful light of spirit energy that can never be damaged or torn. Ask that the light protect your house, and that no one be allowed into your house who does not have the highest possible intentions for you and all who dwell within. This energy isn’t necessarily from entities so much as it is using the energy of the universe (or existence, as you might call it), which we are all free to use as we wish.

If it is possible, you could also try contacting beings (channeling) when you are outside the house. When I do energy/psychic readings with people at my home, I no longer do them inside the house but always do them in my back yard, which has very peaceful and clear energy. I also only do such readings when there is still sunlight—this is my own preference.

About keeping one's eyes open or closed

Some channels channel with their eyes closed, some with their eyes open. I do both, depending on how strong the connection is and how distracting my surroundings are. I have channeled in noisy, busy, well-lit places, like restaurants, and in peaceful, quiet places, such as my home with only candles lit for light. I prefer the softer light of candles, but I see no need for complete darkness. I am always fully conscious during my channeling, because the entities I speak with respect me enough to not try to take me over or control me.

About having an attitude of gratitude

And, just on a side note, because my intuition says to say this to you, I have found that an attitude of love and appreciation is very helpful. It is part of my spiritual practice that, when I am lying down to fall asleep and when I wake, I think of the many things and people I love and am grateful for—the beauty of the roses in my garden, the love of my fiancé, my beloved daughter, the fact that I have a house over my head and food to eat, and so on. I never run out of things to appreciate. This simple practice helps to bring a person more in alignment, I think, with their greater spiritual purpose and with all the good things I think God truly intends for us.

For More Information

Eventually, I intend to put together my own instructions (with the help of my discarnate spirit friends). However, until the process is complete, I have provided a list of some useful books and other resources.