This article is about encoding in my channelings. It includes a screen shot of the entire audio file from a channeling that shows a distinct difference between the channeling portion and the non-channeling portion of the evening. A screen shot of the first few minutes shows three distinct voices: Two when I am channeling two different entities, and the third when I am speaking as myself.

Metatron has often said that energy, information, and love have all been encoded into my channelings. When you listen to them, whether you are awake or asleep, whether you are present for the channeling or listening to an audio recording of it, “you will have healing energies and information soaking into your body, into your soul, into all of your a long-desired rain after a period of dryness. All of your elements will absorb this [energy].”

I have been told by others, as well as by the entities I channel, that my channeling is encoded with energy and information. This means that when you listen to my channeling, you receive a larger amount of information than just through my words alone. One psychic told me that the energy from my channelings “sinks right into the skin.”

I’ve also been told that people will get more and more from repeatedly listening to my channelings , because as they listen, they open themselves up to new layers of information.

However, I never looked into it. Instead, I’ve taken this information on faith, yet with a grain of salt. Recently, I changed the way I record my sessions, and the results have made me suddenly more aware that perhaps there is physical evidence for this.

My Recording Process

I use a minidisc recorder to record my sessions, then transfer the files to my computer to prepare for posting to the Web. I have always before either had the recorder make automatic track markings every 10 minutes or so, or have manually pressed the track mark button to make tracks. This means that when I prepare the files for the Web, I see only a track at a time, and therefore I see either a track that is all channeling, or a track that is all non-channeling.

With Our Animal Companions, I recorded the entire session as one track, with the intention of later breaking it up into tracks to prepare it for sale. This means I would see one complete file for the entire session, including both channeling and non-channeling parts.

A Visible Difference

While working on this session, I noticed a distinct visible difference between the audio portion that was recorded while I was channeling, and the audio portion for when I was just speaking as myself. Here's a screen capture of the audio file (in Audacity, a wonderful free program). The audio is in WAV format and the screen shot is of the audio viewed as a waveform.

A screen shot of my recording shows larger and denser audio bands while I am channeling.

What strikes me most about this file is how the audio bands are larger and denser while I am channeling. As soon as I stop channeling and start talking “normally,” the bands become smaller.

Note that the extent of my editing, aside from creating tracks, is to remove clattery sounds at the start and end of the recording (noises made when I am moving the recorder), or to remove longer lengths of silence between tracks. I then save them in MP3 format. I don't edit these files in any other way.

Three Distinct Voiceprints

In the first few minutes of this channeling, I spoke for three different entities. The Gatekeeper came through first with a few sentences, then Metatron launched into speaking immediately. Surprised (because I had expected the Gatekeeper to speak longer), I interrupted Metatron to explain that Metatron was now talking, then went on to continue channeling Metatron.

I sent the first part of this audio to an engineer friend of mine and he sent back the following screen capture of the first few minutes as viewed in spectrum format. Here, he says, you can see three distinct voices, with more harmonics when Metatron starts to speak.

a voice print of my channeling shows three distinct voices

Why is this Significant?

My engineer friend says that voice prints are like fingerprints: they are unique to each person. It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for one person to speak with different voice prints. Therefore, in his opinion, and he is a skeptic, this recording shows that there are three separate beings present (one of them being me, of course).

The additional harmonics when Metatron is speaking indicate to me the richer amount of information Metatron comes through.with. He is, after all, the Voice of God, at the head of the Tree of Lives, and in charge of every aspect of our physical and spiritual existences. :-)

How Does This Happen?

This raises another interesting question. I do not let the entities I translate for possess me in any way, though sometimes I do feel them using my eyes to look around with. (A very odd and uncomfortable feeling.) So how do their voice prints carry over into the recording?

In asking that question, I am again reminded that Metatron says that my channeling is encoded with energies. Perhaps the voice print is part of that encoding. But how does it get there? I know that the particular words and phrases I use are quite specific (sometimes I correct myself, and that is because I am receiving feedback that what I just said wasn't quite right), and perhaps that is some of it. But do Metatron or the other entities I channel also encode the information as I speak it?

If you are interested in listening to my channeling, you can listen to my Channeling Series 2008 for free, or purchase the audio files for The Wellspring, which is my 2009 channeling series. You can also listen to or read transcripts of channelings from previous events.