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I am continuing the series in 2009.

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An Arizona sunrise


Thank you for your interest in Like a Circle in a Spiral, the presentation I did on September 19, 2008 as part of my 2008 series of channeled or intuitive explorations of various topics. The title is taken from a line in Windmills of Your Mind, a song first made famous in 1968 by a movie called The Thomas Crown Affair. (I'm listening to various versions of this song, including the original version as sung by Noel Harrison, as I am composing this page and listening to the audio tracks of this evening's channeling. I particularly love Alison Moyet's version, but many others are great too. It is just a wonderful song.)

  • Track 1. The Proto-Greek Connection. 10:00 minutes. For the first seven minutes, I give a brief summary of what I know about stone circles and crop circles. (One of the works I have read on crop circles is called Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, by Freddy Silva, which I highly recommend.) Then I start the actual channeling on the topic. It took a little while longer than usual for the “feed” to start. Athena starts off talking about stone circles because, she says, stone circles were connected with ancient pre-Greek inhabitants of Greece who went north to the British Isles because of the ancient connection with Atlantis.
  • Track 2. Building with Intent. 10:00 minutes. The ancient pre-Greeks venture to the British Isles among other places. The inspiration for stone circles. Ley lines. How buildings could be constructed more consciously using intentions and energies.
  • Track 3. The Ancient Magicians. 10:00 minutes. Constructing your own energetic structures, continued. Even your cubicles can be upgraded energetically. How the stones were moved. The ancient peoples in Great Britain were what we might today call magicians. Their roots in Atlantis. Why the interest in astronomy was heightened after the fall of Atlantis. The different purposes and uses of stone circles in ancient times.
  • Track 4. Circles versus Squares. 10:00 minutes. Addressing a question sent in by a remote audience member about the difference between the constructors of the pyramids and the stone circles. Pyramids are anchoring the world. Energies and communication. Introducing the topic of crop circles, which Seth addresses.
  • Track 5. The Reasons for Crop Circles. 10:00 minutes. Communication. Seth says a bit about himself and about his interests and why he is speaking on this topic. Then on to the topic of crop circles in ernest. Who is making them? What is their purpose?
  • Track 6. Self-Fulfilling Prophecies. 10:00 minutes. How beliefs about oneself or others affects our actions. If we say to ourselves, “I am bad,” then we might do bad things to fulfill that belief. And yet everyone has good intentions underneath. How this relates to crop circles. The other energetic “rooms” coexisting with us on this planet, their inhabitants, and how we humans affect them. The nature of crop circles as communication devices.
  • Track 7. Conclusion. 02:39. Conclusion. There were no public questions for this evening; private questions have been deleted.

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