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I continued the series in 2009.

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A stack of stones at the Health and Harmony FestivalThank you for your interest in Great Whirling Vortexes of Light!, the channeling I did on August 15, 2008 as part of my new series of channeled or intuitive explorations of various topics.

This channeling was filled with a lot of new and surprising information on chakras. I was especially surprised that Athena was the one who presented the information; it has been a while since I have spoken for her, and it was a lot of fun for me. She spoke quickly but in a very organized fashion. She definitely had an agenda for the evening!

The focus of her talk was on what she called our personal chakras—the seven major chakras that many people are aware of. She mentions only quickly that there are more, but that those were not the focus for the night.

Athena began by speaking about crystals, then moved on to how they relate to our chakras. Then she spoke of chakras from many different perspectives, including how they inter-relate to each other and how it is very useful and can be spiritually healing to pay attention to them. She gives a lot of specific information on how to do so. She also speaks of spiritual healing and how that can be accomplished through balancing our chakras. At times she touches on child rearing practices and on how we can shut down our awareness of our emotions and feelings because of them.

She says we should have another session on chakras, only this time with the focus of using crystals to balance them.

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  1. Track 1. 03:11 minutes. I introduce the evening's topic and give a very brief overview of the seven chakras. I didn't know that the evening's focus was going to specifically be on just these seven. There are some sound problems on this track at times. I think my kitten was frisking around the minidisc recorder and disturbing the wires.
  2. Track 2. 15:00 minutes. A brief interlude by the Gatekeeper while energies were adjusted, and then Athena came through with a lot of high energy. She speaks of crystals first, then moves on to how they relate to the seven chakras.
  3. Track 3. 03:22 minutes. Just a brief section where Athena continues to speak of our connection with God.
  4. Track 4. 15:00 minutes. Most of this is in-depth information about the seven chakras. You can hear loud cat meows on this track for a little bit, as one of my cats came up to say hello to Athena. :-)
  5. Track 5. 12:27 minutes. The value of emotions, and some suggestions on how to clear your chakras. Concluding remarks.
  6. Track 6. 15:00 minutes. The question and answer period. The question and answer period covered a related topic in answer to the question about making decisions that affect others, and went into a bit of detail on the fact that individuals create their own realities but that also there are groups making decisions too.
  7. Track 7. 05:27 minutes. Final remarks.


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