This session is part of a regular channeling series that I held in 2008. If you enjoyed the information here, you may enjoy some of the other topics as well. And if this topic isn’t your cup of tea, you may find something of interest to you on that page.


I am continuing the series in 2009.

Thank you for your interest in Crystal Blue Persuasion, the presentation I did on August 29, 2008 as part of my 2008 series of channeled or intuitive explorations of various topics. The title, of course, is taken from the rather psychedelic (but still wonderful) song of the same name released in 1969 by Tommy James and the Shondells. In fact, that song would make a good background song for this channeling. :-)

The topic was on a more general level about using crystals: How to do it, how to prepare yoruself, and so on. There wasn't a lot of information on specific crystals, though there was some. It was suggested that if people are interested, the spirits could speak another night on the topic of specific crystals, using a list presented to them.

Marigold chills with some amethyst

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The sound of my aquarium, my cats going in and out of their cat door, my cats meowing, and a few other sounds are audible in the background on this session.

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  • Track 1. 15:00 minutes. Introduction and initial information. The first spirit to contact me was not Athena, though I had expected her to speak, and in fact, the entity who spoke on the stones throughout the evening wasn't Athena, though she was present.

    This track has an overview of what the topic of the evening would be. Crystals as living things, and working with them in a partnership to help balance energies, clear energies that no longer serve you, and to more readily help others thereby. A summary of chakras by me. Crystals have a living energy and awareness. The nature of crystals. Two of three things to remember when working with stones.
  • Track 2. 15:00 minutes. The nature of crystals continued. The third thing to remember when working with stones. Some things you can do with crystals. How crystals work synergetically with each other. Some loud cat meows. Feeling the energies of crystals. Using crystals. Learning how to tell which crystals are for you, and which are not. Clearing stones.
  • Track 3. 15:00 minutes. More on working with crystals. How the physical body adjusts to energies and energetic changes. Working with spirit guides and crystals. How some stones will work a little bit at a time to clear energies, while others will go straight for the core of an issue. Specific criteria that should be in place before you tackle core issues. Listening to your intuition. Your favorite stones and why they are that way.
  • Track 4. 06:16 minutes. The relationship of stones and crystals to the elements. Concluding remarks. Opening the floor to questions. To respect the privacy of one of the audience members, I edited out personal material.

    First question: What is the purpose of pink or rose quartz?
    Second question: The same question in regard to amethyst. What is its purpose?

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