This session is part of a regular channeling series that I held in 2008. If you enjoyed the information here, you may enjoy some of the other topics as well. And if this topic isn’t your cup of tea, you may find something of interest to you on that page.


I am continuing the series in 2009.

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Thank you for your interest in Ch-ch-ch-changes: The World Shift, the channeling I did on August 1, 2008 as part of my 2008 series of channeled or intuitive explorations of various topics.

I have channeled on this topic a number of times before. Some of this channeling recaps earlier-received information, and also adds a lot of new information.

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  1. Track 1. 15:00 minutes. I introduce the topic, then start channeling right away. The Gatekeeper comes through first to adjust energies, then I start channeling very quickly. Most of this track is information that is of interest in regard to the shift. It is not about the shift itself. There is a side note from the entities in which they say that these recordings are being imbued and encoded with energies that help people to understand these concepts better and take them in on a deeper soul level, to relax and open up to the energies/information/love being conveyed. These channelings can help people allow themselves to relax and have more joy in their lives. There is a fascinating discussion/explanation of allowing yourself to have that which gives you joy. At the end, they start talking about the energies that are coming into this planet this year; what those energies are about, what we can do with them, and why they are uniquely different from previous times of energy coming into the planet.
  2. Track 2. 15:00 minutes. A continuation of the discussion of this year's energies. Toward the end, a discussion of love and of the difference between attack feelings and love. What to do when you feel like attacking someone (including yourself).
  3. Track 3. 15:00 minutes. A continuation of the discussion of love and loving yourself. Some very practical advice on how to do so. Then a lot more on the energies coming into this planet this year and how it is relevant to the world shift. Then, on to the main topic of the world shift itself. A few comments about fear mongers.
  4. Track 4. 15:00 minutes. What will happen after the shift. A analogy of the dimensions. How can someone miss the shift (i.e., how can someone manage to not make the jump to the next dimension)? And what happens if they miss it?
  5. Track 5. 15:00 minutes. Question and answer period. What is the role of the upcoming election in the shift? The answer is first from me and then channeled. When is the shift happening? What happened to the Maya?
  6. Track 6. 04:02 minutes. Previous answer continued. What the Maya did and didn't know. End of the evening.

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