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Starfish in a line

Welcome! This page provides links to information from Metatron and other entities as received by Marina Michaels. In addition, there are articles about channeling (which I see as receiving/translating information from the spirit world, not as being some kind of glorified human radio), spirituality, and about the entities I communicate with (Metatron, God, Jesus, Seth, others). You'll also find articles about what channeling is (at least from my perspective), what kinds of entities can be communicated with (aside from God, Metatron, and Jesus, of course!), what channelers are—and aren't—and how to choose a psychic. There are also articles about spiritual concerns in general, and about living a spiritual life in the everyday world. There is a link to list of books on channeling and spiritual growth, as well as other articles on channeling, spirituality, and more.

Be sure to visit my Web log, Messages from the fifth dimension. The Web log contains shorter communications I've received from the spirit realm, as well as articles compiled from a number of channeled or psychic sessions, book reviews, and the like, as well as some light, humorous pieces, and just about anything else I might turn my mind to.


Romantic Relationships, a brand new article on a topic I haven't addressed before (December 16, 2006).


Universal Parenting Principles, a bold statement of universal principles to follow when parenting or even ineracting with any child (February 4, 2006).

Lessons in Discernment

Original Channeled Materials

Essays on Life from a Spiritual Perspective

The Nature of Psychic Phenomena

Information on choosing a psychic, understanding who and what psychics are, and so on (non-channeled materials).


For some time now, I have been receiving a wealth of information about Atlantis, both through channeling (that is, getting the information from other spirits) and through my own ability to tune into the vast Internet on the airwaves, which is packed with all kinds of information. Originally, I was posting this information to my Web log, but decided to place it here. Thorkil in Denmark, thank you for your encouragement. You'll be happy to hear that this entire series has now been written; see the first article for links to it all..

Miscellaneous Materials


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